How Many Chapters in Uncharted 3?

How Many Chapters in Uncharted 3?

How Many Chapters in Uncharted 3?

Uncharted 3’s Nathan Drake charms several chapters The Drake’s Deception guide includes a detailed overview of the main plot, cheats and strategies for the game’s mechanics, solutions to all of the in-game puzzles, and an overall map of the location.

When you play Uncharted 3, you might wonder how many chapters there are. There are 26 chapters, with nine treasures in each chapter. But before we get into how many chapters in Uncharted 3, we should quickly go over the game’s set-piece and a few other things you should know. Uncharted three is also relatively short, with just over five hours of playtime.

26 chapters

If you’re a fan of adventure games, you’ll be glad to know that there are 26 chapters in Uncharted 3. The game has more content than ever, from cooperative campaign missions to an incredibly complex underwater world. You can play as either Nathan Drake or one of his teammates and choose the order you want to progress. The Fort is one of the most famous chapters in the game, and it features the same classic gameplay as Uncharted 2.

As with Uncharted 2, the player plays as Nathan Drake, while Chloe and Flynn join him for some of the missions. However, only Drake can be controlled, and players can choose any chapter they want to replay. In addition, there are no On-Demand Weapons or Infinite Amo, so there’s no need to replay the game again.

22 chapters in Uncharted 2

The 22 chapters in Uncharted 3 are each filled with unique treasures. For example, chapter 16 takes place in an airport, where you’ll search for three treasures. Afterward, you’ll go to the top of the airport, where you’ll encounter a final confrontation with Navarro. The final scene is a quick time event. But before you get to that, let’s talk about the other chapters.

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The first chapter is Atlantis of the Sands, and players must fight off a caravan of enemies before reaching the treasure in the temple. The second treasure is hidden on a mound of sand. Afterward, the player must climb a ladder and drop to the bottom. The final treasure is found in the far right corner of the area. The next chapter, ‘Battleship Wreckage,’ is another one where you must jump over a railing to reach it.

While the first game featured 22 chapters, Uncharted 3 has a prologue and an epilogue. The second game in the series is set in the same world, so more content will come. The game is currently available on PS4 and PC, and the next installment is due out on PS5 and PC on January 28, 2022. The sequel is set to be even more ambitious, feature more chapters, and presumably include the entire Lost Legacy.

There are over 100 treasures to collect in Drake’s Deception. You can unlock trophies by collecting all of them, including Strange Relic. While this is an excellent way to get more treasures, you may want to focus on Chapters 16 and 22 in Drake’s Deception to unlock the game’s ultimate achievements. And remember, you can play the first three games in the series for free with the Nathan Drake Collection.

Nine treasures in each chapter

Each chapter has nine treasures. The treasures are located in different places. For example, one treasure is hidden inside a water well. Another is hidden in a pile of rubble near a pillar. And a third one is hidden under a natural archway. The best part is that you can find them all, even if you’ve never scouted this place. Of course, you’ll need to solve puzzles to find these treasures.

How Many Chapters in Uncharted 3?

The first treasure is in a building. This treasure is located near a grate on the wall. Treasures 8 and 9 are found in the lab. You can also shoot them from the ceiling. Finally, the last treasure is in the castle. Once you’ve collected all nine treasures, it’s time to explore Marlowe’s secret base. You’ll have to defeat enemies, but they’ll also shoot out a support column.

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Treasure 1 In this chapter, you’ll be able to find a treasure on the dresser. You’ll also find the treasure under the stairs. If you’ve reached that point, head left and jump to the floor attachment point. You’ll find the treasure there. But don’t be tempted to jump to the treasure on your own. It might be tempting to get away from Sully quickly, but the treasure isn’t that easy to find.

The Atlantis of the Sands: In this chapter, players will be tasked with exploring the entrance area and fighting enemies. This chapter has three treasures to find. The game opens with a gunfight in a sandstorm. After that, they’ll have to enter a temple to find the last treasure. And in the end, they’ll reach a sand mound and find a golden sand pyramid hidden beneath the ruins.

Rub al Khali is the most challenging chapter

The eighth chapter, ‘Rub al Khali,’ is arguably the most difficult of all the chapters in Uncharted 3. In the middle of a massive desert, Drake lands safely but has no map or water. He quickly becomes delusional and can’t find his way home. Once he kills the last enemy and regains consciousness, he must then find his way back to Atlantis of the Sands.

The desert is extremely hostile, and Drake must traverse it without being detected. Uncharted 3 uses the desert’s vastness as inspiration. The Empty Quarter is a vast region that covers Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, and Oman. Because of its harsh climate, you must traverse the entire region on foot. The game’s vast, sprawling world requires constant exploration and risky action, so you must take every step carefully.

The 10th chapter takes place in the Syrian city.

The game’s tenth chapter takes place in a Syrian city. This location was chosen because of its historical significance. In the game, you play as Nathan Drake, an adventurous explorer fascinated by history and the Middle East. This section is filled with a variety of action-packed scenes, including an ambush, a mysterious artifact, and a chase with a sizeable man-eating spider.

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