How Many Doppelgangers Does Elena Have?

How Many Doppelgangers Does Elena Have?

How Many Doppelgangers Does Elena Have?

Elena’s doppelgangers or magical doubles created by the universe played a central part in The Vampire Diaries. There are only two doppelgangers “lines” throughout history: Salvatore and Petrova twin. Tom Avery and Stefan Salvatore are Silas twins, while Tatia, Katerina Petrova, and Elena Gilbert are Amara’s doppelgangers. 

Doppelgangers are the Mortal Shadow Selves or supernatural events created by nature. Amara and Silas become immortals by drinking Qetsiyah’s immortality elixir. So they break the natural event that all living things must die. Thus, nature found a balance by creating mortal shadows. These mortal shadows could die. So, doppelgangers live as long as immortals. These immortals were born and died in place of Amara and Silas. 

Elena’s Appeanace As Doppelganger

Elena is a protagonist of the series The Vampire Diaries. Earlier, Elena appeared as a regular human girl, but later, it revealed a Petrova doppelganger. She became Vampire in the “Season Three Finale” even though she never wanted one. She takes the cure to become human again in the “I’d Leave My Happy Home For You” season. In “I Was Feeling Epic,” replicas are extinct after Elena’s death.

Creation Of Elena’s Doppelganger

Qetsiyah is one of the most powerful witches and members of very gifted people called “The Travelers,” who create a spell for immortality. Her aim is that she and his true love, Silas, would drink together that immortality elixir at their wedding. However, Silas stole that eternal life elixir. She used it on himself and his true love and Qetsiyah’s handmaiden, Amara. They break the natural law by drinking eternal life elixir. They violated the balance of nature that all living things must die. So Nature found a balance by creating mortal shadow selves of Amara and Silas that could die in their place. 

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According to Qetsiyah, several identical versions of Amara and Sillas were born over the centuries. They find each other time and time again as drawn together by destiny. Later, it reveals by Markos that he cast a spell on the two specific lines of peer, so they mark them together.

What’s the Role of Tatia?

She was born in the area where Mystic Falls was created during the 10th century A.D. Tatia had a child with an unknown man during the Middle Ages. Later, she met Niklaus Mikaelson and Elijah, who fell in love with her. Esther, the mother of Elijah and Niklaus, who was also an original witch, used the blood of Tatia in the spell or ritual. It helps create the original Vampires, and it’s the part of wine secure with blood that Mikael gave his children. Her blood was also part of the spell. So Esther used to bind Klaus’s werewolf side, which makes Klaus’s werewolf gene dormant. 

What’s the Role of Katerina Petrova in Elena’s Life?

Katerina Petrova, also known as Katherine Pierce, was born in Bulgaria on June 5, 1473, during the 15th century. In 1492, when she was human, Klaus’ captured her and knew that she would die. So she tricked Trevor, one of Klaus’ servants, to help her escape. Katherine was cunning, clever, and smart. She knew that she would be useless to Klaus if she became a vampire. She stabbed herself with a knife, but then Rose gave vampire blood to her to heal her stabbing wound. 

Then she hung herself and came back as a vampire. Klaus killed her entire family in Bulgaria in return for her escape, thinking that the clone would never appear again. Klaus did not know about Katherine’s child out of wedlock. It was a secret, and this child pursued the bloodline of the Petrova family, leading to the birth of Elena Gilbert. Katherine tired from running, so she made a deal with Klaus. She chose her freedom by giving him the ingredients he needed to break the curse. 

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She planned to hand over the moonstone to Elena Gilbert, Tyler Lockwood (a werewolf), Caroline Forbes (a vampire), and Bonnie Bannett (a witch). Elena shoved the cure into her mouth when Katherine was about to take out her doppelganger. 

Role of Elena Gilbert

She was born during the 20th century on June 22, 1992, in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Elijah was the first who came to know about Elena before Klaus. At first, he did not believe it when Rose told Elijah about her. But he found that the Petrova Family line did not end with Katherine. She had a baby girl who carried on the Petrova family bloodline. 

Klaus came to Mystic Falls when he knew about the Petrova twin, Elena. He kidnaps Katherine by temporarily taking over the Alaric Saltzman body as Klaus is answerable for the death of Elena’s family, mainly their aunt Jenna Sommers. Then, they turned Jenna into a vampire for the sacrificial ritual and killed her. Also, he successfully kills Elena, breaking the curse in the end. Fortunately for Elena, John Gilbert had Bonnie, so he formed a special spell that bound Elena’s life to his. It brings Elena back to her life but kills John and takes his life in return. 

How Elena’s Life Was Saved?

Jeremy took Elena to Mystic Falls Hospital after finding that Ekena was senseless at home. Meredith Fell found out that Elena suffers from a severe cerebral hemorrhage, so she injected her secretly with vampire blood to heal her. It saved Elena from death. Rebekah ran Elena and Matt off Wickery Bridge on the same day to keep her siblings from Alaric, as his life tied to Elena. So in this way, if Elena died, Alaric would also die. Jeremy came to see Alaric and talked to him. 

Jeremy realized that he was a ghost, and if he was dead, his sister Elena must also be dead. To save Elena’s life, Stefan hurried to Wickery Bridge. Still, she insisted on saving Matt’s life, who was unresponsive after crashing into the water. As Stefan pulled Matt out of the water, Elena drowned and died. When Stefan took her body back to Mystic Falls Hospital, she woke up. Then changes into a vampire with Damon’s blood in her system. She is the last clone of Amara. Later after taking the cure, she returned to humans and lived a long life before her death.

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Elena is a protagonist from the novel series The Vampire Diaries. Elena is Petrova doppelganger, accused of being identical to her ancestor Katherine. Tatia, Katerina Petrova, and Elena Gilbert are Amara’s doppelgangers.