Who invented sitting, walking, and running?

Who invented sitting, walking, and running?

Who invented sitting, walking, and running?

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing comes on its own. Do you think activities like sitting, walking, and running are normal, and humans have practiced them since day one? No, it’s not normal. There is a history of how sitting, walking, and running came into being. 

Who introduced walking, sitting, and running?

“Eric Blair” was the first to sit down on 5th March 1928. “Thomas running” invented running, and “Homo Erectus” introduced walking. Here I will discuss the history of sitting, walking, and running.

  • Eric’ Damn your eyes’ Blair, the man behind sitting

All of us should be thankful to “Eric Blair” because he has invented sitting. Moreover, You will be surprised to know that everyone was forced to stand up before the invention of the sitting method.

  • Hard circumstances

Life was very hard before the invention of sitting down. And we can only imagine how the poor people managed to sit under such difficult circumstances. Moreover, a couple of historians have debated this topic. Also, they have been set up debates till now. However, the fossil record proves that our forebears were familiar with squatting. In addition, they practiced squatting on the rocks and fallen tree trunks. Although, modern research shows they only have been able to do this for a short period.

Later, the civilizations adopted different solutions. Moreover, with time, people started to make things that may help them sit. It is an old saying “necessity is the mother of invention .”Eric had something in his mind. Earlier, he worked in a circus. Eric knew that the humans could sit down. Eric started to share his ideas with some friends and even scientists. But he had to face criticism, and people believed that they would not be able to stand again by sitting down. But Eric was so determined, and finally, he succeeded.

  • Invention of sitting

ON 5th March 1928, Eric’s assistant “Lazlo monkey bush” became the first to sit down. He had displayed a simple and easy way for humans to sit down. It is the same method we still use today. Eric was very happy as his dream finally came true, and people admired him later.

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How did humans sit before chairs?

The chair was used first time by the leader of a group of people. He sat on the stone while the others sat on the ground.

  • Who invented walking? 

Homo Erectus with long legs and short arms was the first who made it possible to walk. Moreover, four million years ago, the animals also started walking. Also, in KENYA, the footprints were seen three million years ago, similar to humans now. However, humans have adapted lots of different ways of walking. The walking has not been the same as now. Because not all animals have the same ancestors, also many animals walk on more than two legs. Humans invented competitive walking, showing their amazing feats of achievement. Hadrian, the Roman ruler, marched 21 miles a day in full armor to visit his whole empire in 100AD.

  • Pedestrianism

It is ultra-distance walking, came into being as humans like to push the boundaries of how long they can walk.

  • Race Walks     

3500 meter, 20, and 50 km race took place in London in 1908. In addition, the first U.S. race walk was held in 1911 at Coney Island, New York.

  • The concept of miles

 The idea of a mile was followed by walking. Moreover, the Romans had decided 2000 steps were equivalent to a mile.

  • Long-distance walking

 It developed with the ages and became the leading sport in Europe and America in early 1900. The long-distance walk as a sport was so famous that the walkers earned more than today’s basketball players in America. Polly Letofsky was the first American woman to walk around the world in 2004.

In addition, the walking helped in raining money via sponsored walks for more than 50 years. Three Day walk for “Breast Cancer” took place for the first time in 1998. Walking became the most famous exercise in the U.S.

  • Health benefits

Walking can prevent heart diseases, anxiety, and depression also.

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Note: Racewalking, power walking, and Afgan walking came into being because humans like to see how fast they can walk. Moreover, Afghan walking came into being by caravaners who can travel up to 60 km a day for a dozen days by combining breathing with walking.

  • Who introduced Running?

In 1784, a man “Thomas Running” invented running because he tried to walk twice at the same time. Historians also believe that Running was not a source of joy earlier. Nowadays, people run to lose weight, but our ancestors ran only to survive earlier. But, today, the concept of Running has changed. People do it for weight loss, and definitely, survival is the last thing they have in mind when running. Moreover, Running is all about burning calories and tracking speeds.

  • Running and ancient Humans

 Scientists believe that the early ancestors of humans evolved 4.5 million years to walk on two legs. Moreover, our ancestors managed to run long-distance over 2.6 million ago. So, we can say that the early humans were such good long-distance runners from the daily practice of hunting animals. Also, the fast runners were the best. Moreover, if you cannot hunt, your chances of survival are meager. Research shows that our ancestors evolved as distance runners. They had practiced running to catch the prey and even self-defense in war situations. In addition, the animals and early humans ran. Animals ran to hunt, and also ancient humans did this.

  • Scientists opinion     

Some scientists claim that Running is the most transformative event in human history.


Since everything happens for a reason, things we take for granted are the invention of someone. Running, walking, and sitting all these activities are in human nature already, but the inventors discovered them.