How much space does a hamster need? Shall I buy a 10 or 20 gallon tank?

How much space does a hamster need? Shall I buy a 10 or 20 gallon tank?

How much space does a hamster need? Shall I buy a 10 or 20 gallon tank?

Ideal home for Hamsters

Hamsters belong to the rodent family and are very friendly. There are nearly 19 species in hamsters. They are pretty preferred as pets due to their cuteness. In addition, they are small in size and are easy to handle.

Types of Hamsters

Not all hamsters are suitable for petting. Hamsters are spacious creatures, and many prefer to remain in the wild.

The Syrian hamsters are the number one pets. Other hamsters suitable to keep as pets include Campbell’s dwarf hamster, Winter white dwarf hamster, and Roborovski hamster. Other than the Syrian hamster, all other hamsters prefer to exist in groups. Only the Syrian hamster likes to stay alone in its home.

Ideal cage size for hamsters

Hamsters are spacious creatures. They like to have more physical activity and are always busy exploring their surroundings. Therefore, they don’t prefer to sit ideally. This makes the task of choosing a home for a hamster more complicated.

Generally, 450 Square inches is quite a suitable measurement for a hamster home. However, this requirement may vary depending upon the breed of the hamster. The other vital factors to consider while choosing a home for a hamster include ventilation, hygiene, and maintenance.

How to style hamster home

Think if you want to stay in a house without coming out, how do you feel? Hamsters are wildlife creatures that prefer to run in the woods. So their requirements for a home are simple and complex. First, they need space and entertainment. 

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Hamsters are funny creatures; they want activities to keep them engaged. Therefore, the cage must be large and filled with fun things to do. This helps your hamster to be happy, healthy, and street-free.

The available cages in the market and per store are wire or plastic. They are plain and not the best option. If you have more space available in your residence, you can always design your hamster home.

If the space is little, then bring one from the market. You can design your hamster an innovative home using an aquarium tank or wooden pens. 

10 Gallon Tank or 20 Gallon Tank?

If you are in search of finding the most suitable home for your hamster, then you are at the right place. This article will discuss all the requirements needed to keep your hamster happy, healthy, and safe. 

I would always prefer a 20-gallon tank over a 10-gallon tank if I had to choose. The hamster needs more space to accommodate itself. Hamsters love running around their cage. The bigger the Tank, the better it feels. 

The minimum cage size should be 24×12 inches. If you have a big house and large space available, you can choose 46×22 inches also. Always choose the tanks with good height, as the hamsters like to bury themselves under the bedding during the daytime. 

Accessories for the hamster’s Tank

The interior of the hamster’s house should be simple and well equipped with tools to entertain them. They need fun and physical activity as much as they need food, shelter, and water.

Their basic requirements are a hamster wheel and chewy toys. 

The most entertaining and favorite of hamsters is its wheel. Syrian Hamsters need a more giant wheel than dwarf hamsters. In the market, we get a variety of wheel designs for them. 

Hamsters need chewy soft toys or wooden toys to chew. This helps them to keep their teeth strong. We can get a built-in set with wood to fix in the tanks to entertain them. They come in different sizes and designs. 

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Hamsters love to have a house inside the house. They need privacy to sleep. So you can add separate houses or dens to the Tank. You can also add slides, steps, tunnels, and wheels.


The place where you keep the cage is also important. The location of the cage should have good exposure to air and sunlight. It should never be placed in dark and secluded places.

As the hamsters need to know the natural day and night cycles. The Tank should never be placed directly under the sunlight, as it may not bear the temperature.


Good maintenance of the home is required to keep your hamster healthy. The Tank should be large enough to be easily cleaned. The soiled bedding should be removed every week. Hamsters have a habit of peeing on the bed, so any wet bedding should be scooped out daily.

The total habitat should be cleaned once a month. Hamsters are generally rare to get infected, but an unhealthy cage may affect both you and your hamster. So always maintain a healthy and clean cage. Make sure to wash your hands before and after cleaning the cage.


The ideal home for a hamster is dependent on the type of hamster. It needs dens, stairs, wheels, slides, the substrate to burrow, tunnels, air, and light. They should be spacious and lively. It should also be easy to clean. Add fun to your creativity and design a unique and dream home for your hamster. I hope this article helped you choose the ideal size for your hamster home.