How Strong are Shanks in One Piece? | Is He Stronger than Whitebeard?

How Strong are Shanks in One Piece? | Is He Stronger than Whitebeard?

How Strong are Shanks in One Piece? | Is He Stronger than Whitebeard?

Shanks is the Red Hair Pirates’ captain, one of the Forty Emperors (Yonko). He was also a member of the illustrious Roger Pirate ships, just one group to successfully conquer the Grand Line, the treasure hunter who inspired Luffy to embark on his pirate adventure. He is the son of the four and the very last emperor to have integrated the small group six years ago.

Shanks is undeniably one of the favorite players in One Piece, though assessing his true power is difficult because much of it has yet to be revealed. Despite this, he is already on par with another king and is feared throughout the pirate World of One Piece.

The rest of the post will go over the answer we gave you in greater detail. You’ll learn why and how Shanks is so powerful, but rather how powerful his Red Hair Raiders crew is.

Shanks — Who are They?

Shanks is the Red Hair Pirates’ captain and a part of a Yonko (Four Empires) who rule over the World. He was just a supporter of the legends Roger Pirates before forming his crew, the only gang to accomplish the Grand Line there under the leadership of The Mermaid Princess, Gol D. Richard. However, aside from this basic information, designers know little about Shanks.

We don’t know anything about his past or family history. We know he’s the youngest Yonko, and we know he’s a master of Haki, but still, the rumors surrounding him only deepen. H Is he the most powerful character in One?

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How Durable Is Shanks?

Shanks’ true abilities are unknown because he is still yet shown to be seriously willing to engage in combat. However, as either a person of the Four New World Kings, his physical prowess power is thought to be immense, and he is regarded as one of the World’s four most powerful pirates.

Shanks is extremely powerful, but that was not the only reason the navy came to a halt. But he’s one of the four yonko; his crew is among the most dangerous on the Grand Line. Of course, Whitebeard would have been at least as powerful, if not more so, than Shanks, but Shanks is no slouch. 

He has held his own on several formidable opponents, including Mihawk, Kaido, and Whitebeard, at various times and in multiple situations. Unfortunately, the Marines only brought each Yonko at a time. Going to face both the Whitebeard and Redhair bandits would have been far too much for them to handle.

In the eyes of the public government, Shanks is not a particularly dangerous pirate. Despite his enormous power in the World’s eyes, government. They see him as a hazard but accept that he is unlikely to start a military crisis independently. He is respected by many in the marine corps, including Sengoku, who prefers to avoid a disagreement with the Scarlet pirates.

The navy would have probably been able to defeat the Rouge invaders at that point, and they’d have suffered heavy losses inside this process that were not worth it. He’s also quite charismatic, which probably helped.

Physical prowess

Shanks also has an incredible pain tolerance, and while many, after losing his neck to a Sea King, he remains unaffected. Shanks has enough power with his sword to effectively counter Whitebeard’s Bisento, even though yours was a large man able of easily unimaginable giants and Navy platoons.

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Whitebeard possessed unrivaled physical strength. He was ready to get the giants by force after stopping a huge Galleon with one finger while it was racing. Amidst his size and weight, he also could jump very high. Despite his advanced age, he maintained extraordinary stamina and vitality.

Even after his internal organs had been burned and half of his face had been severed, Whitebeard was still fighting. Finally, only at the top during the war, he lived on battlefields with 267 swords, 152 cartridges, 46 cannon camera angles, two massive holes in his chest, and serious heart disease.

The said part applies to Shanks because we didn’t compare them when they were at their best. We viewed the old Whitebeard and Shanks in their prime for this comparison, so this aim went to the latter. Whitebeard would’ve been bigger and more powerful than Shanks in his height.

He could produce slash attacks out of this ability by mixing it with his Bento. Its fruit, according to Sengoku, is incapable of destroying the planet.

Anyone holding a Devil Apple wins against Shanks in this category, which implies Whitebeard also earns this point. Shanks doesn’t employ any Devil Fruit abilities, so it’s easy to see where Whitebeard is coming from.

The Devil’s Fruit

Knives are the only one of the Four Emperors who does not have Prince of darkness Fruit powers since he’s never finished eating one; from whatever we can tell, Shanks had no desire to eat a Mischievous Fruit at all.

Whitebeard did eat a Paramecia-type Mischievous Fruit, this same Gura Gura no Mi, which allowed him to slice through to the air and anything next to his attack, causing tsunamis and earthquakes. He could also trim very large pieces of land and sea, causing them to wobble.

What kind of weapons does Shanks wield?

Shanks are typically pictured with a sword. Although the power was only briefly demonstrated, the fact that he had been able to equal a Whitebeard strike with just one arm demonstrates the power of his assaults.

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With his weapons and the Weapon Haki, Shanks can also stop Akainu’s Magma Fist. Mihawk is regarded as the finest martial arts master in the World, while Shanks is still a former opponent of the latter, allowing him to assess his proficiency in the weapon.

Shanks has only used a weapon in combat thus far. Griffon, his sword, is a huge saber with only a single-point cutting blade. Shanks carried three different swords in the past: two as an apprenticeship pirate onboard Gol D. Roger’s ship and one in Luffy’s village.


Shanks is capable of using all three forms of Haki. When he wore his Haki on his “visit,” even Whitebeard complimented him on it. He showed how to employ the Haki and Kings and the Haki of Artillery.

Final Verdict 

Shanks is extremely powerful, but that was not the only reason the fleet came to a halt. And he’s one of the six yonko, his crew is amongst the most deadly on the Grand Line. Of course, Whitebeard has been at least as powerful, if not more so, than Shanks, but Shanks is no wimp.