How to Find Someone’s Birthday Online for Free | Without Asking Them?

How to Find Someone's Birthday Online for Free | Without Asking Them?

How to Find Someone’s Birthday Online for Free | Without Asking Them?

There can be several reasons you want to know about a person’s birthday without asking them. For example, maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to find out about someone’s birthday, throw them a birthday celebration, or perhaps you’d like to make them available for just some questionable items as a prank.

It appears that you are uninterested in connecting with them. Or it doesn’t matter whether they’re a part of everyone’s life or not. And if, by chance, it’s your wife or girlfriend’s birthday that you don’t remember, never ask them directly.

You may have to stroll around the city for a few days while covered in cork and bandages. As a result, it’s preferable to a result. It is preferable to discreetly search up their birth date.

There are many reasons you should find out about someone’s birthday. For example, perhaps you’d like to arrange a surprise wedding for your crush but don’t want him to find out. Or maybe your friend has now been dropping hints about her birthday here and there, but the big day has slipped your notice.

Find out who’s birthday it is

There are a few clever techniques to find out someone’s birthday that will provide you the info you want without them knowing.

Find out someone’s birthday via media platforms

Because most individuals are relatively open with their private information and post their birthdate on their Facebook profile, it’s the first place to search. Go to their Facebook profile’s About section and search under Details for their birthday.

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Alternatively, you might navigate to Events and would then Upcoming Birthdays. Your search is done if the recipient has submitted their birthdate. Try another approach if they didn’t add their birthdate to Twitter or if you can’t access that information.

How Can I Find Someone’s Birthday For Free?

The following are quick links to numerous ways to determine someone’s birthday:

  • Free Birthday Check on Social Media
  • Making Use of Instagram
  • On Facebook, you can look up someone’s birthday.
  • On Snapchat, you may find out about someone’s birthday
  • What Is The Best Way To Find Someone’s Birthday On LinkedIn?
  • WhatsApp
  • Contact a Friend
  • Conversational Information
  • Obtaining Documents Through Excuse
  • Using Paid Platforms to Find Someone’s Birthday
  • Correctly Apply the Information

Social Media Birthday Lookup

If the individual whose birthday you wish to know is still a social butterfly, you will have no trouble finding their birthday on numerous social media accounts.

Let’s look at how you may find out someone’s birthday using their Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or LinkedIn accounts.


On Instagram, there isn’t a distinct column where you can seek someone’s personal information. But you can see in their reels and posts to see their birthday party posts and check the date.  


Facebook seems to be the best alternative to any other social media network for sharing personal information, such as a person’s education, diploma, relationship status, or birthdate. And there is a very slim probability that the individual hasn’t added their date on Facebook.


You can undoubtedly find out about your friend or coworker’s birthday via Snapchat, but not before the big day. However, you may view their birthday month whenever you like.

Let’s look at the approaches for both scenarios, beginning with the way for determining whether or not someone seems to have a birthday today.


Getting someone’s birthday is also available on LinkedIn, although this should only be the last option. LinkedIn informs the other users when someone looks at their profile.

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There is no such place in WhatsApp where you can go out and get the birthday information. However, if you frequently communicate with that individual on WhatsApp, you are slightly likely to thank that person on WhatsApp on his birthday the previous month.

If you recall doing so, scroll down to discover that specific exchange. In addition, there’s a date stamp linked to the discussion, so you know when their birthday is.

Contact a Friend

Why should you be afraid once you have friends? If you find yourself in a position where you can’t recall someone special’s birth anniversary, reach out to a common acquaintance.

You only need to ask, “Do you recall the day Karen’s or Paul’s birthday is?” And, assuming they aren’t as forgetful as you, there’s a high chance they recall the date. Just ensure that the buddy you’re calling isn’t a blunt-spoken man, or you’ll have difficulty.

If you’re hosting an event or need a present quickly, asking a common acquaintance should work. Just make sure you ask them not to reveal that you inquired! So pick up the phone and dial that number.

Look at their calendar to see when their birthday is.

When you visit a friend, go to their home and look at their wall calendar. So many people, their partners, or family members may circle the specific date and remark something like “name’s a big day” or “my birthday.”

If you have access to digital calendars, this works. Examining Google Calendar or Apple’s version may be useful in this case. You might either wait for them to leave the phone somewhere or start sharing their calendar with you.

Final Verdict

Finally, you might wish to inquire about your friend’s birthday. If you don’t have any friends or friends who can inform you, and you can’t discover the person’s birthday on social networking sites or social calendars, your only option is to ask them.

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Most individuals will not be insulted if they are asked this question. But, of course, if you believe they will be, or if you don’t want them to know you’re looking for this information, you’ll have to be inventive.

Strategies to assist you in finding out your friend’s birthday without explicitly asking them. Hopefully, that was beneficial.