How to get a Business Visa or Freelance Visa in Dubai? Company/ Business Structure Guide

How to get a Business Visa or Freelance Visa in Dubai? Company/ Business Structure Guide

How to get a Business Visa or Freelance Visa in Dubai? | Company/Business Structure Guide

Freelancing is growing and becoming popular and will become more and more so in 2022 as more communities operate remotely and are enthusiastic about collaborating with freelancers. As a freelancer, you are self-employed and are hired by firms for contract work. As a result, they have the freedom to work for diverse businesses without having that commit to a long-term commitment, and they can manage their schedule.

A UAE resident visa and freelancing permission are necessary to begin working as a freelancer. If you correspondingly have a residence through a business or family member’s sponsorship, you need to apply for a ticket, which is renewed every year. You can seek a freelancing visa if you do not hold a UAE resident visa.

About the Freelance Visa and the Freelance Permit

We can’t thank the UAE state sufficiently for all the new immigration systems they’ve put in place to help families and the economy. You’ll be overjoyed to discover that not only GCC nationals, UAE residents, and residents, but even non-residents are now eligible for freelancing licenses in the state and can work and live lawfully in the UAE. Furthermore, they can sponsor their family and dependents.

A freelancing visa is a place status that allows a person to reside in the Emirate. Non-residents need a freelance pass and a license to perform as a freelancer in Dubai, whereas residents (or those on their spouse’s or parent’s passport) need freelancing permission to begin their adventure.

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 The freelancing visa is a periodic license provided by the TECOM Group that allows you to operate as a contractor in Dubai. Replete working professionals there in UAE can work as freelancers with permission, but only if their present sponsor and employer provide a No Objection Letter (NOC).

Sectors to view for a freelancing visa

Now it seems that you know who’s talented for what, it’s time to learn about your options as a contractor in Dubai, UAE. Currently, you may work as a freelancer in Dubai by selecting one of three industries.

  • Education
  • Media
  • Technology

How to Become a Licensed Freelance in the UAE

The Abu Dhabi Ministry of Economic Affairs (ADDED) stated in November 2020 that both UAE citizens and non-residents would be able to apply for freelancing licenses.

The new rule allows freelancers to reside and function in the UAE lawfully. Applicants are not required to rent office space and are free to apply for permanent permits for themselves and their families.

To work as freelancer in the UAE, you must have a residency visa and a work permit, with the following conditions for residents and non-residents:

Residents of the UAE

You only use a freelancer’s permission to start working since you’re a UAE local on your spouse’s or parent’s visa. However, full-time professionals in the UAE might become freelancers by receiving approval.

To apply for such a freelance visa, you must confirm you’re appropriate skill set and get approval from any employer if you consider a freelancer a side hustle.

Non-residents of the UAE

When you’re not a UAE native, you must apply for just a freelancer visa, a residence permit that allows you to live and operate as a freelancer in the UAE.

Your alternatives

There are several possibilities for UAE citizens and non-residents pursuing a freelancing career to find employment in the UAE lawfully. Many free zone choices include freelancer permission, which allows you to get a permanent visa and endorse your family.

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The option selected will be determined by the activity/industry/sector, and all steps can be done online. Costs might vary greatly, so do your homework before settling on a free area that meets your specific requirements.

How can I apply for a freelancer permit?

The following free zones now provide a freelancing permit:

  • Dubai Media City
  • Studio City in Dubai
  • Production City in Dubai
  • Knowledge Park in Dubai
  • Design District in Dubai
  • Twofour54 in Abu Dhabi
  • Fujairah Creative City
  • Economic Free Zone of Ras Al Khaimah
  • Free Zone of Ajman
  • Free Trade Zone of Umm Al Quwain

Process of getting a freelancing visa in Dubai

You will need to get freelancer permission from a Dubai-free zone to get your residence visa. Use the Go Freelance program, developed by the TECOM Group in collaboration with the Emirates Development Authority, to assist eligible people in seeking new employment, bidding on projects, and expanding their network.

Only register on the site, share your abilities and work with the rest of the world, and you’re done! You’ll get access to a goldmine of unique possibilities. You must include the basic papers with your application:

  • Resume/CV
  • The photograph was taken recently
  • Copies of passports and visas 
  • NOC by your UAE sponsor in the form of a bank reference letter
  • Proof of formal credentials approved by the UAE Consul in your country of birth or the Foreign Office of the UAE.

Visa for Residency

After submitting your freelancing permission application, you will obtain an entry permit within a week. After you arrive in Dubai, you’ll need to check into the following processes, such as medical exams. Once you’ve been given a resident visa, you’ll be able to start living and working in Dubai.

Marketing and communications professionals

Marketing and communications professionals that are talented for a UAE freelancer visa include:

  • Brand Consultant for Animators
  • Supplier of Content
  • Copywriter
  • Director of Creative
  • Audio and video editing
  • Publishing Editor
  • Event Coordinator
  • Designer of Graphics
  • Illustrator
  • Journalist
  • Analyst of the Market
  • Specialist in Marketing
  • Media Strategist
  • Specialist in New Media
  • Public Relations Expert
  • Print Media Expert
  • Specialist in Social Media
  • Influencers on Social Media
  • Web Designer
  • Designer of Websites
  • Writer
  • Freelance Web, Mobile, Software Development, and Architecture
  • Freelance Data Scientist and Analyst
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Final Verdict

A business visa is a member of the Golden Visa program, allowing foreigners to receive a long-term key about themselves and their families. In addition, anyone who has previously specified a firm on his own and desires to do it again in the UAE is considered an eligible entrepreneur.