How to save TikTok without posting? | Step by Step Video Tutorial

How to save TikTok without posting? Step by Step Video Tutorial

How to save TikTok without posting? | Step by Step Video Tutorial

You may create, edit, and post your videos as a TikTok user to make interesting content and delight your fans. The ideal practice is to make short videos that your TikTok followers will like watching and will want to return to your profile for more.

One of TikTok’s outstanding features is the ability to alter videos while recording them before sharing them. However, after you’ve released your video, you won’t be able to make any changes to it.

TikTok allows you to create, edit, and format videos based on your interests. Then, you may share these films with your followers by publishing them on social media. Simultaneously, if you do not like to upload it right away, you can build it and store it in your phone’s gallery.

This is required for many personal reasons, such as getting expert advice before posting. The techniques to preserve TikTok videos without uploading are detailed in the following article. The steps are divided into two sections to make them easier to grasp.

  • Open your TikTok app.
  • To make a new TikTok video, click the Plus symbol.
  • Select a filter and an effect for your video
  • Select “Who can view my video?”
  • Choose the “Private” option.
  • Continue by posting your TikTok video.
  • Go to your Blog profile and then open the video you wish to save.
  • Phew!!! Your video has been saved.
  • You may save a TikTok video without uploading it by following the outlined methods.
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Steps to Save TikTok videos without publishing them (First stage)

1. Begin by opening the TikTok app

The very 1st step is to open the TikTok app, and you must go to your phone’s app drawer and find the TikTok app. The iconic white music note emblem will symbolize it. The app will launch in the feed area by default.

2. Navigate to the “New video” area:

 After opening the app, navigate to the “New video” section. To do so, press the “+” icon at the bottom of the display. It will lead you to the video creation area.

3. Create your video:

 As in the new video area, you must create your video. To record, tap the red circle button. You may also apply eye-catching filters and effects. Finally, create the video that you wish to save in its entirety.

4. Select the “Next” option: 

Select the ” Next ” option. Select the ” Next ” option. Select the ” Next ” option. Select the ” Next ” option. Once you’ve finished generating the video and making all of the necessary modifications, select the “Next” option. This may be found in the bottom right corner. You will be sent to the blogging section.

5. Choose the “Who can watch my video” option: 

On the following page, you’ll notice an option labeled “Who can see my video.” This is a protection application that allows you should choose who can see your information.

6. Publish the video:

Once you’ve finished configuring the privacy settings, you must publish the video to the account. It might take a few moments.

Steps to save a TikTok video without uploading it (second stage)

1. Go to your profile:

 After you’ve posted the video, the first thing you should do is go to your profile. To access your profile, tap the person symbol in the lower-hand corner of the window.

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2. Play the video

When you open their profile, all of the videos you’ve posted will be visible. But, first, you must locate the video you wish to save. It would be the first video on the list by default. So, tap on it once to open it.

3. Select the Dropdown box

You will see several options on the right-hand side when you watch the video. Select the share option. A curved bow mark is used to indicate it. Tap it once to access the various sharing options.

4. Choose the “Save” option

Choose the ” save ” option from the list of alternatives; choose the “save” option. A downward arrow will be used to denote this choice. Once you’ve tapped it once, your video will begin to be stored.

After saving this video, you must check that the video you shared secretly is still private. 

How to Save TikTok Videos | Android| iPhone

If you’re wondering how to grab your favorite TikTok song for both Android and iOS, just follow the below steps below:

  • Start the TikTok app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Look for the Twitter video that you wish to save.
  • Click the share (bow icon) in the bottom right of your screen, just under the likes and shares icons.
  • Click the “Save video” or “Download” button. To download TikTok videos, you must first allow TikTok entry to your gallery.
  • Click the “Save video” or “Download” button. To download TikTok videos to your camera roll, you must first enable Blog access to your gallery.
  • Finally, press the “Done” button.
  • You may now see the video saved to your phone’s gallery or camera roll.


How can you save a Twitter video when there isn’t a Save button?

TikTok videos are recorded and saved as long as even the user is signed in. If somehow the video was still not automatically saved, you may save it by publishing it to a different site, such as OneDrive or Dropbox, and then save it as a video (.mp4).

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How can I save TikTok draught without a watermark on my camera roll?

Unlike Instagram and Snapchat, the TikTok app does not enable you to save draughts and videos to your camera roll. This is due to TikTok’s primary function as a video-sharing website, broadcasting confidential material to individuals who follow you and those who may be intrigued by what you post. The choice to

Final Verdict 

You’ve shown you can save the TikTok video while uploading it, including how to upload the TikTok video, in the preceding stages.