How to fix PS4 heating issue? Easy troubleshooting tips for gamers

How to fix PS4 heating issue

How to fix PS4 heating issue?

You can essentially sort out whether the PS4 is excessively hot and overheating by noticing at least one of the PS4 overheating side effects spread out underneath:

  1. Drowsy Performance 

Various things cause a PS4 to dial back, yet heat is generally neglected. This is particularly obvious with the PS4 game control center. Dust is a typical guilty party since there is next to no space for air to go through.

  1. Irregular Shutdowns 

On the off chance that this occurs, your PS4 has basically “hard slammed.” As we referenced toward the start, CPUs are made to close down when a temperature edge is reached. This is the CPU’s final hotel to keep the chip from softening.

  1. The PS4 Fan is Too Loud 

This is one more early indication of an overheating that is recognizable in PS4 consoles. If there isn’t an appropriate wind current, the fan will run at max throttle, trying to push heat out. The boisterous spinning, as a rule, turns into what powers numerous clients to visit a mechanics shop to fix or buy another PS4.

Fixing PS4 Overheating Issue

In the first place, we will discuss fixing issues with the cooling arrangement of your PS4 as it is generally the reason for PS4 warming up. The following are some ways you can fix cooling framework issues.

  1. Check if the fan is working or not 

On the off chance that the enthusiast of your PS4 isn’t turned out great or for reasons unknown it can’t ventilate air, the outcome will be an overheated PS4. In such a case, you should sort it out from a mechanics shop. Here are how to check if the PS4 fan is working appropriately or not:

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When you press the force catch to fire up the PS4, you hear an excellent “vroom” sound. Indeed, that is the sound of the fan inside, which runs at max speed from the get-go and afterward delayed down as the PS4 boots. On the off chance that you can’t hear that sound when the PS4 begins, or possibly you feel the sound is less impressive than previously, then, at that point, quite possibly the fan isn’t functioning admirably. To research further, you can open up the PS4 case to check whether the fan is working or not. Assuming you are not happy with opening the PS4, utilize a spotlight to see inside the PS4’s ventilation openings for the running fan. If you can’t perceive any development, you ought to promptly take it to an auto shop before the warmth liquefies down the parts.

  1. Avoid impeding the vents 

You ought to never put your PS4 on your bed, cover, or some other delicate surface while working. Such soft and lopsided surfaces block the wind stream from the vents, resultantly heating the PS4. Consistently place the PS4 on a hard surface, ideally a wooden table or a plate, with the goal that the ventilation region never gets hindered

  1. Clean up the PC 

Assuming you haven’t cleaned your PS4 in some time, the soil is likely the reason for the warming PS4. It is not difficult to clean a PS4 console, yet you can essentially take it to a mechanics shop on the off chance that you feel awkward doing that. Assuming you need to clean the PS4 yourself, follow the beneath referenced advances:

To begin with, totally turn off the PS4 and turn it off.

Presently open the cover, and you ought to have the option to see noticeable residue. To tidy it up, you can utilize a container of compacted air or a leaf blower (at slow speed). Blow the principle PS4 parts with air, particularly the fan, from both front and posteriors.

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You can likewise utilize cotton buds to tidy up the tight spaces. In any case, relax if you can’t get it shimmering cleaned, as we are simply hoping to dispose of any blockage brought about by dust.

  1. Reapply warm glue 

Warm glue is generally an exceptionally conductive material that is applied between CPU/GPU and heatsinks. This glue guarantees that the warmth is appropriately moved out of the PS4. On the off chance that this material goes downhill, it will influence the viability of the cooling framework.

Consistently spotless within and outside your PS4: Dust gathers in the PS4 case over the long haul, obstructing the fan and impeding wind current. This residue can mess ventilation up, catching warmth and keeping your PS4 from cooling itself appropriately. Make sure to clean your PS4’s case incidentally to forestall dust development.

Guarantee Proper Ventilation: Put the PS4 in an area where it can appropriately ventilate itself. Try not to push the argument in a difficult spot with the goal that the PS4’s vents become obstructed or leave it almost a radiator or warming vent.

Utilize an External Cooling Station for PS4: External PS4 cooling stations and fans could assist with keeping your control center calm by expanding wind current and will assist with taking the strain off the PS4’s inside fans. This implies that control center commotion from inward cooling parts shouldn’t arrive at crazy degrees of volume, and, close by just keeping your PS4 all around ventilated and air cleaned at times, cooling fans and stations could prompt a possibly longer control center life expectancy.


PS4 overheats in some cases and becomes excessively hot. You don’t need to freeze as it’s usually an effectively resolvable issue. For the most part, all you need is to clean the vents and the fan, and all that will go right. Remaking the PS4 information base or introducing it very well may be additionally an answer. This article has included pretty much every conceivable method to fix this issue.

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