How to make adderall more effective? 5 reasons for adderall not working

How to make adderall more effective? 5 reasons for adderall not working

How to make adderall more effective? 5 reasons for adderall not working

Someone who uses it to stay focused, accomplish a task or treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). As a drug becomes more widely used, it’s always a good idea to understand more about its benefits and risks – especially for children who may require ADHD treatment. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can make Adderall effective and some of the compelling reasons Adderall might not be working.

What is Adderall?

Adderall is a highly addictive prescription-based stimulant with meth-like effects. The risk of Adderall addiction and abuse is high due to its potency and accessibility. Adderall helps in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.

Although not everyone who uses Adderall will develop an addiction, persons who take Adderall in prescribed amounts daily are at a higher risk of getting hooked.

How to make Aderrall more Effective?

Here we have listed some of the most effective ways that can help Adderall be more effective, and the effect will last longer:

  • Using Magnesium will help in building your tolerance and will boost your concentration. Make sure to use a considerate amount of Adderall to boost your concentration level.
  • Caffeine will potentiate the effect of Adderall and will increase the effect of Adderall. Some of the best sources of caffeine I would suggest is drinking coffee, tea, or pop/soda that contains caffeine if you are not already doing so. But, to be safe, again, I would suggest discussing this with your prescriber.
  • Drink as much water you can. Water is necessary for the proper absorption of any medicine into the bloodstream. This will also ensure that the medicine works effectively in the body. Dehydration can create brain fog. The brain will be unable to concentrate and focus appropriately.
  • Breakfast is one of the most important but critical meals that will help Adderall’s effectiveness. Breakfast gives enough food and energy to the system to allow the medicine to act more effectively. If you take Adderall on an empty stomach, you may experience acidic responses. However, patterns are rapidly shifting, and many people are going without breakfast.
  • Several vitamin supplements can increase Adderall’s effectiveness. They increase the drug’s long-term effect. However, before using vitamin supplements, try getting them through a natural and healthy diet. It will be more effective for your body by providing it with all of the vital proteins, oils, vitamins, and oils.
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Things to avoid to increase Adderall effectiveness

Citrus juices, mainly orange and grapefruit juices, contain acid, which decreases the absorption of Adderall and decreases its effectiveness. This is because citrus juice stops the drug from entering the bloodstream quickly, reducing absorption. 

This gradually reduces the medicine’s effectiveness within the body. However, as previously said, this varies from person to person, but the general advice is to avoid citrus juice.

Another essential tip to make Adderall more effective is to use the right amount at the right time mentioned in the prescription. The dosage is carefully determined by your doctor and depends on your age, weight, liver and kidney health, and other fitness factors.

Avoid using alcohol, as the risk involved in using alcohol with Adderall is hazardous. It is alcohol poisoning, and the person who attempts to drink more alcohol will likely have high blood pressure, and it can become life-threatening. 

Effects of Adderall on your body

Adderall can also cause a child’s growth to slow. Adderall may induce changes in your sex drive or sexual performance in adults.

Fever and paralysis or numbness of the limbs are serious effects. In addition, swelling of the tongue, throat, or face may occur due to an allergic reaction to Adderall.

This is a medical emergency that must be handled immediately, or else one can suffer from permanent cell damage or even death.

Adderall’s serious side effects include heart attack and stroke. Call your doctor right once if you feel chest pain, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, or fainting. Adderall can cause sudden death in persons who already have a heart problem.

Adderall increases the amount of glucose in your body and can cause stomach pain constipation. 

How long does Adderall stay in your body?

Dextroamphetamine is the active component in Adderall. This medicine has a half-life of roughly 10 hours. This means that after around 10 hours, 50% of the medication’s effectiveness or potency will begin to drop.

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At around three hours. However, the hours of peaking and the duration this medication can remain in the body will be significantly influenced by various factors. 

More importantly, a person’s body mass index (BMI) will significantly affect how long Adderall’s effectiveness lasts. People with a high BMI typically have a slower metabolism, which means the medicine will break down more slowly in the system, causing it to remain longer and be more effective.

Drug Abuse

Increasing Adderall dosage, or any drug dosage, beyond what is advised is bordering on drug addiction, which can have negative consequences. When it comes to Adderall, a higher dosage will accumulate the drug in the system, lengthening the time it takes to metabolize and begin working.

If you have overdosed on Adderall and feel uncomfortable, you might need medical care. In that case, call 911 or contact the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222, as the treatment is irreversible and should be handled by professionals only.


In this article, we discussed the effects of Adderall and how you can make it more effective. We also discussed its side effects and what to do if you’ve overdosed on Adderall. However, it is recommended to discuss with your doctor before altering your dose as it can be harmful and can cause permanent damage to your body. 

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