How to Make the Educational Process more Interactive and Productive using Video

How to make the educational process more interactive and productive using video

How to Make the Educational Process more Interactive and Productive using Video

Among the areas that have undergone major changes since our world entered the digital age, the field of education is undoubtedly at the forefront. The development of e-learning is one of the most visible aspects of this transformation. This teaching method has created a new relationship with knowledge, making it more accessible to audiences away from educational institutions and people with special needs who cannot attend universities or do not have time to attend courses.

However, it is important to keep in mind some issues that we have right now and will continue to have in the future. It’s a key to making new forms of learning fully beneficial. E-learning must include not only pages of information in the text but also audio and video are necessary. Fortunately, today there is one trustworthy educational video production company – Bluecarrot. 

Educational video production companies create interactive visual content for your courses. They help to make information brighter and even more interesting for students. Moreover, video courses have a very didactic format, which makes the content easy to digest. With images and sound, you can get close and grab the student’s attention with speech and video editing resources.

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What are the main reasons to choose a video format for education? 

Better absorption of knowledge and faster learning

People who take online courses learn faster than those who take them in the classroom, and they complete their learning earlier than others. It happens because the material is delivered in smaller, more manageable units, as a result, people can skim through material already familiar to them and study new material in more detail.

Access to materials anywhere, anytime

Video courses can be taken at a convenient time for the organization and every particular employee in any place where there is a computer with Internet access. Moreover, it’s much more convenient to track a learning curve online compared to traditional learning.

Learning at your own pace

Students can absorb information at their own pace. In this way, people feel more comfortable and enjoy the process as much as possible.

Custom Content

Educational video production companies usually create interactive content that can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. Add information such as your organization’s policies, procedures, and contact information to ensure more relevancy.  Add everything to suit your specific industry needs.

Simple progress tracking

Using a distant format, a company can automatically track employees’ progress through e-learning programs. Learning management systems typically record course dates, time, and scores for each exam.

How will e-learning make your business more successful? 

First of all, corporate training makes employees feel valued.  This is the best way to encourage them to surpass themselves.  The acquisition of new skills contributes to the improvement of productivity. Indeed, online training gives employees the opportunity to regularly learn new knowledge that is useful for carrying out their daily tasks. Therefore, they can gradually improve for the benefit of the company that employs them.

Since employees are more motivated, they demonstrate more rigor and determination in their work.  Also, online training offers better flexibility in comparison to other types of training, as we mentioned before.

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There is no doubt that most people prefer educational videos to ordinary training in classrooms because educational video production companies create material with:

  • Animations;
  • Appropriate illustrations;
  • Voice over;
  • Professional sound environment. 

To improve the productivity of your business, you must focus on people.  Investing in e-learning allows your employees to gain skills and improve their performance. This alternative goes effectively with the digital transformation of the company.  These two poles together multiply the chances that your brand will evolve with exponential speed.

What an online course should be like

Flexibility, interactivity, modularity. These are the three principles of e-learning. Employees need access to an easy-to-use platform that requires active and informed engagement. Each of them will be able to access the lessons at any time, which should be structured into precise modules in order to simplify the work and make learning faster, easier, and more insightful.

5 reasons to implement e-learning in your company

If your company is in need of a new training program, video e-learning is the best solution today. The effectiveness and efficiency of such training is very important for a business organization precisely because e-learning saves time, money, and resources. Let’s take a closer look at 5 reasons to implement e-learning in your company.

Raise awareness of your employees

Your employees will be able to improve their skills and learn new ones, expand certain specific knowledge, immediately understand new processes and procedures, and so on. Thus, people will feel more involved in the business processes of your organization and will have a desire to grow professionally more and more.

Facilitate learning

Thanks to e-learning and educational videos from Bluecarrot, learning becomes easier and more fun. In practice, the information conveyed through e-learning is easier to understand and, therefore, effectively stored permanently.

Improving the quality and accessibility of education

E-learning improves the quality of learning through multimedia content and high interactivity. And even particularly complex material will no longer be a problem; your employee will be able to view this specific content again and again. Unlike a classroom course, there are no geographical restrictions, no costs for moving to the classroom, and no time limits.

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Reduce your training costs

An e-learning course takes approximately 40-60% less time than classroom training. With e-learning, employees can learn faster and at their own pace.

Get real-time feedback and promote collaboration

Every major e-learning system offers its users real-time communication and collaboration tools. Such tools are needed to improve and refine knowledge.

In addition, your employees will be able to communicate with each other in real-time. This greatly increases engagement and promotes learning in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The feedback received through the e-learning system will allow your organization to address strengths and weaknesses and address any learning gaps to effectively help your students improve their skills and abilities.