How to Outsource Help Desk as a Service and Save on Payroll?

How to Outsource Help Desk as a Service and Save on Payroll

How to Outsource Help Desk as a Service and Save on Payroll? | Best Software for Help Desk Services

As technology advances and evolves every day, it is essential to adapt to technological advances and make your workflow more efficient. Business operations and employee productivity can end if they can’t handle the challenges as they arise. 

What does a Help Desk do?

The help desk responds to end-user requests for assistance with debugging when an application stops interacting with its integrated technology or assisting an employee when their mobile apps are not syncing with the ones they access on a laptop. 

Instead of diverting resources away from business activities to resolve technical issues, employees can phone the help desk and have all of their inquiries and concerns addressed. A help desk can also help with poor maintenance and provide more basic services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Help Desk Service


  • The main advantage of outsourcing help desk services, you can save a lot of cost and peace of mind. We will get into detail about it as outsourcing allows you not to recruit new staff or departments and training, salary, benefits, office space, etc. 
  • As we said, Outsourcing payroll saves money because it entails the involvement of specialists without raising the payroll itself. For those who don’t know, Payroll administration is a cost to the company regarding the staff assigned to perform these tasks.
  • Fixed costs become variable costs when a payroll firm is subcontracted. Subcontracting a payroll company ensures that your company is up to speed on technology and cybernetic security and that the platforms and services you employ are secure, accessible, and disaster-proof.
  • The main advantage of outsourcing help desk services gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have an expert team that have the exact expertise to understand and implement any changes appropriately and quickly.
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Time management and finding a service that understand your requirements is a challenge that must be addressed when moving to a new help desk service  firm. Moving your data and moving your entire structure from one to another help desk outsourcing service provider to another takes time. This can be a stressful time for your company as you need to provide all the information and train them on how to respond to client’s questions. 

Finding a good service provider who has the skills needed to deal with this problem can be difficult. However, as business owners, third-party payroll service providers worldwide are available with experience that can help you move quickly and without errors, saving you time. 

Here we have listed some of the best outsourcing help desk software that helps you in taking all the advantages mentioned above:

Best Helpdesk Software for Outsourcing


LiveChat is a full-featured customer service platform that can assist customers and sales teams. You may manage numerous communication channels from a single dashboard, including email, chat, SMS, applications, and the website itself, and add chat widgets to your website.

LiveChat also makes message management more accessible by providing sneak peeks, customer data, and agent groups. You can also use it to make announcements, introduce new products, and encourage visitors to participate in a live conversation. 

Personalized announcements that are customer focused can be sent based on a variety of factors, including time spent on the site, location, and previously visited sites. Furthermore, LiveChat is highly cost-effective, with even the essential subscription including a strong set of features.


Freshdesk is a help desk software solution with various features that improve workflow efficiency. This program can also combine data from various sources, including email, phone, social media, and chat. 

These features include a team inbox to manage incoming tickets from multiple channels to a single location, the ability to allocate and create custom ticket statuses that work for your company, canned responses to common troubleshooting issues, and a team huddle to bring in expertise on more complex challenges.

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SolarWinds is based on a ticketing system that lets employees submit IT assistance requests. The benchmarks dashboard is simple to use when it comes to functionality, with indicators for customer happiness, average response time, and other metrics.

SolarWinds Service Desk has highly detailed insights to assist you in assessing the effectiveness of your organization. It also has an asset management option that allows you to keep track of your hardware and software throughout their lifespans.


Kayako is a popular help desk software solution that promotes ease of use and encourages personal interactions with customers. Assistance for constructing several help centers, each with their content, live chat support, canned responses for frequent inquiries, SLA support, and the ability to automate the workflow with smart business rules are just a few standout features.


LiveAgent uses a merged narrative model. As a result, all customer conversations are presented to the agent as a single discussion, regardless of channel usage.

With complex rule-based escalation, live chat, scripting, call tracking, and recording, LiveAgent is an ideal call center solution. It also incorporates analytic investigation to assess service standards and avoid concerns with client satisfaction. As a result, LiveAgent has grown from a small number of agents to an extensive support center on the same platform.

Note: As your company grows, the responsibility and load of work will increase accordingly. From conversion rate to lead generation means more work stress. So, it’s best to choose a tool that will last you well for 18 to 24 months. If you go below that, you may be setting yourself up for future problems. Anything beyond that timeframe is difficult to anticipate with any degree of certainty.

Your needs will change your strategy, and the campaign as the team grows and evolves. Because switching help desks is a significant undertaking, selecting a solution that can scale with you.

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If you’re a small business company in America, having a help desk with 24/7 support is critical in validating your business. However, setting up a help desk and keeping your business workflow undisrupted is a significant part of your business workflow. 

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