How to sell on Trust Wallet and use it properly?

How to sell on Trust Wallet and use it properly?

The Best guide on how to sell on Trust Wallet and use it properly?

The Trust Wallet is one of the most popular software wallets on the market today. Millions of users presently utilize an open-source and decentralized mobile crypto wallet for their valuables. It enables traders to keep track of their assets and trade cryptocurrencies for profit. This is how non-custodial wallets will be in the future.

Nowadays, crypto users must have a trustworthy crypto wallet that provides holders, traders, and investors alike. Mobile wallets are often quite user-friendly, with an easy-to-use interface.

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a free and open-source mobile wallet program that lets you transfer, receive, and store bitcoin. It has a Web3 browser, allowing users to explore DApps straight from the Trust Wallet app. Trust Wallet has a built-in decentralized exchange thanks to cooperation with Kyber Network.

Features of Trust Wallet

When you use Trust Wallet to generate your crypto wallet address, only you have access to your private information, and no one else can view it. Trust Wallet does not gather any personally identifiable information. In this manner, you can keep your valuables private and safe from hackers and scammers.

Furthermore, you may utilize your favorite (DApps) decentralized apps using Trust Wallet while discovering new ones. This facilitates your access to Featured and other blockchain breakthroughs like as DeFi (decentralized finance). It simply takes a few taps to see your collected assets, such as NFTs, crypto-based art, and others, thanks to an easy-to-use interface. This allows you to decide whether to buy or sell your NFTs swiftly.

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Thus, Trust Wallet’s two main key features are its security and a huge variety of supported tokens. Trust Wallet handles practically all types of ERC-20 tokens, which is quite handy for users who have participated in various Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Setting up Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is a great place to start if you’re new to the world of digital currency. The Trust Wallet is available for free download from Google Play or Apple App Stores. 

Users must decide between creators importing their import wallet account after downloading and installing the software.

Step 1

Install the Trust Wallet app “Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet” on your smartphone from the App Store / Google Play / Android. You must acknowledge and confirm that you have read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Check the “check box” and then click “Continue.”

Step 2

The next page will provide you with a seed phrase. This phrase will have at least 12 words that must be kept private.

You’ve generated your new wallet after you’ve verified that you preserved your seed phrase in some way. After you’ve created your wallet, you can access information about your Binance Smart Chain BNB account and its balance by clicking on the Binance Smart Chain row.

Step 3

In the top-right corner of the Featured Webpage. A pop-up box with a message will appear, asking you to select Trust Wallet from the list of possibilities.

Then you’ll notice a QR code for the WalletConnect feature, which will connect your Trust Wallet to Featured. If you have one mobile device and want to access both Featured and Trust Wallet, you may copy this QR code to it.

Step 4

After you’ve completed the QR scanning stage, your Trust Wallet will ask you to confirm the connection. You’ll see your connection credentials as well as the crypto wallet address you’ll use to browse Featured after clicking “Connect.”

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How to sell on Trust Wallet?

The procedure of selling cryptocurrencies on the Trust wallet app varies based on the currency you wish to sell. However, while trading major crypto coins like BNB and Bitcoin.

 If you’re using an Android smartphone, your Decentralized Applications (DApps) are located at the bottom of the screen. Trading cryptocurrency using a Trust wallet is easy. The iOS version is slightly different and requires additional steps to access your Trust Wallet. You can find the method here. Wallet Connect using the QR Code is an easier method. 

 The DApps tabs on your Trust wallet android app will provide a list of your Decentralized Applications.

 Step 1: Launch Trust Wallet on Android.

 Step 2: Select Settings from the Bottom Navigation Bar.

 Step 3: Set “DApp Browser” to “Enabled.”

How to use Trust Wallet?

We can use Trust Wallet for sending and receiving data. However, sending and receiving have different steps. Let’s take a look at these.

Import Wallet

When you first launch Trust Wallet, you’ll see an option to “Import wallet.” Select the “Import Wallet” option if you already have a wallet and wish to transfer it to a new device.

You can import a wallet by heading to Settings-> Wallets and clicking on the (+) sign or selecting the 2nd option on the app’s startup.

Different wallets can be imported, and numerous wallets can be stored in the same application. In Trust Wallet, you may send and receive cryptocurrencies, as well as NFTs and other digital assets.

Choose the appropriate wallet type. The action will then prompt you to enter a 12-word backup phrase. If you enter the right information, the wallet will be successfully imported.


If you wish to send some tokens to a user, use this option. It will inquire about the transaction’s specifics, such as the recipient’s address and the amount to be sent. Fill in the blanks and continue. It also has a feature to scan a QR code to get the recipient’s address. 

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You may share your public address and QR code with other users to receive tokens. Depending on how expensive the transaction charge was, the full procedure may take 10 minutes to several hours. This payment is made to the crypto miners who verify the transaction, not the wallet. 


The open-source platform used by Trust Wallet allows developers and users to maintain a continual eye on the database. The development of this business relies heavily on openness and transparency. When it comes to blockchain and DeFi, the two operate in tandem to guarantee that the Trust wallet software runs well. The simple UI and eco-friendly system make it easy for everyone to use this application without a hassle.

We’ve looked at the Trust Wallet app from every perspective. A side-by-side comparison of what distinguishes the app from other similar platforms, as well as all of the outstanding features it provides, has already been explored.