I Quit my Job and Ruined my Life | What Should Have I Done Instead?

I Quit my Job and Ruined my Life | What Should Have I Done Instead?

I Quit my Job and Ruined my Life | What Should Have I Done Instead?

Nowadays, people have been aggressively quitting their jobs, especially millennials. The trend has gone upward since Covid-19, and people have faced consequences that haven’t been good. 

This article will discuss what you should have done instead of quitting your job without any plans. We will also discuss some tips that can still help you save your life. But, first, let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons collected during a survey of people quitting jobs completely cold turkey. 

Reasons Why People are Quitting their Job

Here we have listed some of the common reasons that made people quit their job, even if they were working in reputable companies like FAANG. 

No Growth – Not seeing any actual growth in Career Pathway

It is not yet common, but people who are serious about career growth and are always looking to get to the top feel like they aren’t making an impact at work or accomplishing anything meaningful. They feel disengaged, decrease productivity, and spend most of their time procrastinating or scrolling through social media

Perhaps you probably think that your abilities are undervalued, you are in the wrong role, or your interests and goals do not align with your current position. Before your lack of energy destroys your potential and damages your personal life, take a moment to reflect on what’s going on. People don’t focus on thinking if the problem is in the job or themselves. Hence, they quit their job without any firm and logical strategy and regret it. 

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Risk sounds Lucrative —- You get greedy in getting more salary

You have the perception that you are an outsider in your company. Analyze your level of discomfort—perhaps you don’t seem to fit in with those types of people, the workplace culture is toxic, or the company itself is toxic. People feel like they are getting underpaid, and the corporate culture is simply fuc*ing their minds up. 

So they end up taking the risk of quitting their job by getting emotional and thinking they will get through the phase of thinking that the only way to get out of this is to do something risky and  

If there is a lot of physical or sexual harassment in the latter case, get out as soon as possible. Similarly, if something illegal or unethical occurs, that could endanger you or your career.

Look for a better option if the culture is negative, hyper-competitive, discouraging, or if you can’t fit in. For example, tell yourself the truth about why you want to quit your job, and write it down. But in some cases, it doesn’t eventually happen, and people regret it. 

Changing Priorities — Life Goals

The main reason why people, especially millennials, now are to examine whether you need to quit when your circumstances have changed dramatically, and you need to relocate, change your life goals, re-prioritize time, or no longer require the current type of employment. 

Also, keep an eye out for significant changes in the workplace, such as a reorganization of your company, everyone else leaving, or your role is eliminated. Take proactive measures to ensure your survival and success. You may experience positive triggers, such as increasing the number of headhunters calling you.

What should you have done before quitting your job?

You’re now jobless and regretting every moment of your life and thinking about what you have done. Instead, you should have been severe and logical while making this decision and taken everything under control. Here are a few steps that you need to take:

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First of all, you should have figured out what you’re going to do with the information you’ve gathered. Then, come up with actionable steps to get from theory to practice.

You will feel much more settled if you are deliberate rather than impulsive about your next move.

  • Be very clear about your top needs and preferences in a new role when approaching potential new companies. Make a list of your top five non-negotiable requirements and what you’d like to see in your next job. You need to know what you need and whatnot for your next job. 
  • Understanding how long it will take to find a new job is essential for planning. This is especially true if you intend to leave your current job without securing another.

NOTE: As we discuss what you should have done instead of quitting, here is a tip that you can use while getting another job. While hunting for a job, consider your location, skills, industry, and the current job market. You need to know the market supply and demand structure and analyze if your job is still in demand or not. 

You need to question yourself about the finances as well. Then, you should strategize and evaluate the amount you will spend from next month and save money. 

  • You should have strategized a complete pathway and should have solid reasons that are making you quit your job. You should have enough finances available to sustain your expenses for at least the next six months. Moreover, if you were quitting for a career change, it would be highly beneficial that you must have acquired some skills and expertise about it. This might be why you’re not getting your next job. 

There can be many more reasons to tell you what you should have done instead of just quitting your job right away. But you have to believe in yourself and hustle till you live the American dream life. 

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Quitting your job out of nowhere is a bad idea, and nobody would recommend it. However, if you’re intelligent, you would have followed the right way to quit the “rat race” and start your life again. We have listed how you should have chosen to get your next dream job or business. Moreover, we also suggested tips that will help you get your next job.

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