I Opened my Third Eye and I Regret it

I Opened my Third Eye and I Regret it

I Opened my Third Eye and I Regret it | Should I Close my Third Eye?

The third eye? It may sound weird to you when asking someone this question, but yes, a third eye is present there. 

This article will discuss what to do if you have opened your third eye and regret it. But first, let’s take a look into the basics and discuss what happens if you open your third eye so that people who have not opened it yet but want to open their third eye should know about the consequences. 

What is Third Eye?

The third eye is in between the pineal gland, which ancient philosophers believed to be the seat of the soul.

The third eye evolved to help us identify underlying patterns in our lives by allowing us to predict possible futures and make sense of our potential. Everyone is born with a third eye, and everyone can use it. 

However, some people use it more frequently and with greater intensity than others. This is because you’re relying on your third eye’s perception any time you have a gut feeling.

Consider the times when you knew you needed to go to a specific location or contact a specific person, even if you didn’t know why.

Signs you’ve opened your Third Eye

The most significant aspect of Shiva is that he opened his third eye. All the other things he danced, he mediated, does not matter. But how he opened his third eye matters. But the fact is that the third eye is meant to open by itself rather than trying to open it by yourself to satisfy your ego or find out what is about to happen out of curiosity.

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Apart from all this, if you have opened your third eye, it is now time to look at the consequences that you will possibly face after opening your third eye. 

  1. As soon as you feel that your third eye is opened, The human mind becomes aware of other planes of reality when the Third Eye is awakened, shifting your focus away from the present reality and impairing your ability to feel grounded and present. Because it’s challenging to focus on multiple planes at once. The mind drifts away from reality, leaving you with a sense of disconnection and the belief that nothing is real anymore.
  2. You may need some time to adjust to the opening of your third eye and time to figure out what your newly sharpened intuition means in terms of how you should behave and act in front of other people. As you are now (in a way) superior and have an advantage over other people. You need to be patient with yourself and don’t expect to know precisely how to deal with everything you’re learning and feeling right away. The execution of these powers should be done very carefully as the wrong intentions can even kill you. 
  3. It can be beneficial to exercise a little more restraint than usual during this adjustment period and simply wait it out and wait for the right time. To put it another way, think about your impulses before acting on them. Also, before deciding to put your behavior into practice, make sure you can stand by it. Meanwhile, let those close to you know that you’re going through a period of adjustment and growth so they can support you.
  4. When your Third Eye awakens, you may experience an out-of-body experience or astral projection as your spiritual power grows. Your soul leaves your physical body and travels in the heavenly realm of our planet or anywhere in the Universe when you astral project. You may return with more spiritual wisdom and knowledge, but it’s also possible that you’ll be in danger. Your soul is vulnerable to energetic attacks in the spiritual realm. Your body is vulnerable on Earth if you don’t have consciousness.
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How to Close your Third Eye – Closing Third Eye as you’re Regretting it.

Blocked chakras and stagnant energy are concepts that many people are familiar with. But, like a dervish spinning wildly out of control, a chakra can become overactive and directly linked with closing your third eye. 

The effects of an overactive third eye, or a third eye that is open too far, can be unsettling. It’s akin to being “overly” psychic. 

Imagining your third eye as a window is one of the many ways to close it. First, take a few moments to sit quietly. Then, focus on the third eye once you’ve reached a light meditative state. Consider it a bright window through which all of life flows, like a current of water entering your mind and body.

How to Reduce/Balance your Third Eye

If your third eye is overly active and you feel like it possesses your feelings. Instead of completely closing your third eye. You can try balancing the possession of a third eye by using some tricks that can help you achieve these levels. Here are some practices that you need to do:

  • Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Maintaining good sleeping habits is an essential part that can help you balance the effect of the third eye. Another practice is removing electronic devices from your bedroom, for example, and doing something relaxing for at least an hour before going to sleep.
  • Apply lavender or neroli essential oils to your wrists’ pulse points or light scented candles containing these oils.
  • The part where you have to pretend you don’t know is the most difficult. Rather than trying to “turn off” your intuition, embrace it and accept the painful truths as opportunities to grow stronger and practice forgiveness. Intuition is the most valuable spiritual gift one can possess. It can protect you from potentially dangerous situations and guide you safely through your journey.
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The third eye is precisely a different realm that takes you into the world of spirits different from reality. But using this power at the right time and with the right intention can make you superior to others, rather than using it for evil intentions, which can eventually kill you spiritually. 

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