Is SafeMoon a Good Investment? SafeMoon prediction in 2022

Is SafeMoon a Good Investment? SafeMoon prediction in 2022

Is SafeMoon a Good Investment in 2022?

With the growth of the cryptocurrency market, many new coins are emerging. With their huge appreciation, popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken the world by storm. However, not all cryptocurrencies are successful. Many will fail, and some will be scammed. This article will review one of the latest cryptocurrencies, SafeMoon, whether safe or good. Will SafeMoon be one of the next generations of crypto exploding In 2022?

What is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon is a BEP-20 token which is launched in March 2021. It is based on a Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. BSC is a blockchain network designed for running smart contract-based applications. SafeMoon quickly became Binance’s third token in terms of market capitalization. This coin has seen a massive price increase just a short time after its launch. However, Safemoon is not the only one as many digital tokens fulfill their promise early.

SafeMoon is known for its high transaction fees (10%), the hype of Memecoins, and extreme volatility on social media. Similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, SafeMoon is also based on distributed ledger technology. According to the creators, half of the 10% fees are shared among long-term holders, while the other half use the cash fund to stabilize the Price of the Memecoin. Unlike Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, who clamored in the air, SafeMoon has a vehicle to build upon. Although its higher transaction fees are in place to prevent investors from trading the digital token frequently, it is considered a riskier investment in the crypto world.

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Quick Stats:

  • Market Cap: $838,795,275,
  • Current Price: $0.00000149
  • Market Rank: 121
  • Expected Price in 2022: $0.01

Market Volatility of SafeMoon Token

SafeMoon was launched on March 8, 2021, with an initial price of $ 0.000000001. As with all new ones, people’s interest began to rise, and prices soon reached $ 0.0000015 on April 3. It stayed at that Price for about two weeks, but things started to move a lot. Friday, April 16, was $ 0.000001, but it more than doubled in a few days, slightly below $ 0.0000029 in the early hours of Sunday, April 18. At the time, the price increase seemed pretty impressive, but nothing compared to what happened next.

Currently, Trading at which price point?

As of December 15, the Safemoon Token is trading at $0.00000149. In the last 24 hrs, SafeMoon’s Price increased by 2.7%. The SafeMoon has a total market cap of $838,795,275, ranking at 121 in the cryptocurrency market.

What will be the prediction of SafeMoon Token for 2022?

After registering an 85% gain over the past few months, Safe Moon is approaching $0.0000208, its longstanding resistance. SafeMoon Price is predicted to recover for a strong rally as it nears a key resistance level. With the 55% increase of Memecoin up to 0.00000321 US$, Safemoon has a chance to come back in 2022.

 SafeMoon Price Prediction for 2021

Suppose all financial services and market opportunities are favorable. In that case, this digital asset will overcome all barriers and high performance and surpass the peaks as mentioned above. In the coming year, if you break through all the restrictions and invest, you are sure to bring good luck. With strong, smart contracts, the Price of SafeMoon could easily reach $0.0000085 by the end of 2021.

The SafeMoon Prediction for 2022

With no sudden shocks or risks expected in the cryptocurrency market, SafeMoon is poised to reaffirm its strong position as a prime target for the investor community. The road ahead is full of petals, with investor confidence continuing to grow as the Price rises significantly, overcoming all obstacles and reaching $0.000011.

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Is it a Safe Investment?

With all the hype around a new coin, it’s fair to wonder if it’s safe. Some analysts are concerned about Safe Moon. Unlike some other crypto projects, SafeMoon doesn’t do anything. The overall purpose seems to be to get people to buy it and raise the Price. As wallets become more common, more buyers may be in the coming months. According to BSC News, more than 100,000 Android users have downloaded the wallet from Google Play by October 1. Still, the iOS version will only be available on the App Store on October 6, ranking 10th within 12 hours. On Twitter, SafeMoon announced that its Price has risen.

Where to Buy a SafeMoon Token?

SafeMoon Token is available on PancakeSwap and BitMart. Here’s a look at both options.


BitMart is a global cryptocurrency trading platform and exchange with over 5 million customers in over 180 countries. The exchange’s priorities are reliability, availability, and professionalism. The exchange has offices in New York, Seoul, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Most BitMart trading is spot trading, but it also offers futures and advanced trading options. You can get your SafeMoon token from the BitMart exchange easily.

Pancake Swap

PancakeSwap is the only SafeMoon Listing Exchange on its website. This decentralized exchange allows you to trade directly from your crypto wallet, which means you, not the exchange, have full control over your crypto assets. Of course, this means that you are responsible for the security of your wallet, and you will not enjoy the benefits that some crypto exchanges offer. However, if you want 100% control of your crypto, this is not a bad choice.

Buying SafeMoon on PancakeSwap can be confusing. You will need to buy BNB or Binance Coin, then converts them to Smart Chain. You can then swap this for SafeMoon. Note that PancakeSwap imposes a $2,000 maximum on SafeMoon, according to Laptop Magazine.

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With any cryptocurrency, there may be a chance to make some profit. Still, there is always the possibility that something unexpected will happen to the market. Do your research and keep the latest news in mind with all SafeMoon predictions. There is still room for growth and success in SafeMoon’s future, but if you want to buy something and wait for it to reach its magical dollar mark, you can wait a while. As with any cryptocurrency, you need to be prepared and patient to deal with some loss of coin value and gains.