Is Silvery Barbs 5e a good dnd spell, or is it overpowered?

Silvery Barbs 5e

D&D: Is Silvery Barbs 5e a good spell, or is it overpowered?

This spell is highly compatible with the other casters of the group, not only because it helps your group’s spells stay in place, but if several members have silvery barbs, you’re almost sure to cause your adversaries will not succeed in a saving throw. However, like many of DnD’s notorious spells, Silvery Barbs has fueled passionate protests against its effects, and many players believe it is too powerful.

Is Silvery Barbs 5e Good?

The silvery barbs are an incredible ability. If you don’t take this spell, your character may not be optimally suited.

It is one of the less reliable spells from the 5th Edition. Silvery Barbs allows the user to give a disadvantage to any creature that succeeds in an attack roll, ability check, or even a saving throw. It may appear innocent enough, however, when applied in higher-level play. There isn’t a saving throw that can withstand this effect may reduce the effectiveness of legendary monsters’ Legendary Resistances when it comes to saving against the powerful effects of spells. Essentially, silvery barbs can be considered an additional casting of a spell with a higher level at a cost less than the price of a first-level spell slot and the reaction. It’s true that using your reaction will mean you’re not in a position to counterspell. However, in most situations, particularly when facing legendary monsters that are not casters, this can make encounters seem trivial. The effect that follows, where you give another creature an advantage during the next attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, is just an additional layer of frosting on the impressive cake.

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Silvery Barbs 5e Stats

  • Source: Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos
  • Spell Lists. Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard
  • 1st-level Enchantment
  • The time to cast is One reaction that you use whenever a creature you see within 60 yards of you succeeds in the attack roll or ability check or saves a throw.
  • The range: 60 feet
  • Components: V
  • Duration: Instantaneous

It is possible to magically disorient the animal triggering it and transform the moment of uncertainty into a source of encouragement for another creature. The creature that triggers the action must reroll the d20 and make it roll lower.

You then can choose an alternate creature to observe within the distance (you can choose your own). The selected creature gains an advantage when it rolls its next attack or ability check or saving throw that it makes within one minute. The creature is empowered through only one application of this ability at any time.

Is Silvery Barbs Overpowered?

Some believe the silvery barbs aren’t just powerful. However, it is a potent spell. It can compete with spells with higher levels of spell power by dramatically altering the outcome of various situations. It’s possible to do this at a meager cost of the 1st level slot. The low cost means it can be utilized often, particularly as players’ characters advance to higher levels. Specific DMs prohibit these spells from the tables because they believe that making rerolls on the DM and, at the same time giving advantages can result in a dull game experience. Check with your DM to determine whether this spell is permitted on your tables.

Class-Specific Ratings for Silvery Barbs

Wild Magic sorcerer: Although it is usually an overpowered spell, Silvery Barbs is more effective in the case of Wild Magic sorcerers. They can access Bend Luck, which can hinder an opponent’s ability to make a successful saving roll and attack roll.

School of Divination wizard is already an overpowered spell. Thesilvery barbsat the hand of a Divination Wizard can be brutal while also being thematic. Through “looking into the future,” you can utilize this spell to make your enemies roll at a disadvantage in attacks, ability checks, saving throws, and advantages to the members of your party. If the opponent fails, or your group member still fails, you can be warning your result in any way. Furthermore, when you use Expert Divination, you’ll likely have plenty of opportunities to create 1st-level spell slots effectively as you run out of them.

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Should I Take Silvery Barbs?

When weighing the power of one spell against other spells, you’ll find some niche edges to be considered and even some bizarre applications. It is like the use of the shape of Water to fill with, freeze, and then take out any ordinary lock that you encounter) which makes the spell extremely powerful in certain circumstances and other things to consider.

Silvery Barbs is – from an aesthetic perspective – boring because the effects are solely mechanical.

There needs to be an intriguing and original way to utilize this spell. It operates upon the game’s rules, not the game’s world. 

But that’s a minor design flaw. It’s a massive mistake in design (magic is supposed to be weird) and a bit spooky). For an excellent development of this ethos, consider Sorcery, which can be described as a Sword Without a Hilt.

Pay what you like and filled with fantastic ideas for a more exciting and less video game-like style of magic) It leaves no doubt about whether Silvery Barbs is good.

If you’re playing a wizard, sorcerer, or bard, it’s an absolute must.

It is helpful to ward off enemies’ attacks. That is hugely important in low levels where spellcasters can be notoriously fragile.) In addition, it can boost your spell-based abilities and your martial allies (guarantee Sneak Attack damage for the rogue of your group? Also, ensure that your enemies are struck with the full power of AoE spells. Finally, turn an encounter into a simple mode.