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king seven deadly sins power level

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The history of King Seven Deadly Sins is long and exciting. More than 700 years before the start of the series, King was the ruler of the Fairy King’s Forest, the border between the human world and the fairies, and worked with his sister Elaine to keep the peace between the two groups. Unlike his best friend Helbram, King had no interest in people, and he told them not to trust them. One day, Helbram and other fishers went out and met a group of human travelers. It turned out that the people were hunters, and they wished to stab themselves and steal their wings, which could prolong human life.

Contrary to Elaine’s wishes, the King went out to save Helbram. But he was killed by one of them. A little girl named Diane kept the Lord. She brought him back to her home. King’s injury, however, caused him to forget his life as King of Legends. After an extended stay with Diane, King finally remembered his life as the King of Legends and went to save a nearby village of people who had set fire to it. When he arrived, King realized that all the villagers were dead. The leader of a group of human hunters who had attacked King back when he lost his memory.

What is King’s highest power level?

There is nothing compared to his form with full-grown wings. Then, he easily takes care of Mael with four commandments. It is estimated that King’s combat levels in his most powerful form are around 416,000.

King seven deadly sins Power Level

Total Magic Spirit
41,600 38,800 2,800

Detailed backstory:

It turned out that the man was Helbram, who survived the attack, killed the hunters, and took the man’s appearance to take revenge on the people for what they had done. To stop Helbram’s anger, the Lord killed him. However, when the King returned to the Fairy King forest, the Holy Knights kidnapped him. they believed he had allowed Helbram’s assassination to happen and arrested him. The King was sent to join the Seven Deadly Sins. Which a group of criminals named each for the sin that led to their crime. Then the King returned to his jungle, only to discover that someone had killed his sister and stolen the Fountain of Youth, a treasure trove of fairies. He later found out that the person in charge was Ban, Fox’s Gox sin.

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In the years that followed, Meliodas, the leader of the Seven Dangerous Sins, tried to bring the group together at the request of Princess Elizabeth to help her break free from the corrupt Holy Knights. When he learned that Ban had rejoined the group, King decided to attack him and pay him for what he had done. The King tried to stop Ban from doing what he had done, and he almost succeeded, but Elaine’s spirit appeared and told him that Ban was not the one who killed him and released Ban from the Lord’s attack. After helping the group escape to the Capital of the Dead, King agreed to rejoin them.


Disaster: The signature power of the Lord is the power of magic. With it, the Lord can control life and death through molecules. It also gives him the ability to control the environment, allow him to grow, and take advantage of plant life.

Status Promotion: This allows the Lord to increase or decrease the natural state of something. He can turn deep bruises into cracked wounds, turn weak poisons into deadly poisons, and turn small growth into cancerous growth that can destroy an entire body.

Condense Power: Turns the liquid into a single point before blasting it like a bullet.

Reading: Like all fairies, the Lord can take out and fly at high speed. Using this, he can also pull out things with his mind to use them without touching the phone.

Mind Reading: A mythical skill that allows the Lord to read people’s minds, thoughts, and memories.

Reformation: The Lord may change his appearance and his clothing at will. However, this requires a lot of concentration to use.

Long life: Like all fairies, King does not grow old or get sick, and he can only die by external means. 

Spirit Spear Chastiefol: The Holy Treasure of King, a weapon that releases the full power of the Lord when used. Castiel is a magical spear made of sacred wood in the Fairy Realm, making it stronger than steel and regenerate when broken. Therefore, only one person in control of the Fairy King’s Forest can use it. Chastiefol’s great power and his ability to transform into various kinds at the command of the Lord. If not used in battle, it takes the form of a green pillow for the Lord to ride on.

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Form One: Spear: Chastiefol’s main military form. In this form, Chastiefol is a seemingly ordinary sword, yet the Lord can use his creative power to control it utilizing a blade to attack his enemies.

Form Two: The Guardian: A sizable fixed bear made of moss, which the Lord can control to attack or block enemies. The Guardian is strong enough to hold the Ban, and the water inside its powerful body makes it very resistant to fire attacks. However, it is most affected by snow.

Form Three : Filtration: A spear that turns anything you throw at stones. King used it in the Ban Ban attempt, despite his immortality, and he almost succeeded.

 Form Four: Sunflower: Turns Chastiefol into a large plant, which absorbs sunlight before dropping it as a massive explosion of energy to cause enormous destruction.

Form Five: Grow: It transforms Chastiefol into an army of small arms such as the kunai, where the Lord can control to defeat enemies with a series of endless attacks on all sides. The Lord can also use the kunai as a protective barrier.

Form Six: Luminosity: Converts Chastiefol into a ball of light to illuminate dark areas.

Form Seven: Pollen Garden: Create a pollen barrier from the Holy Tree that protects and temporarily cures anyone in it.

Helbram’s Helmet: The first helmet belongs to King Helbram’s friend, which he gave to him after the Lord defeated him and killed him a third time. Helbram’s soul now resides in a hat, and the King can speak to him whenever he wears a helmet.

Oslo:  King Black Hound’s animal, a fierce and wild creature, will hunt its prey endlessly. Oslo is swift and decisive, he can quickly kill Holy Knight students, and he will change the size depending on how he was scolded. When threatened, Oslo will grow to about the size of a Giant but converts to the size of an average dog when he is not threatened. Like all Black Hounds, Oslo can send whatever he swallows into a completely different place.

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Endowment / gifts.


l Break down the wall with Chastiefol.

l He was stabbed in the chest by Ben with a single spear strike.

l The Guardian can catch Ban easily.

l An increase can be like a lot of explosions.

l True Spear Chastiefol could burn Albion with a single strike.


l Compatible with Ban and Meliodas easily.

l Outran caused several outbreaks.

l The key is Guila and Jericho before they understand it.

l Hat Disturbed a bunch of ice shards before they hit Diane.

l Helbram’s form was at high speed.

l He prevented an unexpected attack before hitting his neck.


l Take more hits from Helbram.

l A surviving attack from Albion.

l Ability

l Helbram died with a rose.

l Killed Ban.

l Guila Defeated.

l Find Guila and Jericho at the same time.

l He has defeated and killed Helbram while empowered by the magic of several Holy Knights.

l Helbram died for the third and last time.

l Kill Albion with True Spirit Spear Chastiefol.


l Weak Physically.

l True Spear Chastiefol puts tremendous pressure on his body.

l The Guardian is suffering from a cold.

l The whole world seems to hate him.

l If he works hard on his Full Wings form, he will return to his original condition.

l Being used to distrust others (good examples like Ban and Meliodas)

Fun Facts

l He had used his human nature to ensure that Diane’s memories did not return when they reunited as deadly sins.

l King raised his wings too late in life because he and his sister Elaine became powerful when they first appeared.

l He has a lot of respect for the past Fairy King (Dahlia).

l He doesn’t want to make an enemy of Escanor.

l His favorite cheese is cheese.

l He dreams of marrying Diane.