Is there any Lamellar armor in 5e Dnd or Homebrew version?

Lamellar armor

Is there any Lamellar armor in 5e Dnd?

It seems that 5e D&D does not have lamellar armor 5e in leather or metal. Lamellar, Brigandine and Coat of Plate, Jack of Plate, etc are surely historical armors. All capture an armor type that is versatile across time and places, both in technology and terminology. We can use many generic terms to describe any armor not padded or under the full plate. In-game times, every 3+ and 7-armor should have a lamellar/lamellar-like equivalent. It’s great to have that variety in the game.

What is Lamellar armor?

Lamellar armor is one of the three earliest types of body armor. It was made from rectangular or vaguely rectangular armor plates interlaced in horizontal rows. Scale armor and laminar armor are the other two types. Lamellar armor was widely used in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, including Japan.
Lamellar armor was frequently worn over existing armor to augment it, such as over a mail hauberk. Because it was easy to make and maintain, the lamellar cuirass became a popular choice for both Mongols and Turks.

Lamellar armor comprises small rectangular iron, leather (rawhide), or bronze plates (scales and lamellae). These are pierced at various points and then laced together in horizontal rows to make the appropriate length to build a specific armor item. If the lamellae are made from leather, they can be dried using a process like lacquering or cuir bouilli. Lamellar armor is similar to scale armor but does not require a leather or cloth backing. The lamellae can also be pierced at many more places. Lamellar armor became more popular than scale armor because it restricted users’ movements in a much smaller way than scale armor.

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Japanese lamellar armor

Japan received lamellar armor in the fifth century. Pre-samurai Japanese lamellar armor was known as Keiko. These lamellar armors were initially made of a sleeveless jacket with a helmet. The Japanese lamellar armor evolved into full-fledged O-yoroi samurai armor by the end of the Heian period. Japanese lamellar armors were made of hundreds, if not thousands of individual leathers (rawhide) or iron scales/lamellae (Kozani), which were lacquered and laced into armor strips. This process was very time-consuming. Two types of scales that made up Japanese lamellar armors are hon Kozane and hon Iyozane. These were constructed from smaller or larger scales/lamellae.

Homebrew Leather Lamellar 5e Armor

The Homebrew Leather Lamellar 5e Equipment was what I found. The leather lamellar armor 5e is made up of thick pieces of rawhide that have been lacquered and then laced together to create a skirt and cuirass. It is more durable than regular leather armor but less stealthy. It’s light armor that costs 25 gp and has a disadvantage in stealth. It is 12 lb in weight and has the armor class 12 + Dex modifier.