Lantern of Revealing 5e cost & Control Flames dnd spells

Lantern of Revealing 5e

Is Lantern of Revealing 5E ‘s flame supposed to be a “Magical Flame”?

Lantern of Revealing in dnd 5e: Wondrous item, uncommon. While lit, that hooded lantern glows for 6 hours on 1 pint of oil, emitting bright light in a 30-foot reach and dim light for an extra 30 feet. Invisible monsters and objects are apparent as long as they are in the lantern’s intense glare. You can use an effort to reduce the hood, decreasing the light to dim light in a Five ft radius.

Cost and weight of Lantern of Revealing 5E : Price 30,000 gp. Weight 2 lb.

Control Flames 5e

Control Flames 5e

  • An Elemental Evil spell
  • Transmutation
  • Level: Cantrip
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: S
  • Duration: Instantaneous or 1 hour

You pick a nonmagical flame that you can view within range, and that drapes within a Five-foot cube. You change it in one of the following ways:

– You spontaneously expand the flame five feet in one direction, provided that timber or other fuel is already in the new location.

– Or you immediately extinguish the fire inside the cube.

– You double or split the area of intense light and dim light cast by the flame, alter its color, or both. The transformation lasts for 1 hour.

– Again, you may cause simplistic shapes — such as the nebulous form of a monster, an inanimate thing, or a location — to look within the flashes and animate as you like. The shapes serve for 1 hour.

Suppose you cast that spell multiple times. In that circumstance, you may have up to three non-instantaneous

The flame’s origin seems to be a nonmagical means. However, it is assuredly infused by charm when in the lamp. The same applies to the 5e control flames spell. The nonmagical fire does not display magic when subjected to prophecy. The same holds to the flame in the lantern.

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Can I use a Light spell instead of oil in a Lantern of Revealing in 5e?

You must provide oil. In customary, the purpose of putting a Light-infused object into a hooded lantern to serve from the radius-reduction outcome is probably sound and innovative. But suppose “spells only do what they say they do.” Then we may apply that to magic objects as well. The item’s description clearly states the following. Invisible monsters and objects are visible as long as they are in the lantern’s flashing light. It necessity be in the lantern’s light and not the light of a magical rock offered by the lantern. And whence does the present lantern light? While lit, the Hooded lantern glows for 6 hrs at 1 pint of oil, casting bright light. So the item clearly says that the magic effects arise from the light that the lantern produces when burning oil.