Let us solve Pillars of eternity bells buried secrets and puzzles

Pillars of eternity bells buried secrets and puzzles

Pillars of eternity bells buried secrets and puzzles.

How do you solve the bell puzzle in pillars of eternity? Ring the small bell to the right, followed by the big bell in the middle and the smaller bell to the left, and then the bell with the smaller size to the left. When you click the+’ on the quest log, it will say that the bell on the right should run first and the left bell last. The hint is written within your journal once you can see the vision inside the room that has water.

Bell puzzle found in The Temple of Eothas: In the Temple of Eothas, there are three bells you need to ring to (presumably) let you in into the upper level. The proper sequence is

  1. Right bell
  2. Middle bell
  3. Left bell
  4. Right bell

Alongside these clues (the note that was found and the ghost’s conversation), there is another book within the room. It is a book said to be opened “often to a specific webpage” or something similar. The book describes gods who speak to witnesses. Each bell symbolizes the god. It’s interesting to realize that there were a variety of solutions to this puzzle! I solved the puzzle using this book as well as the old note.

One clue came from a room on the left and right (bottom on your display). It has a tiny swimming pool, and I believe there is a ghost after you have killed Ghul Ghul or whatever else was in the room. An item you can find in an object tells the story of someone running late and getting caught. (this could have resulted from dreams of the ghost in the room, but I’m not sure the details). In the dream, the person can hear the bell. And refers to it in the left hand and is wondering if it’s the first or the last. You now know the right bell is first and the last.

The correct order is Right, Middle, Left, Right.

You can also find an unlocked key within the same room that you discovered the clue, which will allow you to get around the entire issue.

Secrets of the Buried | Temple of Eothas

Wirtan is found in the demolished Temple of Eothas, wounded by a skull. The Watcher is asked to locate the remains of priests he believes inside the temple to give them a dignified burial. However, the reality is more complicated.


Go towards Gilded Vale and speak to Wirtan in the vicinity of the destroyed Temple of Eothas. Wirtan wants you to retrieve the remains of Eothasian priests who died in the temple.

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First floor

The first floor is filled with Skuldrs as well as Ivory Spiderlings. The goal is to climb to the second floor within the temple.

The door that leads to the lower level is located in the western-most portion of the area. However, it is locked and requires Mechanics 10 to unlock. That can be escaped with an Engraved Silver Key, located in a hollow book inside an isolated room for libraries (requires 9 Mechanics, or 5 when in stealth mode to find).

You can also ring the bells close to doors in proper order. If you’re not looking to search for them, it is best to follow the following order: right, middle, left, and right. This order is revealed by reading the memories of spirits that have been trapped within and by reading numerous notes and letters scattered on the floor.

Second floor

The second level is filled with Shadows and some Phantoms, which can be very difficult for a novice group. In the second level, go towards the southeast, and you will find a room filled with water. To the west, there is a wheel that removes the water whenever it is it is turned. When you return to the drained room, there is the Gleaming Silver Key by the fountain. This key will open the door located to the northwest of the room with the water wheel.

Continue along this path by fighting through oozes until you come to a dead-end towards the southeast. Engage with a lever mounted on the wall to open the treasury and communicate through the spirits to discover what transpired to the priests: They were stricken with thirst waiting for Wirtan’s promise of help that was never fulfilled, being locked up in the vault without the option to escape. Make sure you take the Dead Priests Bones with you before leaving.

What shall You do?

Remain on the top floor (there is a route that leads up to the floor located in the northeastern portion of the upper floor) and then confront Wirtan. Wirtan will claim that he didn’t have a choice to do so since Raedric’s troops had sealed this temple. Eder will argue that he could have sunk them with his own hands had were aware.

You may decide to accept the money offered by Wirtan or ask him questions about the way the priests perished. After talking to him, you could receive the cash without additional questions, or persuade him to apologize and remove away from the village or take him to the grave and remove the money from his body. You can also deliver your bones back to Urgent to prove Wirtan’s crimes, either following the killing him or before facing Wirtan (since Wirtan would have already taken the bones away from you).

What exactly is The Temple of Eothas? How to solve Pillars of eternity bells buried secrets and puzzles

It is believed that the Buried Secrets quest begins with the story of how Lord Raedric has decided to dedicate what was once a deserted Temple of Eothas to a new god, as a result of which the entryway to the temple was cleaned after a lengthy time, finally allowing the entry of visitors into the abandoned temple.

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It was the Temple of Eothas was a majestic temple built by the god Eothas. The temple was very well-known in its time. Its acclaim was evident in how it attracted devotees of The god Eothas from across Dyrwood. People from even Readceras came to Eothas’ Temple of Eothas too.

But, when Waidwen’s legacy was established, Waidwen began to be found. There was a belief among the Lord, specifically Lord Raedric, that the worship of Eothas (in Eothas’s Temple of Eothas) led to Hollowbabies appearing.

Lord Raedric, therefore, dispatched troops of soldiers to take on and eliminate the entire population of Eothas worshippers who were at the temple. They then secure the temple to try to stop the births of Hollowborn children.

There were a few priests present in the temple when the soldiers swarmed into the temple to take out the followers of Eothas. The soldiers ordered by Lord Raedric murdered priests. The spirit of the Lord haunts the remains that are the Temple of Eothas as Shadows currently. It creates this Temple of Eothas very dangerous and unwelcoming.

The player, the Watcher (the player), should decide to continue with The Buried Secrets (the quest linked with the Temple of Eothas), will come across Wirtan in the ruin of the temple slain a Skuld.

Wirtan will request the Watcher to locate the remains of priests who were killed inside the temple before it being sealed at the direction of Lord Raedric to offer them a decent burial. But Wirtan will discover that the truth about the dereliction of the Temple of Eothas is much more intricate and goes well over and above what Wirtan claimed.

To find the remains of the murdered priests and take them back to be buried, the Watcher has to traverse The Temple of Eothas, starting by entering the lower floor of the temple. It is believed to be sealed by an enchantment spell.

What is the Three Bells Puzzle?

There is also a set of bells next to the entrance to the lower level, which could contribute to opening the lower part of the temple. That will lead to discovering the remains of priests.

Here is the place where you will find that Bell Puzzle shows up. The bells on the side of the door leading to the lower parts of the temple form this Bell Puzzle. If the puzzle is solved, the Watcher will open the door that leads to the lower levels within Eothas’ Temple of Eothas.

It is necessary to discover the proper sequence from the three bells to open the doorway to the lower level inside the temple.

In the next section, we will look at the correct sequence of chimes leading towards the beginning of the pathway to the lower floor.

Three Bells within the Temple of Eothas – The Correct Sequence

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If you tap one three bells, you will be presented with an informational screen that reads:

“Three bells are hanging from the stone structure that is a part of the wall. Dust and grime from years of use overcoat the steel. There’s a large bell in the center and is flanked by two smaller bells”.

Under the dialogue, you’ll see five choices that include:

Check the bells.

  • Ring the more little left bell.
  • Ring the middle, big bell.
  • Ring the left, smaller bell.
  • Leave.
  • To begin, click on option one that reads “Examine the bells’.

The note now says the following:

“The bells appear completely intact. They are made from solid iron that appears extremely weighty. It doesn’t appear to be anything unusual concerning these”.

Then, tap “Ringing the right-hand bell, the smaller one’.

The notes’ writing will be changed to:

“The bell emits a bizarre unsettling, warbling ring that progressively increases into a horrible scream, before it fades into an eerie sound”.

Then, tap “Ringing the middle of the large bell’.

The note is now saying:

“You throw your hands at the bell. As it goes back in the opposite direction the clapper strikes an incredibly low and powerful note against the iron’s heavy weight The sound is ringing inside your chest as the sound echoes across the halls ruined by an unending tide”.

Then, click on the menu that says “Ring left, larger bell’.

The notes state:

“The bell sounds a loud and piercing note with a dazzling force. The sound is heard echoes in the halls until it appears that twelve chirping notes echo in your temple”.

  • Then, tap the option that reads “Ring the left bell, a smaller one”.
  • This sequence should now be completed, with the note to state:
  • “The unusual chime is heard through the ruin”.

Tap ‘Continue’ to make the way open to the lower range (the note will end with the conclusion of the setting).

Quick summary of the order of bells that make up the Bell Puzzle

Test those bells (optional).

Ring the left, smaller bell.

Ring the middle, big bell.

Ring the smaller, left bell.

Ring the smaller, right side bell.

An alternative to Bell Puzzle to pass the stage.

If the player doesn’t wish to complete the Bell Puzzle to pass onto the next level, there’s an alternative to solve the same. In the game context, the door into the story below (or the lower part within the Temple of Eothas) can be locked to open it but requires Mechanics 10 to unlock. It is possible to open it with the engraved Silver Key.

It is believed that the Engraved Silver Key can be found inside the hollow book. The open book is kept in a private library chamber. The only catch is that to use the workaround. You’ll require Mechanics 9 or 5 if in stealth mode to find this Engraved Silver Key. That is all about the pillars of eternity, bells, buried secrets and puzzles.