Luffy vs Zoro who would win? Pre and Post Timeskip

When and how does Luffy use gear 4 & 5?

Luffy vs Zoro who would win?

Before the time-skip, it wasn’t entirely clear that Luffy had the edge over Zoro or the reverse. After the time-skip, Zoro increased his performance to the point that it appeared that he’d outperformed his Captain without facing any worthy challenger. He has easily dominated any opponent he has had to face post-time-skip. On Fishman Island, it appeared that the only thing Luffy does not have in common with Zoro was his CoC that Zoro acknowledged.

Furthermore, Zoro’s quick work of Hody in the water further strengthened the belief previously stated. Take note that Luffy most often was fighting Hody without water, but Hody was boosted. However, Zoro single-shot ordinary Hody(still not a no-one) underwater. After the Fishman Island arc, it was that Zoro is a lot stronger than the two. However, Luffy can keep his lead due to CoC. The scene was Dressrosa that Luffy finally displayed what he could do with the time-skip, Gear 4.

Gear 4 took Luffy well ahead of Zoro in terms of power and speed. He was able to keep his G2-speed and strength into a single form. He also had more powerful Haki and various types. Although Zoro still hasn’t gone all-in, I doubt that there’s anything that big as G4 on his sleeve. At present, Luffy is the most powerful among his fellow Strawhats and doesn’t seem to be being challenged in any way by one of his fellow crew members at all.

Zoro’s overview

Zoro is a strong man who is average in height and has mildly sun-tanned skin. He always carries three swords with him wrapped in an emerald haramaki placed over the right side of his hips, which allows him to draw them using your left effortlessly. Out of the three weapons he has on his person, he’s always carried his Wado Ichimonji. In contrast, his other two swords have shifted in the past because they were destroyed and then replaced with more powerful ones. While his right hand is often placed over the swords, but he also uses this hand to pull the blades before sitting down. Three identical gold earrings are on the left earlobe. Zoro typically wears a black bandana over his left lower bicep. He wraps it to his head when engaged in a fight with a serious opponent.

Zoro’s body has marks from his numerous fights, including the enormous scar that extends across his left shoulder and his right hip, which suffered during his defeat against the world’s most famous swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, at Baratie. Other visible marks are the ones he smacked on his ankles during desperate attempts to remove his body. Three’s Giant Candle Service Set by trying to cut off his feet in the Little Garden. Following an hour-long time-skip incurred another scar on the left eye. That was done by some unknown method.

Another striking feature of Zoro is the way he cuts his green hair, which Sanji is often teasing him about by calling his “marimo” (moss-ball, moss-head in the Viz Manga) FUNimation dub) because it resembles one.


  • Zoro was opened like the fish in Mihawk’s Kokuto and left the appearance of a wound that even Arlong was frightened when he saw it. Zoro was able to cut and slash a swordsman Fishman with ease.
  • Zoro was fighting with an eagle for a short time and was injured on his leg. Despite this, Zoro continued to fight Enel and received a million volts of electricity on himself, which knocked him out for a few minutes, and he awoke right after.
  • Zoro was fighting zombies for the entire night. The best part was that the party over the top of it is a battle with an iconic giant that destroyed all Mugiwaras present, excluding Luffy and his sustained blows from this giant who, even while alive, was known as a continent Puller and even after all that Zoro fought through all the pain and fatigue of his Captain and his own, without ever dying.
  • Then, after the time-skip, Zoro was able to fight the mountain-sized rock giant who delivered city-sized rock blows to Zoro, yet he came through the battle unscathed.
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  • Since his appearance, Zoro has been shown to lift a ton of weight. He has even been seen using hefty weights through his mouth.
  • A bit further back in the past, Zoro is seen raising a two-story home with just one hand.
  • Zoro is powerful enough that it can cut through steel. Further ahead, it cuts through a more durable steel alloy from a Pacifista.
  • Zoro might be able to match the punch of the undead, who was described as a continent Puller when he was alive.
  • Then, after the time-skip, Zoro has been seen cutting into a massive mountain made of pure rock from head to toe.
  • Even using a kitchen knife, Zoro can cut through a whole construction from top to bottom.


  • Zoro initially appears to be more potent than bullets that speed.
  • Zoro is also demonstrated to be capable of keeping pace and beating a sky man on the kind of rollerblades that fly with blinding speed.
  • Zoro is even further ahead than he can keep up with the Soru user using a high-speed technique believed to be more potent than lightning and could even outpace Zoro in the end.
  • Zoro can avoid air cannons-like paws, which, when fired, reach the speed of light. Zoro can pinpoint where they’ll be shot before the time and then prevent them before firing. They are barely noticeable.
  • Then, after the time-skip, Zoro has demonstrated as capable of out-sprinting the Fishman underwater while being exhausted.

Luffy’s overview

Monkey D. Dragon and an unnamed woman gave birth to Luffy in Foosha Village. Monkey D. Garp, Luffy’s grandpa, did numerous hazardous things to Luffy in order to strengthen him, like dumping him down a steep ravine, leaving him alone in the woods, and tying him to a balloon. 

Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates established a base in Foosha Village when Luffy was six years old. While they were there, their sharpshooter Yasopp informed Luffy that he had a kid named Usopp who was his age. Luffy wanted to join the Red Hair Pirates, so he stabbed himself in the left eye after nearly a year in the village to prove he was tough enough to be a pirate.

Luffy and the Red Hair Pirates then walked to the Partys Bar, where Luffy tried unsuccessfully to persuade Shanks to join them. He discovered the Gomu Gomu no Mi in a chest and ate it with his supper, unaware of its nature. As he was doing so, Higuma and his gang of mountain bandits barged into the tavern and demanded sake.

The Red Hair Pirates had eaten all of the sake available, according to the bartender Makino, and when Shanks brought him the last bottle, Higuma slammed it against his skull. Shanks’ only response was to clean up the messes, and Higuma continued to harass him before departing. Luffy was enraged that Shanks did not retaliate, and as he tried to leave, Shanks grabbed his arm and stretched it. The Red Hair Pirates were shocked to see that Luffy had consumed the Devil Fruit they had taken, and informed him that he would be unable to swim for the rest of his life.

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The episode of Luffy:

Luffy’s scar was never explained in the anime as to how he received it as a child. However, there was a special episode in the anime called “Episode of Luffy” that portrayed him as a child at Foosha Village alongside Shanks. The scene in which Luffy stabbed himself in the eye was featured in the special episode’s early segments. However, in the manga, this was depicted in Chapter 1 when Luffy was depicted as a child.

It was in Episode 487 of the Marineford Arc when he received the scar. After the brutal attack on Jimbe and Luffy, the amusing scene of Buggy being forced to save the two occurred, maybe to provide some comedic relief to the younger audience. Law appeared at the end of the episode and said that he is a doctor who wants to save Luffy and Jimbe.

The quick ending to what episode does luffy get his scar highlights the point that fans will be quick to pick up on any possible references to Star Trek when it comes to what happens in this episode. The reference to Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan may seem like a cheap shot, but many people have made Star Trek a very valid reference in what episode does luffy get his scar. Without a doubt, this is one of the most appropriate places for a Star Trek reference in what episode does luffy get his scar.

The writers of the episode did a nice job of making sure not to over reference any of the Star Trek series in what episode does luffy get his scar. They instead took an idea that went unused for a number of years and turned it into a hilarious episode of what could only be described as the funniest animated television show on earth. The writers of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode “Equestria Games” did a fantastic job of putting the fan base into a frenzy once they realized what was going to happen in what episode does luffy get his scar. Whether you are a superfan of My Little Pony or not, you will find yourself laughing as you watch the My Little Pony Equestria Games on television.

How Did Luffy Get His Scar:

Luffy acquired the scar on his face when he was a small child, years before the story began. Garp is frequently placed in the hands of either the Mayor of Foosha Village or the Mountain Bandit Leader Dadan after being abandoned by his grandpa. Shanks and his crew visited Foosha Village during Luffy’s stay there to replenish supplies and have a wonderful time with the inhabitants.

Shanks and his team had a nice time with the townspeople, and Shanks’s fun-loving personality earned them a good reputation. Luffy was inspired by Shanks’ crew’s happiness, how they sing and dance when inebriated, and how well they get along. This is where Luffy got the idea to become a pirate rather than follow Garp’s plan to make him a powerful Marine.

Luffy soon became close friends with Shanks and his gang, to the point that he insisted on joining them. Luffy became enraged by Shanks’ repeated rejections, most likely because he is still too young to join a pirate, so he began to do a deadly act. He then informed the rest of the crew that he is strong enough to be a pirate, which is why he stabbed himself in the eye with a knife.

The cut was too severe for Luffy’s young and sensitive skin at the time, even though Garp had already taught him to live on his own by abandoning him in risky situations. However, as Luffy was still a child, it did not lead him to develop resistant to it, which is why the scar was too deep to heal as a scar. At the very least, Luffy now has a scar on his face that makes him appear like a pirate.

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Luffy’s features are well-known. In comparison to other anime heroes with prominent facial traits, he appears to be more simpler. For example, Naruto’s blond hair and orange clothing, Yugi’s wild and multicoloured hair, and Goku’s spiky haircut, to name a few. Luffy, on the other hand, has the plain appearance of a village lad, with black hair and crudely drawn eyes. But it was his personality, as well as these two prominent scars: one just below his right eye and a massive one on his chest, that made him so memorable and famous.


  • Luffy is invincible to any blunt injury the majority of the time, almost getting to complete immunity.
  • Luffy may drop off a cliff and not suffer the slightest injuries.
  • Although naturally weak to bladed weapons, Luffy’s body tissue can still prevent broken limbs and other body parts, even though they are being crafted by an expert sharp claw expert who can cut through rock with ease.
  • Luffy can bear his pain when he punches spikes of golden sharpness and has his hands entirely pierced by the spikes, yet he isn’t stopping.
  • Luffy can endure the agony of having a hot, newly-molten golden spear thrust at Luffy through his back and back, and he keeps fighting.
  • Luffy can bear the hurt and injury of being hit with air-based punches that, after it had been through his body and caused some severe damage, could still break the crack in the rock wall.
  • Luff can go going all night, almost snoring.
  • Following the time-skip, Luffy has been proven that he can endure his arm being cut in half.
  • In the future, Luffy shows to be able to stand up and fight on after being slashed by a swiftly-moving spear through his side, resulting in an injury where it was able to pass through.


  • Luffy is the first to be shown as capable of lifting an enormous boulder of solid rock.
  • Luffy is demonstrated as being capable of lifting a ten meters-long ship mast made of massive timber.
  • Luffy can match the strength of a Fishman who earlier could lift two stories of a house in one hand but couldn’t release his sword from Luffy’s solid and secure grip.
  • Luffy’s grip can break steel.
  • Luffy can carry around an enormous gold sphere and even leap high when attached to his arm. the man even manages to swing the globe around, followed by punching it with his arm
  • After the time skip, Luffy easily surpasses the fisherman’s strength with drugs.
  • Further ahead, Luffy is seen punching the opponent, sending it straight down to the ground, which results in cracks from side one side of the island on which Luffy was standing.


  • Luffy is shown for the first time to react to a speedy technique that causes one to disappear out of sight while moving. That needs to be located using hearing instead.
  • Luffy can reach out and grab the gasmask before the poison gas missile explodes after it has already been fired
  • Luffy can react to lightning-speed movement and the living lightning beings, who can call Luffy too fast to be avoided.
  • In the next scene, Luffy shows him achieving an incredibly fast-moving technique quicker than lightning-speeds
  • Just after the time-skip, Luffy is shown as capable of preventing light-based beams that are fired at him with ease
  • Luffy can see and react to any situation 5s of a second ahead

Summary: Luffy vs Zoro who would win? Pre and Post Timeskip

In the end, I believe that it’s obvious who could be more superior. Let’s not forget this difference. During Pre timeskip, it is hard to say. Post Timeskip, Luffy is more powerful vs Zoro.