MBA Starting Salary No Experience | Online Project Management MBA Review 2022

MBA Starting Salary No Experience | Online Project Management MBA Review 2022

What is MBA Starting Salary No Experience, and why is MBA in Project Management a great career choice in 2022?

It isn’t very easy to generalize MBA Starting with Salary No Experience. However, I’ll try to provide you with a wide selection. It all depends on the institution, and MBA programs aren’t identical. The most recent Duke Class was offered with a starting salary ranging from $50,000 to $225,000. The median was $140,000, and an average of $138,000. Duke is typically listed between #8-12. Students earn $155K going into, and they accepted an award of $12,000 upon the day they left, some 204 years ago. The starting salary for schools such as Tennessee (#39) was $97,500. Those who go to schools that aren’t ranked earn significantly less.

The salary is contingent on the college you go to and the length of work experience you’ve gained before your MBA. It also depends on the business that hires you and the location where you will be posting, whether it is in California or less costly locations, or elsewhere.

For example, Hedge funds offer the highest pay with signing and performance-based bonuses, which could easily exceed 200K annually. The majority of high-end three or four B schools might be considered with one or two candidates. Therefore, this is a significantly small percentage. A project management student from Devry University may get upto $100,000 as a starting salary.

MBA Starting Salary No Experience

Then there are investment banking positions at major banks looking for MBA freshers. It’s about 175K, including bonuses. Very difficult to gain entry when you’re outside the seven B schools in the top 7 or if you’re an international college student.

The next thing to watch is tech coms such as Google. I believe Google alone could be able to pay 150K. Other tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are within the range of 125K.

The most exciting segment is consulting firms like MBB ( McKinsey, Bain, and BCG), Deloitte, and PWC, along with the other big four. It is among the most lucrative areas that international students can get into if they can get an acceptance in some of the best 20 universities. While MBB pays slightly more, many consulting firms looking to recruit students tend to offer as close as possible. The salary and bonus amount can reach about 150k. A majority of consulting firms provide work visas. Students from abroad should take advantage of this lucrative market by gaining admission into the Top 20 B schools in the US.

Then, there are the corporate finance jobs. Marketing positions, corporate finance jobs, and other tech companies are expected to be in the range of 100K. Some positions range from 80K-100K, based on a variety of factors.

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What are the benefits of getting an MBA in 2022

If you’re contemplating finding an internship or rethinking your career, getting an MBA is a fantastic method to improve your chances of succeeding. If you’re interested in getting an MBA and are looking for some information, here are the advantages of obtaining an MBA.

Numerous Different Specializations and Positions

Students who have an MBA will acquire the leadership, business, and entrepreneurial abilities to succeed in various fields. It includes non-profit organizations, marketing, health sciences and technology, financial and entertainment. You may also opt for an MBA that has a specialization that provides for:

  • Management of projects
  • Accounting
  • Management of Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Finance
  • Health services
  • Management of information systems
  • Marketing
  • Human resources

Online Degrees Programs for Working Professionals

Suppose you don’t want to take classes in person in a traditional college or University. In that case, you may pursue an MBA online. That allows you to create your schedule to work while managing family obligations as you study. To make it into a profession with project management, you should consider earning the MBA with a focus in project management. The degree will enable you to explore options you’ve never thought of before.

 Online Project Management MBA Review 2022

An opportunity to sharpen and improve your skills

Achieving an MBA can allow you to learn a variety of hard and soft abilities, including the following:


The ability to articulate thoughts and present your ideas to your colleagues and managers is essential to succeed in business. By pursuing an MBA, you will learn various methods to effectively communicate with colleagues and executives, contractors, and suppliers. That includes speaking, writing, and interpreting non-verbal signals.

Planning and Organization

Organization and planning are essential for working in the corporate world. MBA teaches you to organize and prioritize your daily tasks, monthly targets, and yearly deadlines. 

Critical Thinking

An MBA can help you learn to use your critical thinking skills to tackle problems and assist businesses in developing effective strategies. An MBA requires you to think critically to finish the courses you need. It will also allow you to understand the process of developing products, logistics, advertising, and other companies that require an understanding of the mind.

Interpersonal and Leadership Skills

The possibility of learning to manage others by using leadership methods is what draws many people to pursue an MBA. The interaction with your classmates will improve your interpersonal skills and build beneficial relationships with other professionals working in your industry.

The A Larger Professional Network

People you meet when you are studying for an MBA can be a source of support in your career. Ask your professors or classmates for guidance, and one of them might be willing to draft a recommendation letter or inform you of the right job that matches your abilities.

Increased Jobs Security and Earnings Potential

The knowledge and skills gained through the education and experience you acquire through an MBA will enhance your job security and capacity to increase. If you choose to change employers, you could get a job faster because most hiring managers look for MBA candidates. According to a Graduate Management Admission Council survey, MBA graduates earned a median wage that was 75% more in 2020 when compared to those with only a bachelor’s degree.

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The Reasons to Get an MBA in project management.

With an MBA making the transition to a new profession or even advancing your existing area of expertise could be much more straightforward. It will show employers that you possess the capabilities and expertise required to be a vital project manager. You can also find some senior project management roles in other companies.

Is an MBA helpful for project management?

To advance to an executive-level project, managers might require business-related knowledge and experience gained from an MBA. An MBA gives the project manager more possibilities for advancement, including managing large or more complicated projects.

How much does a project manager make with an MBA ( With and without experience)?

Salaries for Project Managers with an MBA may vary depending on the University you went to or the final grades you got. Based on 100% employer-reported source of salary information, the median wage for a Project Manager with an MBA range from $127,605 to $135,713. Suppose you don’t have the experience you may expect to start from $100,000 as a starting salary.

Do you think a master’s degree in project management is worth it?

A master’s degree in project management with no experience isn’t worth much. And you may have trouble finding a job with no prior experience, even without an advanced degree.

Another thing to be wary of is that the management field for projects is evolving quickly due to Agile across many domains like software development. The majority of universities haven’t changed their curriculums to reflect this. My suggestion is to gain some experience first, and you might need to complete some volunteer or pro-bono work to learn.

If you’re in construction, then there’s an opportunity that they could have to take CEM or Construction Engineering Management as an obligation. However, here’s the essence of the issue: PM is not a requirement for a Master’s Degree. It is the knowledge of managing technicalities for a particular application that requires an MS.

For PM-related jobs, a PMP certificate or equivalent PRINCE2 certification is required. It is because these credentials reflect your work experience and your knowledge of PM. Suppose you’re applying for PMP. You must have 36 months of expertise aside from understanding the use of PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). It is possible to compare these to the fame of CFA and ACCA.

With the Master’s Degree, you typically can be accepted into Senior Team member positions. While applying directly for a job with a bachelor’s degree typically will result in Analyst or Associates positions or Jr. Team roles.

Which is better for project Management: Master's Degree or MBA?

Which is better for project Management: Master’s Degree or MBA?

The reality is that both degrees have lasting value and display commitment and dedication to the field you’ve chosen.

Master’s Degree in Project management

The Master’s degree is prevalent among students studying project management since most projects require managers are science-based. Master’s degree programs in project management take around the equivalent of two years. Some don’t require students to submit standard tests or transcripts of their professional experience as undergraduate students. You typically need to have many years of experience before enrolling in this program. Many students taking part in Masters’ programs have already completed their Master’s degrees in their field of study. For instance, you could be an engineer with an advanced degree in your specialization in engineering. And later, you choose to go to the project management program.

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The significant benefit of a Master’s in project management is that your training will be focused on becoming a project manager. It will not be confined to any particular sector, which means you can change sectors in the future should your career change. The classes you may be required to take in an MS program include problem-solving communication and organization. Some MS courses also require research projects. That can be a means of tailoring your training to suit your area of interest.

MBA in Project management

Contrary to MS programs, MBA programs are not as focused and typically don’t require previous work experience in the field you are studying. While several management and leadership classes are included in the MBA course, you can also take courses in other areas. It may be marketing, finance, and human resources. The most significant benefit is that you’ll be able to build an impressive resume. It will help you switch not just industries or positions but also all jobs worldwide. You don’t have to be limited to being a project manager when you have this kind of education. You’ll be well-prepared for managing projects and performing a range of positions in business or becoming a business owner.

MBAs come with a variety of other advantages as well. The first is that most MBA programs provide a vast alumni community and internship options that allow you to find jobs after graduating. MBA programs typically do not require research projects. Suppose the research you’re doing isn’t related to your needs. In that case, it could constitute a part of the MS program that does not advance your professional career. MBA programs also hold some weight on resumes. Even though you’ll be doing similar work, individuals prefer this degree as more desirable. That is especially true when you are enrolled in an elite business school.

Remember that some MBA programs are much more costly than MS programs and are also regarded as being extremely competitive. It is not possible to get away with not submitting test results from standardized tests or your college transcripts for this kind of program! Although less frequent, they are also required to work in your area of expertise. It is also possible to hold an undergraduate degree directly connected to the business. It can be the business itself or something found at a business school, such as marketing. Suppose you’ve earned an undergraduate degree from another area, such as engineering. In that case, it might not be suitable for you to pursue the MBA program to become a manager of projects in the field.

Closing Notes: Online MBA in Project Management Review 2022

Project Management is a great area to choose for MBA. However, many students can’t afford to go to a 9-5 college routine. Online MBA offers several benefits.

  1. You can do your classes after office hours at the ease and comfort of home.
  2. The course fees are cheaper than full-time courses in many universities.
  3. You don’t have to maintain the minimum attendance set by the University.
  4. You have full flexibility
  5. Admission requirements are relatively straightforward.

After reading this article, suppose you think you should take a solid resolution to complete your MBA in Project Management. You should contact and speak to their admission team.