What Is A Switch Disconnector, And Where Do I Find It In My Home?

What Is A Switch Disconnector, And Where Do I Find It In My Home?

What Is A Switch Disconnector, And Where Do I Find It In My Home?

As the name suggests, a switch disconnector is a technical term for a piece of equipment that allows you to disconnect an electrical network. Switch disconnectors are also known as load break isolators or FMLB (fault make load break isolators). In this article, we will understand what switch disconnectors are, their importance, the difference between circuit breakers and disconnectors, how do they work, and where you can find them at your home. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Understanding Switch Disconnectors

As we have mentioned above, a switch disconnector is used to disconnect electrical equipment. It is usually used during maintenance and repair. You can also use it for safety purposes. For instance, during heavy lightning and thunderstorm, you can use switch disconnectors to prevent any electrical issues. It is also worth mentioning that there are three types of switch disconnectors, namely, circuit breakers, fuse switch disconnectors, and normal disconnectors. The good news is, CHINT switch disconnector  have all kinds of disconnectors, making it easier for you to choose the right one for your home. 

Difference Between Circuit Breaker and Switch Disconnector

To better understand switch disconnectors, we must understand how it is different from a circuit breaker.  Starting with switch disconnectors, they disconnect the current flowing in electrical equipment, enabling professionals to do necessary maintenance, repair, and inspection job without any worries.  On the other hand, a circuit breaker is capable of carrying and breaking the electricity under standard circuit conditions. However, just like the switch disconnector, a circuit breaker can offer complete isolation. It can also be used as a protective device during heavy maintenance requirements, just like you would do with a fuse. In fact, a switch disconnector is mostly associated with a circuit breaker. It is also worth mentioning that a switch disconnector, and a circuit breaker complement each other and both are present in a home.

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How do Switch Disconnectors Work?

It is crucial to understand how switch disconnectors work so you can use them efficiently. Most switch disconnectors have manual drive mechanism, while advanced ones come with motor-operated mechanisms (and are a little expensive).A switch disconnector is comprised of multiple auxiliary switches that indicate different things, such as electrical interlocking, disconnector position, and current transfer switching. In most cases, you will also find earthing switches mounted on the top of switch disconnectors. This eliminates the need for multiple post insulators for earth switches. 

Key Uses of Switch Disconnectors

Now that we have mentioned it multiple times that a switch disconnector cuts the electrical connection between devices, let’s understand where they are most effective. Switch disconnectors are everywhere, from our homes to industries. They are also used to isolate transformers and transmission lines for repair and maintenance work. It is worth mentioning that switch disconnectors only isolate currents and are not capable of breaking and making the circuits. Switch disconnectors are used in residential buildings, healthcare, educational, retail buildings, and corporate offices. They can also be found in construction areas and pharmaceutical manufacturing factories. 

Where Can You Find Switch Disconnectors in Your Home?

They are typically located near your main switch. However, many people consider installing them near their main door or hall as it provides easy access to the switch. Depending on where the electrician has installed them, you can find the switch disconnector accordingly.


A switch disconnector is a piece of equipment that allows you to prevent electricity in electrical components. Switch disconnectors are usually used for maintenance and repair works. However, they can also help you identify issues in the main power supply. Since there are multiple types of switch disconnectors available in the market, it is vital to choose the right one for your home. If you are not sure which switch disconnector is right for your home, consider consulting your electrician. They will gauge your electricity requirements and equipment and guide you accordingly.

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