Mob vs Tatsumaki death battle | Who will win?

Mob vs Tatsumaki death battle | Who will win?

Who will win the death battle between Mob vs Tatsumaki?

The adage of “mind over matter” upholds the values of hard work; no matter how tough the obstacle. All anyone needs is the right attitude and the utmost determination to see any task is completed to the best of their abilities. However, most people end up taking that saying quite literally; the power of psychokinesis allows them to bend the world to their whims with the strength of their minds alone, and while many icons of fiction have managed to harness this, the next episode of Death Battle will shed a spotlight on a pair of heroes whose control over this rare ability is so vast, their shared creator has absolutely no idea who would win in a fight between them if either of them were to pull out all the stops and more:

A mob, the emotion-fueled White T-Poison of Mob Psycho 100. Tatsumaki, the pint-sized Tornado of Terror from One Punch Man. These two have sought to pursue their brands of justice as peacekeeping heroes, despite the divergent pathways and philosophies they took to get there. They are unrivaled by few in their home universes as the strongest wielders of psychokinesis to date. Their creator, ONE, has already stated that he doesn’t have an answer for a potential conflict amongst his espers, and it’s time for us to find out what that answer is: Which of our future adversaries will be able to strain their mental powers to their ultimate limits and beyond to finally settle this score?

Mob vs Tatsumaki death battle | Who will win?
Mob vs Tatsumaki death battle | Who will win?

Background of these two fighters


There are different kinds of people in the world, huge and small, strong and weak, and so on… We’re all simply humans trying to make the best of our lives, and Shigeo Kageyama, a native of Seasoning City known to many of his friends and family as “Mob,” is no exception. Except for the fact that he’s one of the world’s best ESPers, Mob is as ordinary as they come. Mob has struggled to control his abilities since he was a child, which has led him to make decisions he subsequently regrets. As a result, Mob has developed a complex that prevents him from fully expressing almost any emotions, as doing so would only feed his powers and make them harder to manage.

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Tatsumaki’s past is shrouded in mystery. Tatsumaki and her younger sister Fubuki both had psychic skills from birth, but Tatsumaki was the more powerful of the two. Unbeknownst to Tatsumaki, the young command of her psychic skills has made the neighborhood youngsters fearful of her, resulting in Fubuki’s isolation.

The Fight between mob and tatsumaki

The winner of this battle proved difficult to determine. It was difficult to choose between a clairvoyant adolescent from Saitama and the most arrogant and selfish waifu. The issue was not just that one has multiple forms and powers while the other has superior stats, but that both of their abilities had nearly identical counters. This felt like a better and more intricate anime version of MewTwo Vs. Shadow. After conducting extensive research and consulting a variety of sources, I believe Tatsu will emerge victoriously. This is why I believe that breaking down the forecast into rounds will have a significant impact on the final result.

Round 1: Stats

Vital to have speed, strength, and sturdiness as an anime character, and shockingly this one was extremely simple to do. Mob’s best strength accomplishment genuinely made a goliath ball out of structures. With his best speed accomplishment up until now, it was him responding to lighting to secure himself. In conclusion, Mob’s best toughness accomplishment, he endures a nuke-like blast, which the fireball demonstrated its possibility. So how is Tatsumki quantifiable up to Mo-she effectively wins this round. Recollect how One Punch Man was initially a webcomic before Shonen Jump before rebooted it? Well…Big spoilers ahead. Tatsu and the saints wound up observing the beast base camp that was told in S2.

How does this consider a strength accomplishment? She hauls the WHOLE HG out starting from the earliest stage!!! For speed, she has a couple. From responding to Boros Ship’s cannons slugs (not unstable since Saitama punched a couple and didn’t detonate) to the affirm of the creator beating Golden S. if, at her pinnacle, Tatsu is displayed to stay aware of quicker legends and maybe one of the quickest saints in the series. Finally, Tatsu can get hammered. After experiencing cerebrum harm a sneak assault, Tatsu was brought down in the wake of getting ganged up by different Dragon level beasts. Notwithstanding that, she could in any case utilize her capacities and limit Monster Garou and battle Saitama while as yet recuperating from the outcome. 

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My point in cycle one of details, Mob has never shown the crazy powers that Tastumaki has shown. Cycle one for Tastumaki.

Round 2: Haxes

This was the issue everybody in this expectation had in this battle. Since the two contenders had the option to counter nearly all that one has for the other. Be that as it may, as Boomstick once said, “Catchphrase, being near,”. While Tatsumaki has better command over her physic just as gravity, and chi, Mob simply beats in having more capacities to take him back to win. First of all, Mob can assimilate Tatsumaki’s physic forces to make him more grounded yet has a constraint of how much. His command over plants he can use since Tatsumaki has not displayed to counter chlorokinesis. He can recover himself, which will deliver? if he kicks the bucket. Which raises his 100% structures, expanding his forces. In conclusion, his soul control is the most ideal choice to complete Tatsumaki since she has no counter to any otherworldly components. Mob haxes simply enjoy a couple of more benefits with his capacities that Tatsu can not counter. 

Near disaster with haxes, yet Mob simply has a couple of more ways of acquiring benefits that may allow him an opportunity to win. Cycle two goes to Mob.

Final Round: Experience and Intelligent

Observing a last reasonable component was precarious for me since it was difficult to conclude how I think I will choose the leftover element. However, I felt this will conclude how they will utilize their brains to outmaneuver one another. Mob… tragically loses in this last component. We should not fail to remember he is as yet an understudy in school and has not been known to be brilliant or have a foundation of battling. Not just that, he has not effectively prepared or worked on his capacities, just when he is asked or compelled to. Tatsumaki, then again, is extremely capable, exceptionally shrewd, and very much prepared. Her obliviousness bamboozles her, however, she had her forces similar to her youngster years.

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Tatsumaki has better command over her forces on account of her preparation to turn into the best saint. Her number two spot in the S-Class Rank shows how she has become in control. The exceptionally straightforward central consideration, yet the principal motivation behind why I picked this as a result of how these two espers will utilize their capacities in battling one another. The mob might have the option to have more haxes to kill Tatsumaki, yet she has sufficient experience against espers to restrict Mob’s choices. Not just that, we should not fail to remember she has the edge in details, which she can design out once she cripples Mob physic capacities. 

Experience and Intelligence are underestimated significant variables that I felt were a significant main consideration, particularly for this battle. I recently felt that Tatsumaki’s experience may be the main consideration eventually. The last round goes to Tatsumaki. 

I feel that Tatsumaki will win in the end since she has both the mind and the brains to out beat Mob’s physic and his 100% structures. The hardest piece of whether Tatsumaki can kill Mob is as yet easily proven wrong since Mob can recover, however, there may be a way. Recollect how Tatsumaki can handle Chi? Indeed, if conceivable she can handle Mob’s soul and finish him since spirits are viewed as the existence power. She will most likely be unable to see him, yet she can, in any case, detect him since he is an Esper.

Everything relies upon whether or not the series of OPM has expressed or clarified how chi functions. Regardless of whether or not, then, at that point, Tatsumaki should win because of her overwhelmed details, disapproval of insight, and prevalent experience. It is only a disgrace that this Tornado of Terror needed to “Mob” this battle eventually.