7 most liked chibi anime characters with glasses


7 most liked chibi anime characters with glasses

If you believe that wearing glasses does not make someone cool, you should watch anime. The most popular anime characters that wear glasses, as voted on by fans like you. Glasses in anime may be used for a variety of purposes depending on the character. They typically make the character appear hotter and more confident, whether it’s a guy or a woman. It’s typical for villains to wear spectacles since it gives them a more frightening appearance.

Gengo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Aizen from Bleach, and Kabuto from Naruto are all examples of this. When both heroes and villains make a dramatic statement, glasses in anime will occasionally reflect a terrible light from them. Glasses often make female characters appear incredibly attractive, giving them that innocent nerd aspect that so many guys adore. Which anime character with glasses is your favourite? We want you to vote for your favourites in the poll below, but we also want you to add characters to the poll if they aren’t currently there.

Cute anime girls with glasses are such a popular cliche among anime fans that they’ve created their own subgenre. Meganekko (glasses girl) is a figure whose identity is determined by her glasses. It doesn’t matter if they’re nerds, master planners, timid, or humorous; it’s all about the specifications!

So today we’re going to speak about some lovely anime girls wearing glasses. I think anime girls look pretty cute in glasses, so let’s get started. According to a new Goo Ranking survey, these are the cutest meganekko anime female wearing glasses.

most liked chibi anime characters with glasses
most liked chibi anime characters with glasses

Sae From Hidamari Sketch:

Miyuki Takara (also known as Yuki-chan or Miyuki-san) is a key character in the Lucky Star anime series. She is the moe in the group and a conventional nice “healing-type” meganekko (glasses-girl) character. She is the daughter of Yukari Takara and her unknown father. Some people believe she is a saint.

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Homura Akemi

In the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, Homura Akemi (Akemi Homura) is one of the main characters. Homura is a young girl with violet eyes and waist-length black hair. She almost always has a soulless (stoic) expression on her face in the present timeframe.

Sarutobi Ayame

Sarutobi Ayame, also known as Sa-chan, is a trained ninja from the Oniwabanshuu who is currently employed as an assassin. She works part-time at the Kunoichi Café as well.


Sheele is a very dangerous customer, and she can cut down just about anything with her enormous scissors. And she’s certainly put that assertion to the test. Despite the fact that it was basically just people.

Despite her assassin’s ruthlessness, she can be surprisingly compassionate. And was, in some respects, the group’s heart, always ready to lend a sympathetic ear.

It’s also easy to lose track of her body count when you see her stumbling around because she misplaced her glasses for the millionth time that day.

Moeka Kiryuu:

I’ve indicated before that I loathed this character, at least for the first part of the storey. However, as the series progressed, I grew to like her. She also exerts incredible narrative pressure because she is a character who appears to have nothing to lose and will go to any length to achieve her objectives. Even if it makes me want to throw a shoe at the computer screen.

We’ve seen her on both sides of the coin because of the show’s setup: as the saviour and as the damnation. You can’t deny that she’s at least top-notch in terms of dynamic writing, given how well she fit both parts.

Yuki Nagato:

Yuki is one of those phonies who doesn’t require glasses. But she looks so cute in them, so I’m going to overlook it. When she was first presented, she came across as the hardcore kuudere who would keep the beehive in check for Haruhi’s brain.

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However, as the layers were peeled back and we realised the Brigade’s unusual nature, we discovered that Yuki is essentially a human interface designed to collect data. I have no idea how the writers handled that prompt and kept her intriguing without taking the Pinocchio path. But kudos to them.

Saya Takagi:

I’m not shocked that the person wearing spectacles is the group’s brains. Kohta, too, wears spectacles. He did, however, go in a different route. Saya is a genius, despite her stern appearance, which makes it easy to overlook. And she’s just as important as Machinegun Kohta and the Sadistic Samurai to the group.

After all, she was the first to figure out how the “not zombies” kept track of their whereabouts, a fact that might come in handy later.

You have to admire her “guard the smile” approach toward Alice, which is just sweet.

With this popularity has come several new products that are created with the characters of naruto. Anime figures of naruto have become very popular with a great many fans. This shows how much fans really do want to see their favorite naruto on actual merchandise. There have been several instances where fans have created their own version of the naruto costume and then used it as a pillow case or as a collectible. This shows just how dedicated fans are to naruto.

most liked chibi anime characters with glasses
most liked chibi anime characters with glasses

A popular trend with naruto merchandise has been to produce an action figure version of naruto. Many action figures of naruto have been produced. These action figures are often made especially to be a one of a kind. There have been some amazing ones produced which rival the detail of the original naruto anime series. Action figures of naruto can be found everywhere from t-shirts to statues.

One popular naruto quote ” Hinata, my little sister.” In Japan this phrase is said while performing a hand stand pose. The phrase is said to be used in order to show respect for one’s pet which in this case is the naruto. It is a great way to show one’s love for one’s pet.

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One thing that is consistent about naruto merchandise is the great love of it all over the world. There is no end to the requests for pictures of naruto and the requests for superheros of naruto. People from all over the world seem to know this great anime series by heart. When asked what their favorite naruto character is they answer with almost always the famous ” naruto”.