What is the highest spell save DC in DND 5E?

What is the highest spell save DC in DND 5E?

In dnd 5e, what is the highest Spell Save DC?

Suppose you’re of the correct class, level and possess all the right equipment. The highest you can attain your Spell save DC in 5e can be 30. Here is the breakdown:

Let us assume Players Class Warlock along with at least one level Cleric or Paladin

  • Base: 8
  • CHA Modifier: 5
  • Proficiency Bonus: 6
  • The Tome of Leadership: 1.
  • The Robes of the Arch Magi 2.
  • Rod in the Pact Keeper +3: 3
  • Amulet from the devout (requires one level Cleric or Paladin) +3 3
  • Ioun Stone: 1
  • The Deck Many things (Star Card): 1

Technically, that is possible by providing the beast with a negative save, such as the cutting of word( -1d12) and a few other spells. For purposes of the article, I’m sticking to what the PC can get himself permanently.

What is the reason the classes need to be Warlock, Paladin, and Cleric? Well, it is only warlocks who can use the rod and Warlock, and only paladins and clerics can make use of the amulet of dedication. Warlock is just one of the three classes that can wear the costume that the Archmagi wear. Before you claim that these amulets can only be used on warlocks or paladin/cleric spells, you’re not right. According to RAW, this is not the way it’s written.

Can you DM bless you with the highest Spell save dc 5e?

If you have the exemplary character and a little luck (or the favor of the DM), You could be blessed with an incredibly high spell save DC. Begin with an elf or an Undying Warlock at 10th level or more or a druid at or above level 18. Let’s assume the person is level 20.

If we assume that, after a level up, the spellcasting rating is now 20. In the campaign, this character obtained an oath of leadership and influence and a Tome of Understanding. Let us assume that neither has been used in the last century.

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As an elf character, it is expected to live to the age of 750. By completing ten levels in Undying Warlock, or 18, the level for Druid, the number is 7500 years. Let’s suppose that before the elf could acquire one of the Tomes, they were around 200 years old. That leaves 7300 years to live.

Each Tome increases or increases Charisma (Tome of Influence and Leadership) and Wisdom (Tome Of Understanding) by two. They are only required once per 100 years.

The elf can read a book every century, making their Charisma or Wisdom score 166 (including the 20 they began with). Their modifier has increased to +83. The saving spell DC is currently 95.

This absurd Spell save DC may have even more to it if the elf is half-dragon. In that case, they’ll live until 15000 years old, making this Spell to save DC 172.

Find a Boon of Immortality or transform into Lich, and your abilities will continue to grow.

The whole thing is, obviously, contingent on whether the character lives to the end. All of this wouldn’t be allowed in a game of dnd. However, it’s entertaining to see how the character’s actions are following the conclusion of a campaign.

In D&D 5E, is it possible to have a spell DC so high that a saving throws can be an automatic failure, or is rolling a 20 always a success?

That was a problem in 3.5. Such a possibility is challenging. The classes for difficultness or armor classes and similar classes didn’t have any upper limits. It was typical to find DCs as early as the 30s, at mid-levels, and later in the 40s and 50s at higher levels. There was a guideline (I believe from the Epic Level Handbook?) which suggested using a natural number 20 as a 30 and a one as 10. The idea was to be nearly sure to achieve the 20 but fail with a 1. However, there was no guarantee in the event of doing something nearly impossible.

The progression of 5e is less steep. As an example, the bonus for proficiency increases from +2 to +6 throughout your professional career. Compare this with the 3.5 player’s attack base bonus that ranges from +1 to +20 during the same time. 5e was designed to ensure that no character can ever surpass one another by a factor of ten.

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In 3.5, a scenario like Boromir being surrounded by orcs didn’t make sense because he was a middle or high level, and they were at a low level, so they couldn’t even touch the character. However, 5e tells the same kind of story more clearly regardless of how adept you are. Getting outnumbered by ten to one isn’t good news. Also, you will never be so powerful that your magic will have the chance of not failing.

There’s a single exception to this that is when an automatic failure helps the story. Do you offer characters saving throws? However, what happens if a 20th-level wizard casts a charm on an unrelated low-level character? Do you think the story is being told by the person throwing the natural 20? It’s probably not, and this is a scenario where I’d probably bet on the dice and then declare, “The simple man has the best chance of surviving your magical abilities. He doesn’t make it to his save.”


To have a character with this high of a spell save DC, it’s possible. However, it will require some uncommon magical items. The most excellent Spell save DC you can get without the need for items is 19 base 8 + five (20 on your stats for spell-saving DC stat) and 6 (proficiency increase at the level of 17).

You can boost your stature and the maximum value of it by two by using the correct magical Tome (such as Tome of Clear Thought (Int) or the Tome of Leadership and Influence (Chr). These are uncommon items. In theory, you can have three in your advisory job because they aren’t singular objects, and you’re not restricted to only having three.

I believe that thirty (another five-point spell DC)is the highest stat you could have. If a DM gives the player five items, they’ll most likely be giving you compelling made items, So the shy’s the limit.

It is possible to earn an additional +2 to a maximum of 24 using The Star Card from the Deck of Many Things. Naturally, that’s based on luck.

Two magic items boost your Spell’s DC Robe of the Archmagi (+2 legendary, legendary, and aligned limited) along with Rod of Pactkeeper (+1-3 Rare to extremely uncommon, Warlock only, and only available for Warlock spells. I.e., they are on the Warlock spell list and the Warlock Patron additional spell list, which means the number of spells you can choose from decreases dramatically). The Warlock could benefit from both of these. Finally, you can also use an Ioun Stone of Mastery (legendary) to grant you an additional +1 to your proficiency bonus, which can also affect your Spell DC. Each of these three items requires attunement, making sure you’re at your highest when you use these three.

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A maximum DC of a spell (barring Homebrew items) could be 30. Some creatures with high levels could surpass this (a 20 save statistic plus proficiency at level 17 can do this, excluding magical equipment or items that grant you a saving-throw bonus.

However, if you were to get an increase of 2 points to your stats over 20 and any of the three above is a fair item to anticipate for a PC with a high level. The majority of higher-level creatures will get one or two +1s for most saves.

However, the truth is that an NPC villain might have the highest levels, as with some precious items as treasures, if you manage to defeat it.

Naturally, the DM might decide that a particular NPC or creature has a higher DC for players. However, it’s more likely in the story’s context to help develop the plot, and a player would not wipe it out.

If you’re playing 5E, the naturally 20 isn’t always a good result on a saving throw. In most cases, it’s not an issue due to the difficulty of raising your save DC to that level. However, at level 17, it could happen if you acquire a magical object or two that can boost your DC.

It’s far more common to be on the other aspect of this problem in which you fail the most critical saving throw. Suppose you take your stats and roll them at the charge level. In that case, you might be left with a saving throw multiplier of -3, which doesn’t improve when you progress and will fail automatically at a minimum of DC 17. At the highest levels, the DCs of saving throws to deal with dragon breath is in the lobby’s lower 20s. Half of the group will fail those.