My Dog Attacked My Other Dog Over Food? How To Stop It?

My Dog Attacked My Other Dog Over Food? How To Stop It?

My Dog Attacked My Other Dog Over Food? How To Stop It?

The size of the dogs will determine what you have to do. Each situation is different, and the size of your dogs will determine what you have to do. The way you train them will be different. With smaller dogs, you can get away with more. With bigger dogs, you have to be more careful so that no one gets hurt. If the dogs are the same size, you’ll need to exercise extra caution.

Start with a method called “interrupter training.” When you interrupt each dog as they start fighting over food by making a loud noise or yelling “no.”It should distract them from their fight and bring them back to reality.

Next, use a treat to focus on one dog at a time without the other dog getting jealous or angry. You can also practice having both dogs in separate rooms while eating, so they don’t have to compete for food or attention.

How to stop my dog from attacking other dog food

Teach them the dominance line and teach them not to cross it. So here’s what you have to do. You have to teach them the dominance line and not to cross it. You know that food aggression is bad behavior that needs to be corrected. 

Your dogs may not understand this yet. You will need to teach them what is acceptable and what isn’t using positive reinforcement methods such as reward-based training; this could include clicker training or lure/reward training with treats or food.

You need to teach your dog boundaries.

You need to establish a “dominance line” inside the house to teach your dog boundaries. Use masking tape, duct tape, a rope, or anything to create a line from one end of the kitchen or dining room to the other side. You need to maintain this dominance line by never letting either dog cross it. 

So, for example: if your dogs are on one side of the dominance line and you’re on the other side of the dominance line, stay there! Don’t risk crossing it. If you cross it and get over-excited, they will both be crossing it. The line needs to stay in place because it is an important training tool.

When they are sitting together on one side of the dominance line, calmly give them both their food dishes and let them eat. At first, they may be obsessed with getting food from each other’s dishes, but this will subside as long as you don’t cross that dominance line. 

If one dog starts charging toward another dog’s dish, then you need to take action immediately by telling them (in a loud voice) NO! Then take that dog away from its food dish so that its attention is not focused on another dog’s dish. 

For example, if your big black lab is charging toward your little brown poodle because he wants her food, then tell him NO! and remove him from his food dish until he calms down enough to safely be near his food bowl again without attacking anyone else over their bowl which might include removing him from the area altogether until he returns to being calm enough around his bowl without trying to attack others over theirs.

Once he can relax in his bowl without attacking anyone else, then reward him by giving him more kibble in his bowl. It might take several days for this behavior pattern to change.

Don’t be scared to put them both in their place. You need to correct them. People are scared of this, but you should not be. If you find yourself in a position where you have to correct one or both dogs, they are not following their training and have decided the rules don’t apply to them. You need to put them back in line so that they do follow the rules again.

Give Each Dog Their Own Space

You need to train your dogs that each dog has ownership over their bowl of food, and it’s not right for another dog to take it or eat from it. First step: always feed your dogs separately. That doesn’t mean they have to be separated by a few rooms. They can still eat in the same room but preferably with some distance between them, so there’s less temptation for one dog to try taking the other’s food.

My dog attracted to other dog food

Your Dogs are Hungry, Greedy, and Untrained. Other than when they are getting their dinner, would you even consider that one dog might be hungry enough to attack another over food because they’re not starving. It is a training issue, not a hunger issue. You haven’t trained your dogs to respect each other’s boundaries, and now you’ve got two greedy untrained dogs who can’t wait for their dinner and are willing to bite another dog over it.

How to stop my dog from eating other dog food

There are a few ways to break this bad habit. First and foremost, make sure your dog is not hungry. It is hard to resist temptation when you are hungry! If that is the case, try mixing his food with a small amount of canned food or boiled chicken breast.

Also, make sure your dog likes the food you give him. Some dogs have a very particular palate. Try giving him something different for a couple of days and see if he changes his mind about eating his kibble.

Another good way to break this habit is a distraction. Next time your dog goes for the other food bowl, give him something else to get distracted with, like one of his favorite toys or going for a walk outside. He will be so excited by what you gave him that he won’t even think about eating from another bowl.

If all else fails, put your dog on a leash while the other dog eats her meal (the leash should be long enough that the dog can still reach his dish). The moment she goes anywhere near it, tell her “No!” in a firm voice and immediately take her outside where dog can run around and burn off some energy instead of stealing the other dog’s meal.

Why is my dog attracted to other dog food? 

The content of your dog’s food may not be satisfying. In this case, it’s probably time to switch to dry foods. The dog may be hungry and dissatisfied because his food is low in nutrition or he isn’t being fed enough depending on his size and activity level. Try switching to a premium food brand such as Natural Balance or giving him slightly more throughout the day. You should still balance out the calories. 

If you’re worried about the fat content in homemade treats or table scraps from human foods, try feeding them only high-protein leftovers like chicken breast or salmon without added oil or salt. These can be given sparingly as an additional treat for good behavior.

Food aggression between dogs 

The dog may just be eating too fast! Dogs should never eat quickly, and if yours does, then it might cause him indigestion later on down the line because there wasn’t enough time in between bites to properly chew up all those little bits before passing into his stomach, where they can become lodged together like cement blocks causing pain when trying to pass through your pooch’s digestive tract later on down the road after being digested.

Final Words

Train your dog not to or grab food out of other dogs’ mouths. The easiest way is with an obedience command like “Leave It.” By teaching your dog not just to leave other dogs’ food alone but also to sit still and wait until they are permitted humans before eating in general, you’ll be well on your way toward establishing dominance in the pack hierarchy of your home.