Online and private tutoring: how it benefits your child

Online and private tutoring: how it benefits your child

Online and private tutoring: how it benefits your child

Online tutoring has become an integral part of the modern education system. This flexible system allows students to learn remotely in the comfort of their homes from the best minds in the world. Moreover, online tutoring allows children to choose personalized learning per their requirements.

However, some parents still consider online tutoring ineffective compared to traditional tutoring. So, which is the best option for your child? To help you make an informed decision, we have listed numerous benefits of online tutoring that affect your child’s academic development.

Benefits of online tutoring

As mentioned, some parents prefer in-person tutoring rather than online tutoring. However, the shortage of professional teachers is the most significant setback in traditional tutoring. At the same time, trained teachers are readily available on the Internet. Apart from this, here are other reasons to choose online tutoring for your child.

Personalized Mentoring

The key benefit of online private tutoring is the potential to receive personalized attention. Undoubtedly, every child is unique, and so are their learning capabilities. So, one size-fits all methodology does not fit here. Here comes the importance of online tutoring; the one-on-one sessions can suffix your child’s specific requirements.

Personalized attention helps strengthen a child’s unique capabilities and complement their learning style. As a result, your child will see faster results in academics as well as in personal life.

Ease of Access To Quality Tutoring

Online tutoring is best suited for children looking for flexibility and convenience. All you need is a good working internet to access well-trained teachers globally. Moreover, there is no time boundaries or need to commute daily.

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The bright side of online tutoring is that students can balance their academics, extracurricular activities, and tutoring in a more organized way. Furthermore, it is available 24/7, so a student can attend the classes as per their availability.

Quality Education

On the Internet, students can select from highly qualified tutors worldwide. Sometimes, a child’s academic growth gets affected due to geographical limits. With online tutoring, irrespective of location, students can pursue any subject.

These tutors are experts in their fields and have many years of experience providing quality education. Fortunately, today, there is no shortage of experienced online teachers in English, Maths, Science, and other specialized subjects. You can easily find online tutors with years of teaching experience at KIS Academics.

Availability of Advanced Learning Resources

Online tutors use advanced technology to make learning fun, simple, and meaningful. It involves the usage of virtual classrooms, explanatory audiovisual content, interactive whiteboards, and shared screens.

Furthermore, with the help of these tools, tutors quickly turn complex concepts into simple and interesting ones. These visually stimulating lessons create a long-lasting impression on children. As a result, your child’s academic progress remains on top of other children.

Safety and convenience

With online tutoring, students get the best teaching experience in the comfort of their homes. Unlike traditional tutoring, they need not travel or rely on in-person meetings with online tutoring, which is the best advantage for many parents.

Apart from safety, online tutoring is also well-known for convenience. It has something for everyone, from flexible timings to choosing the best teacher. To sum up, online tutoring removes the hurdle of commuting, geographical locations, and attending in-person sessions.


Improves Students’ Self-esteem

Many students easily give up on a competition or fail to cope with the pressure. These students are less likely to ask for help in the classroom. Over time, this not only affects the academics of children but also affects their self-esteem. In an online setup, teachers can quickly identify such students and work personally to overcome these hurdles.

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The personalized attention promotes the academic as well as personal growth of the student. As a result, your child will score more in the class and become a better person in life.


In traditional tutoring, the teacher or student must commute for in-person meetings. Furthermore, personalized tutoring costs more in a traditional system. Conversely, online tutors charge nominal fees compared to in-class tuition. This is because tutors can teach multiple students simultaneously, and commuting costs become nil.

Similarly, when it comes to personalized tutoring, here, too, online tutors charge much less than in-person tuition.

Option to record classes

Every child is unique, and so is their learning pace. While some are quick learners, others are slow. In traditional classes, sometimes, many students fail to understand a concept. Furthermore, many even shy away from clarifying their doubts. As a result, they fail to understand many concepts from the teacher.

Fortunately, with online classes, you get an option to record the class for future reference. Now, the child can replay the classes and understand the concept at their own pace.

Online and private tutoring: how it benefits your child

Parents’ Satisfaction

Lastly, many parents choose online tutoring because they can easily monitor the classes. It is a boon for parents with kids who are slow learners or with a physical disability.

Furthermore, there is no social pressure on the kid in private online tutoring. In a private setup, children stay away from unhealthy competitive environments and get ample time to develop their unique skills.

How to choose the best online tutoring platform?

As evident, online tutoring is the clear winner. However, the big task is finding a good teacher or online platform per your needs and budget. Here are some tips for finding the best online tutoring platform.

Read Reviews: The main aim of tutoring is to receive a quality education. So set your priorities right, and before joining any platform, research the Internet. Read reviews and comments.

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Consider your learning style: No matter how good the platform is, do not join if it doesn’t suit your learning style.

Cost is another major factor; consider your budget before signing up for any platform.

Schedule: The schedule of your classes should complement your routine. Look out for on-demand help.


Online tutoring makes sense when it comes to getting additional educational support. The opportunity of getting personalized attention from the best mind across the globe comes only with online tutoring.

Furthermore, the flexibility of learning, enhanced technological resources, and convenience is the top reasons to choose online tutoring. With the help of advanced tools, learning can be fun, simple, and interactive. All of these significantly contribute to developing a lifelong love for learning.