Pathfinder Combat Patrol feat, movement & mount

Pathfinder Combat Patrol

Pathfinder Combat Patrol

Combat Patrol in Pathfinder allows you “move as part of these attacks.” That means that you can move as part of an attack to reach your target. You cannot move after an attack. 

How does Combat Patrol work in Pathfinder?

You can range all over the battlefield and deal with any threats that may arise.

Prerequisites: Mobility, Combat reflexes, Base attack bonus +5.

Benefit: You may set up a combat guard as a full-round move. It will increase your danger area by 5 feet for every 5 points of your base attack bonus. You may launch attacks of OpportunityOpportunity against any opponent within this area until the start of your next turn. These attacks allow you to move, provided that your total movement before the next turn does not exceed or exceed your speed. Attacks of OpportunityOpportunity are standard for any action that you make.

If the enemy does not provoke, you waste your turn. So you are limited to his average movement speed. Your AoOs are limited to 1+whatever his Dex mod since he has Combat Reflexes and must have at least 13 Dex.

Although it’s still quite strong, he won’t be able to eliminate encounters by himself. That is especially true if your enemies are intelligent and ranged characters make you laugh.

You cannot move to set up the patrol before you have completed your turn. After your turn, you could threaten a larger area than usual. You can move towards them and make one attack if someone provokes, just like a normal AoO. It also means that you can only move at your maximum speed.

Movement during Combat Patrol

“You may move in part these attacks” means that you move before the triggered attack, and the movement is used only to reach the target to complete it.

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A reach weapon with a 5ft bonus patrol bonus means that an enemy 15ft away can be moved 5ft to position yourself to strike from 10ft. You will fail to use your Unarmed strike if you attempt to do so. Your Unarmed strikes are limited to 10ft.

The movement is intended to move to reach striking distance and not improve your position using current weapons. The action is designed to achieve the square being threatened.

Using your reach weapon, you can technically strike the enemy within your patrol route’s danger range. This logic means that you can hit with your Reach Weapon if an enemy square is in your patrol. You would be moving from an adjacent square and would thus invoke an attack of Opportunity by the enemy.

The person who provoked him can return to what he was doing after his attack. The critical thing to remember is that you can only provoke someone for moving away from them once. He won’t get to hit the guy every time he moves 5 feet, even if he tries to avoid him. The bad guy’s move doesn’t have to go the same direction he started, but his move action still limits it.

Mounts with Combat Patrol Pathfinder

It depends on whether an enemy moves out of the square you threaten or not. (And so on.). Let’s see how it all plays out. Mount establishes a combat patrol. The enemy walks through the patrol area and starts to provoke. Your mount can now move in to take his AoO. You can now go along with him. You or he can be charged with AoOs for any movement.

So you mount, climbs up and takes your AoO. The enemy is likely to be in your area and can now resume his actions. He will most likely try to provoke you if he continues to walk along. He doesn’t need to keep moving and stay where he is. It is the enemy.

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A single event can only provoke attacks of Opportunity. Combat Patrol allows you to move to a target once, even if they move into your space. The target may continue moving towards you if you use a Reach Weapon. That will not cause additional AoOs. Your threatened space will move along with your movements after you have completed your movements. If another enemy attacked you, you could move again to attack them.

Combining Combat Patrol Pathfinder with the Stand Still feat, a Reach weapon and Combat Patrol, you can potentially stop a few enemies or retreat continuously without being attacked. However, you will not do any damage.