Does a Pearl of Power 5e magic item need attunement to cast Identify?

Pearl of Power 5e

Can a Pearl of Power 5e magic item in dnd

Identify requires that a pearl be worth at least 100gp (which will not ever be consumed). Although the Pearl of Power has no stated value, it could be reasonably understood that it is worth more than 100 gp because of its other properties. It has a value of at least 100 GP. That is based on its rarity as a magic item. (DMG, p. 129 & p. 139). It is a pearl. And so it is called Pearl of Power 5e in dnd. It is not consumed during the casting. The pearl of power, a magical item that grants spellcasters the ability to regain one of their 3rd-level spell slots once per dawn, is called the pearl of power. It is also available to warlocks. It is also available to Clerics. 

Rarity Value Example item
Common 50-100 gp  
Uncommon 101 – 500 gp Pearl of Power
Rare 501 – 5.000 gp Potion of Superior Healing
Very rare 5.001 – 50.000 gp  
Legendary 50.001+  

Once per day on command, a pearl of power enables the possessor to recall any one spell that she had prepared and then cast that day. The spell is then designed again, just as if it had not been launched.


In 5e, many magic items require Attunement, but you can only attune three things at a time, and each change to that takes a short rest, basically in 5e dnd. And there is no duplication of the same item. It is straightforward to hit that limit of 3. let’s look at the wizard.

Bracers of defense (ac +2), the ring of protection (+1 ac), cloak of protection (+1 ac), color-coded robe of the archmagi (base AC 15+dex), pearl of power (an extra spell slot of up to 3rd Level), wand of the war mage (bonus to hit and reduce cover), and so on. 

They all need Attunement.

You can only have three at a time. Do you want three items for extra AC, or two for AC and one for offense or spells? or focus more on utility items? Maybe grab a luck stone for the +1 to ability rolls. How long this becomes a problem depends partly on whether the casters can make these items themselves, as the uncommon magic items 5e are relatively affordable.

How many times can you attune Pearl of Power in dnd 5e?

 There are more tricks a wise mage can pull. What if you have two pearls of power? In 5e dnd, you can only attune one at a time, but each has a once-a-day usage. As we expect a short rest each day, you could use one before the rest, break Attunement, and then attune the other to have an extra spell slot for the subsequent encounters. You could even swap out a different item if you needed to. That pearl won’t help again until the next dawn.


There are a surprising number of attunement-required items, and this acts to both limit the value of those items and restrict how you can combine many of them. While martial characters don’t have to worry about this very much (they can focus on utility items), casters will end up having to pick and choose from items that require Attunement, partly because there are so many that are spellcaster-only.

Magic Items 5e dnd

Magic items in Dungeons and Dragons are meant as magical rewards for adventuring and exploring your campaign. Every D&D campaign is full of great loot placed by your DM, but if you ever have a pile of gold burning a hole in your pocket and are looking for somewhere to put it all, here are some suggestions!

Suppose you are a player looking for the best items for your character. Or a DM is looking to tailor the loot in your campaign to the classes your party is playing. Here is the perfect list of magical items for Wizards in Dungeons and Dragons 5e that every wizard wants to attune.

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Pearl of Power/ 5e Ring of Spell Storing.

While Wizards do not face the same lack of spells that Warlocks do, they still have less spell flexibility than Sorcerers do with their spell slots. As such, it is advantageous to have a couple of extra spell slots. Either one of these items fits the bill and is crazy handy to have if you’re going on multiple encounters without a long rest.

The Staff of Power 5e:

It is the holy grail for most casters. This great Staff is full of spells like Cone of Cold (5 charges), Fireball (5th-level version, five charges), Globe of Invulnerability (6 charges), Hold Monster (5 charges), Levitate (2 charges). Lightning Bolt (5th-level version, five charges), Magic Missile (1 charge), Ray of Enfeeblement (1 charge), or Wall of Force (5 charges). The Staff holds 20 charges total, so it can pack a punch when you want it to. In addition, it regains a truly ridiculous number of charges each morning, so you don’t even have to try to save these. There’s a good reason this Staff is Very Rare, but it probably should be Legendary, don’t tell your DM that.

Does any rule prohibit the use of Pearl of Power 5e? Can it be abused?

  • adventuring gear (wondrous item)
  • Category: Items
  • Item Rarity: Uncommon
  • a pearl worth at least 100 gp) (identity, spell description, SRD

RAW (rules as written): nothing prohibits its use. However, it requires Attunement by a Spellcaster.

While this pearl is on your person, you can use an action to speak its Command Word and regain one expended spell slot. Suppose the paid slot is of 4th Level or higher. The new slot is 3rd Level. Once you have used the pearl, it can’t be used again until the next dawn. Attunement is required so it cannot be abused.

Cost of Pearl of Power & other 5e Magic items

There are guidelines for prices of magical items on page 135 of the 5E DMG. The prices you mention fit into these guidelines. 5e Pearl of Power costs 5000 gp.

It’s up to your discretion. Currency in D&D is a subject that varies from DM to DM. Some DMs give a lot of gold and have their items be pricey. Some DMs give less gold and have their items be cheaper. Prices may also vary from seller to seller and city to city if you choose to. Cities with iron mines will probably price their iron more affordable than other cities. Cities with a lot of enchanters will have cheaper enchantments and enchanted items.

Name Edition Price
Spell Scroll Level 0 5e 10
Ammunition +1(each) 5e 20
Potion of Healing 5e 50
Quaal’s Feather Token Anchor 5e 50
Spell Scroll Level 1 5e 60
Philter of Love 5e 90
Spell Scroll Level 2 5e 100
Potion of Water Breathing 5e 100
Potion of Fire Breath 5e 100
Elixir of Health 5e 100
Keoghtom’s Ointment(Per dose) 5e 100
Dust of Dryness(1 pellet) 5e 100
Potion of Poison 5e 100
Ammunition +2(ea) 5e 100
Spell Scroll Level 3 5e 200
Universal Solvent 5e 200
Dust of Disappearance 5e 200
Potion of Diminution 5e 200
Quaal’s Feather Token Whip 5e 200
Quaal’s Feather Token Fan 5e 200
Potion of Animal Friendship 5e 200
Scroll of Protection 5e 200
Potion of Mind Reading 5e 200
Potion of Invisibility 5e 200
Potion of Heroism 5e 200
Potion of Climbing 5e 200
Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments 5e 200
Potion of Greater Healing 5e 200
Spell Scroll Level 4 5e 300
Ivory Goat(Travail) 5e 300
Potion of Growth 5e 300
Necklace of Fireballs(One bead) 5e 300
Potion of Gaseous Form 5e 300
Potion of Resistance 5e 300
Potion of Speed 5e 300
Necklace of Fireballs(Two beads) 5e 400
Horn of Blasting 5e 400
Potion of Flying 5e 400
Sovereign Glue 5e 400
Vicious Weapon 5e 400
Potion of Superior Healing 5e 500
Dust of Sneezing and Choking 5e 500
Ammunition +3(ea) 5e 500
Golden Lion(ea) 5e 500
Helm of Comprehending Languages 5e 600
Oil of Slipperiness 5e 600
Adamantine Armor 5e 600
Mithral Armor 5e 700
Arrow of Slaying(ea) 5e 700
Elemental Gem 5e 800
Necklace of Fireballs(Three beads) 5e 800
Trident of Fish Command 5e 800
Driftglobe 5e 800
Spell Scroll Level 5 5e 800
Bead of Force 5e 900
Ioun Stone Protection 5e 1,000
+1 Shield 5e 1,000
Necklace of Adaptation 5e 1,000
Mariner’s Armor 5e 1,000
Javelin of Lightning 5e 1,000
Circlet of Blasting 5e 1,000
Spell Scroll Level 6 5e 1,000
Wand of the War Mage +1 5e 1,000
Ring of Warmth 5e 1,000
Ivory Goat(Traveling) 5e 1,000
Cap of Water Breathing 5e 1,000
Potion of Clairvoyance 5e 1,000
+1 Weapon 5e 1,000
Wand of Secrets 5e 1,000
Sword of Life-Stealing 5e 1,000
Eversmoking Bottle 5e 1,000
Quiver of Ehlonna 5e 1,000
Ioun Stone Sustenance 5e 1,000
+1 Armor 5e 1,000
Potion of Vitality 5e 1,200
Heward’s Handy Haversack 5e 2,000
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing 5e 2,000
Rope of Climbing 5e 2,000
Ring of Feather Falling 5e 2,000
Staff of the Python 5e 2,000
Sending Stones 5e 2,000
Saddle of the Cavalier 5e 2,000
Frost Brand 5e 2,000
Ioun Stone Absorption 5e 2,000
Boots of Elvenkind 5e 2,000
Eyes of Minute Seeing 5e 2,000
Spell Scroll Level 7 5e 2,000
Ioun Stone Agility 5e 2,000
Ioun Stone Fortitude 5e 2,000
Ring of Swimming 5e 2,000
Sword of Wounding 5e 2,000
Staff of the Adder 5e 2,000
Prayer Bead – Bless 5e 2,000
Ring of Water Walking 5e 2,000
Chime of Opening 5e 2,000
Bracers of Archery 5e 2,000
Prayer Bead – Smiting 5e 2,000
Wind Fan 5e 2,000
Horseshoes of a Zephyr 5e 2,000
Pipes of the Sewers 5e 2,000
Goggles of Night 5e 2,000
Wand of Magic Detection 5e 2,000
Necklace of Fireballs(Four beads) 5e 2,000
Sword of Sharpness 5e 2,000
Potion of Supreme Healing 5e 2,000
Oil of Etherealness 5e 2,000
Dancing Sword 5e 2,000
Glamoured Studded Leather 5e 2,000
Eyes of Charming 5e 3,000
Elven Chain 5e 3,000
Potion of Invulnerability 5e 3,000
Necklace of Fireballs(Five beads) 5e 3,000
Ring of Protection 5e 3,000
Oathbow 5e 3,000
Oil of Sharpness 5e 3,000
Onyx Dog 5e 3,000
Medallion of Thoughts 5e 3,000
Ioun Stone Regeneration 5e 3,000
Dimensional Shackles 5e 3,000
Quaal’s Feather Token Swan Boat 5e 3,000
Dagger of Venom 5e 3,000
Eyes of the Eagle 5e 3,000
Staff of Withering 5e 3,000
Quaal’s Feather Token Bird 5e 3,000
Ring of Jumping 5e 3,000
Gloves of Missile Snaring 5e 3,000
Ioun Stone Insight 5e 3,000
Ioun Stone Intellect 5e 3,000
Ioun Stone Leadership 5e 3,000
Ioun Stone Strength 5e 3,000
Periapt of Health 5e 4,000
Spell Scroll Level 8 5e 4,000
Boots of Striding and Springing 5e 4,000
Ring of the Ram 5e 4,000
Flame Tongue 5e 4,000
Wings of Flying 5e 4,000
Wand of the War Mage +2 5e 4,000
Luckstone 5e 4,000
Lantern of Revealing 5e 4,000
Wand of Enemy Detection 5e 4,000
Immovable Rod 5e 4,000
Dragon Scale Mail 5e 4,000
Boots of Speed 5e 4,000
Cloak of Protection 5e 4,000
Armor of Resistance 5e 5,000
Arrow-Catching Shield 5e 5,000
Alchemy Jug 5e 5,000
Pearl of Power 5e 5,000
Silver Raven 5e 5,000
Slippers of Spider Climbing 5e 5,000
Cloak of the Manta Ray 5e 5,000
Periapt of Proof Against Poison 5e 5,000
Ioun Stone Reserve 5e 5,000
Ring of Evasion 5e 5,000
Cloak of the Bat 5e 5,000
Rope of Entanglement 5e 5,000
+2 Weapon 5e 5,000
Cloak of Elvenkind 5e 5,000
Cloak of Arachnida 5e 5,000
Tentacle Rod 5e 5,000
Periapt of Wound Closure 5e 5,000
Ring of Animal Influence 5e 5,000
Iron Bands of Bilarro 5e 5,000
Shield of Missile Attraction 5e 5,000
Boots of Levitation 5e 5,000
Bag of Holding 5e 5,000
Prayer Bead – Curing 5e 5,000
Marble Elephant 5e 6,000
Amulet of Health 5e 6,000
+2 Armor 5e 6,000
Necklace of Fireballs(Six beads) 5e 6,000
Bronze Griffon 5e 6,000
Wand of Magic Missiles 5e 6,000
Deck of Illusions 5e 6,000
Hat of Disguise 5e 6,000
Scimitar of Speed 5e 6,000
Horseshoes of Speed 5e 6,000
Ring of Resistance 5e 6,000
Gem of Brightness 5e 6,000
Gloves of Thievery 5e 6,000
Animated Shield 5e 6,000
Censer of Controlling Air Elementals 5e 7,000
Cape of the Mountebank 5e 7,000
Wand of Web 5e 7,000
Nine Lives Stealer(Fully Charged) 5e 7,000
Mace of Disruption 5e 7,000
Headband of Intellect 5e 7,000
Robe of Scintillating Colors 5e 7,000
Dragon Slayer 5e 7,000
Silver Horn of Valhalla 5e 7,000
+2 Shield 5e 7,000
Ring of X-Ray Vision 5e 7,000
Pipes of Haunting 5e 7,000
Bracers of Defense 5e 7,000
Belt of Dwarvenkind 5e 7,000
Broom of Flying 5e 7,000
Ebony Fly 5e 7,000
Serpentine Owl 5e 8,000
Giant Slayer 5e 8,000
Brass Horn of Valhalla 5e 8,000
Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals 5e 8,000
Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals 5e 8,000
Mace of Smiting 5e 8,000
Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals 5e 8,000
Brooch of Shielding 5e 8,000
Dwarven Plate 5e 9,000
Portable Hole 5e 9,000
Winged Boots 5e 9,000
Mace of Terror 5e 9,000
Gauntlets of Ogre Power 5e 9,000
Helm of Telepathy 5e 10,000
Mirror of Life Trapping 5e 10,000
Dwarven Thrower 5e 10,000
Cube of Force 5e 10,000
Staff of Fire 5e 10,000
Rod of the Pact Keeper +2 5e 10,000
+3 Weapon 5e 10,000
Sphere of Annihilation 5e 10,000
Ioun Stone Mastery 5e 10,000
Ring of Shooting Stars 5e 10,000
Staff of Healing 5e 10,000
Ring of Regeneration 5e 10,000
Carpet of Flying 5e 10,000
Ring of Fire Elemental Command 5e 10,000
Sun Blade 5e 10,000
Wand of Binding 5e 10,000
Potion of Longevity 5e 10,000
Wand of Fear 5e 10,000
Apparatus of Kwalish 5e 10,000
Boots of the Winterlands 5e 10,000
Staff of Charming 5e 10,000
Folding Boat 5e 10,000
Ring of Invisibility 5e 10,000
Spell Scroll Level 9 5e 10,000
Bronze Horn of Valhalla 5e 10,000
Ioun Stone Awareness 5e 10,000
Rod of the Pact Keeper +1 5e 10,000
Staff of Thunder and Lightning 5e 10,000
Staff of Striking 5e 20,000
Ring of Spell Storing 5e 20,000
Vorpal Sword 5e 20,000
Rod of Alertness 5e 20,000
+3 Shield 5e 20,000
Defender 5e 20,000
Ring of Water Elemental Command 5e 20,000
Ivory Goat(Terror) 5e 20,000
Instrument of the Bards – Canaith Mandolin 5e 20,000
Talisman of the Sphere 5e 20,000
Efreeti Chain 5e 20,000
Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location 5e 20,000
Ring of Mind Shielding 5e 20,000
Iron Horn of Valhalla 5e 20,000
Hammer of Thunderbolts 5e 20,000
Staff of Swarming Insects 5e 20,000
Sentinel Shield 5e 20,000
Wand of Paralysis 5e 20,000
Rod of Rulership 5e 20,000
Armor of Invulnerability 5e 20,000
Wand of the War Mage +3 5e 20,000
Robe of Eyes 5e 20,000
Ring of Free Action 5e 20,000
Ioun Stone Greater Absorption 5e 20,000
Scarab of Protection 5e 30,000
Instrument of the Bards – Cli Lyre 5e 30,000
Gem of Seeing 5e 30,000
Wand of Polymorph 5e 30,000
Prayer Bead – Favor 5e 30,000
Ring of Earth Elemental Command 5e 30,000
Instrument of the Bards – Doss Lute 5e 30,000
Ring of Spell Turning 5e 30,000
Rod of the Pact Keeper +2 5e 30,000
Rod of Lordly Might 5e 30,000
Mantle of Spell Resistance 5e 30,000
Instrument of the Bards – Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern 5e 30,000
Instrument of the Bards – Fochulan Bandlore 5e 30,000
Staff of Frost 5e 30,000
+3 Armor 5e 30,000
Cubic Gate 5e 40,000
Crystal Ball 5e 40,000
Rod of Absorption 5e 40,000
Staff of the Woodlands 5e 40,000
Ring of Air Elemental Command 5e 40,000
Sword of Answering 5e 40,000
Robe of the Archmagi 5e 40,000
Wand of Lightning Bolts 5e 40,000
Wand of Fireballs 5e 40,000
Weapon of Warning 5e 50,000
Plate Armor of Etherealness 5e 50,000
Talisman of Ultimate Evil 5e 50,000
Talisman of Pure Good 5e 60,000
Cloak of Displacement 5e 60,000
Spellguard Shield 5e 60,000
Robe of Stars 5e 70,000
Helm of Teleportation 5e 70,000
Rod of Security 5e 70,000
Staff of Power 5e 70,000
Daern’s Instant Fortress 5e 80,000
Ring of Telekinesis 5e 80,000
Cloak of Invisibility 5e 90,000
Instrument of the Bards – Ollamh Harp 5e 110,000
Obsidian Steed 5e 110,000
Decanter of Endless Water 5e 110,000
Prayer Bead – Wind Walking 5e 120,000
Instrument of the Bards – Anstruth Harp 5e 130,000
Prayer Bead – Summons 5e 140,000
Amulet of the Planes 5e 180,000
Holy Avenger 5e 190,000
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