Porque No Los Dos?

Porque No Los Dos?

Porque No Los Dos?

The Spanish phrase porque no los dos, which translates to “why not both” or “why don’t we have both in English,” became a popular reaction meme on the internet. The meme suggests choosing both options when choosing between two options, encouraging the user to think about a third option.

The Why Not Both memes originated from a beer Porque No Los Dos commercial. The commercial features two people arguing about a new beer hybrid, and the commercial’s girl becomes a Facebook fan page. The first image macro version of the meme surfaced on FunnyJunk, and the phrase quickly spread across 4chan and Reddit. The ad and the resulting meme spread quickly throughout the Internet, becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Mia Agraviador

At the age of six, Mia Agraviador became a global internet sensation with her famous catchphrase, “Porque No Los Dos?” This phrase translates to “why not both!” Now 20 years old, she is still a popular YouTuber and proudly calls herself the “Porque No Los Dos? Taco Girl.”

The ad was a hit for Old El Paso, and it has since been used as a catchphrase by many. This commercial made Mia Agraviador a star. She’s also appeared in other advertising campaigns, including the “15 Minutes” segment for Australian furniture brand Pedestrian TV. In addition, Mia’s catchphrase has been credited in a variety of ads, including an Old El Paso TV ad, a New Zealand television ad, and an SBS Insight episode.

While Agraviador currently works as a barista in Sydney, she has made a name for herself with her catchphrase. She has resurrected the catchphrase in a television commercial and a radio campaign with Triple J. Although Agraviador has been busy promoting herself, she did not always enjoy the attention. She has been stopped on the street for selfies and was often asked to “say it” for her friends. She recently revealed that the attention she received at school was uncomfortable.

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Agraviador’s ad for Old El Paso, starring Ryan Pressly, made Mia Agraviador famous. She was just six years old when the adverts first aired. Since then, she has become a global internet sensation and a “taco girl.”

Old El Paso commercial

An Old El Paso commercial with a cute little girl is a popular meme that’s made the Mexican restaurant famous across the world. The ad, which ran in Australia 14 years ago, featured the catchphrase ‘Porque No Los Dos?’ – ‘Why not both?’ In recent years, the six-year-old has grown up and is now a twenty-year-old barista. She’s even popped up on Instagram with a taco-themed bio.

Another Old El Paso commercial, starring Danny Trejo, is a bit different. Instead of using a taco-shaped bottle, it celebrates compromise. It also acknowledges Pace as the owner of the hourglass-shaped bottle and credits him with the idea. But how do these two different worlds mesh? Does the Old El Paso commercial have a point? If it’s about tacos, it might be worth watching.

TracyLocke, the company that produces Old El Paso commercials, has a new taco recipe ad campaign. The tacos are so easy to make, and the instructions give even the most inexperienced cooks a taste of the deliciousness. But, of course, old El Paso stands behind its food products, so it’s only natural to trust its recipes. Try this one out if you’re tired of the same-old taco commercial.

Beer-wine hybrid

If you love wine and beer, you’ll appreciate a beer-wine hybrid. These unusual beverages are a cross between wine and beer and are usually produced by fermenting raw grains and wine grapes. The combination creates a strong flavor that’s reminiscent of both beverages. The result is a drink that tastes like wine but has the texture of a beer. But is it for you?

The Three Fox Family has just released a new beer-wine hybrid. Unlike its wine cousins, this dry-hopped sour beer has a fruity, earthy finish and gooseberry and mandarin orange notes. This beer-wine hybrid is a delicious way to blur the lines between the two styles. It’s made in the same way as the famous California Pinot Noir.

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The brewing company behind Porque no Los dos continues to push the boundaries of beer. They have started barrel-aging some of their brews with wine, and a few have even used wine yeast strains in their fermentation process. Other breweries have begun brewing with wine must, which is freshly pressed grape juice, including the skin, stem, and seeds. This fusion of wine and beer is known as a wine-inspired beer.


‘Porque no Los dos’ became famous after a commercial from Old El Paso came out 13 years ago. While this commercial promoted Mexican food, the phrase has become a part of Australian slang. Today, people use this phrase to refer to various things, from buying a Christmas tree to eating a salad or a burger. If you’re wondering why this phrase has become so popular, read more about its origins.

The catchphrase, ‘Porque no Los dos?’ has become an internet meme. Its Spanish translation translates to ‘why not both?’ Mia Agraviador was six years old when she starred in the commercial. She has since gone on to act in other commercials with her catchphrase. Most recently, she starred in an advertisement for the Australian furniture brand Koala and has since become an artist and a barista. She remembers filming the ad well and says no one expected it to have such a lasting effect.

Mia’s one-liner

‘Porque no Los dos’ was a Spanish catchphrase made famous by six-year-old Mia Agraviador. The catchphrase was so memorable that it became a viral sensation. Today, the Sydney-based barista and artist is proud to say she is a taco girl and works as a barista at a coffee shop.

While ‘que’ is not an accurate word in Scrabble, it is a good translation for ‘why don’t…’ and ‘why don’t you…’, which are impersonal expressions. In the case of ‘why don’t you…, ‘coil’ refers to tumults, troubles, and bustle. Mia Agraviador’s one-liner for ‘Porque no Los dos’ has since become a meme and has since confirmed that she is a taco girl!

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When she was six, she was famous after appearing in an Old El Paso taco commercial. Growing up in Sydney, she was a barista. Since then, she has become quite a fashionista, regularly uploading hip-hop routines on YouTube. And if that’s not enough, she’s also an accomplished artist. A finalist for the Young Archibald Prize in 2015, Mia has made a name for herself in the arts and is a highly influential role model.