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fix ps4 blue light of death

The ongoing issues of ps4 blue light of death

There is nothing worse than turning on your PlayStation 4 and being met with the blinking light of death (BLOD) as a gamer. The message that indicates weak or no signal will appear in the middle of your console. Sometimes, the blue light of death on your PS4 is simple and requires no more than a restart. In other cases, it can be not easy and will require a technician to fix it.

Some new PS4 owners have reported a blinking blue light. That is being called the “blue lights of death,” and it affects its operation. Currently, Sony believes the issue may be caused by various points, the majority of which the company has tackled with their PS4 troubleshooting guide.

We are aware of some issues reported by PlayStation 4 owners in the US. “We are monitoring additional reports closely. But these incidents are isolated and represent a meager percentage of total units shipped directly to consumers to this date,” says the official Sony statement.

Stop misleading yourself

The blinking blue light indicates that the PS4 has not entered the state of power characterized by the solid-white light. That could mean that there is no video or audio output to your television, which could lead to problems with turning it off. This problem could be caused by TV compatibility, PS4 power supply, or hard drive issues.

Sony recommends updating the TV firmware as a resolution. However, it also explains how to completely turn off the PS4 by pressing the power button for 7 seconds until it beeps twice.

You might also consider trying a different power cord, such as one that comes with your PS3. In this case, you will need to verify the parts labeled A, E, and F.

It can be more challenging to diagnose hard drive problems, but Sony provides a quick check to make sure it is correctly fitted.

To remove the HDD bay cover, slide it in the direction indicated by the arrow. Make sure the HDD bay is appropriately sealed. The PS4 may not turn on entirely if there is a loose connection to the hard drive. The assembly is held in place by a single screw.

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If all else fails, you can boot your PS4 in Safe Mode. 

How can you fix the ps4 blue light of death?

Be assured that you can find ways to fix this problem before the blinking blue light sends your brain into a spiral. You will soon be back playing your favorite video game.

PS4 Blue Light Of Death (BLOD), Description

The ps4 blue-light of death refers to a problem where the ps4 does not turn on after being powered up. It happens most often when the console’s firmware is not working correctly.

The flashing Blue Light Of Death (BLOD) means that you can’t access any PS4 functions, even Safe Mode.

The screen of the PS4 won’t turn on or respond to signals. You have few options to resolve this problem.

Why is the PS4 blinking blue light of death?

It’s easy to fix the PS4 blue death light.

There are no known causes of the PS4 blue light of death. Some believe that its internal hard drive problem may cause the PS4’s blue light of death. It is a defective power cord or supply, general software issues, or incompatible televisions.

It is essential to ensure that you see the blue light of the death (BLOD) and not another light. The BLOD will turn on and off and pulse, not just staying blue or changing colors.

However, make sure you check your screen to ensure that there are no items on it. You’re in trouble if you don’t see anything on your screen or receive a notification saying there is no signal.

Many people try to restart their PS4 immediately by pressing the power button. However, in some cases, this does not work.

Fixing the PS4 Blue Light of Death (BLOD).

While you can repair your PS4 yourself, sometimes it will require professional assistance. Let’s explore all possible solutions before we call a technician to fix the PS4.

Completely turn off the PS4

First, disconnect the PS4 entirely from the power supply. Then wait for a few minutes before you turn it on. You will need to disconnect the PS4’s power cord from the outlet. Leave it for 3-5 minutes before you plug it in again.

Once the PS4 has been turned off, unplug any cables that are connected to it. It includes the power cable and any other peripheral cable (i.e., External HDD or headset.

Next, plug in all your cables and turn on your PS4. You should no longer see the blue death light and instead see a white one. However, if the blinking blue light is still visible, it’s not a problem.

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The PS4’s internal hard drive might cause the blue blinking light of death

You should be able to use the PS4’s internal hard drive. A shift in the hard disk could cause the blue light on your PS4. The first few steps we have mentioned above will help you determine if your PS4’s internal hard drive is the problem. Turn off the PS4 and disconnect all cables.

The PS4’s hard disk cover must be removed, and the internal hard drive must be inspected. You will need to check that the alignment is correct. If it isn’t, then you can adjust it. It will take some extra work, but it will fix your problem.

After aligning the PS4 internal hard disk, remove the cover and reconnect the cables. Then, power your device back on. Your blinking blue light should disappear if you have done everything correctly. You either missed a step or have a bigger problem.

Your PS4 hard drive may be malfunctioning or failing. 

Check the PS4 power supply

PS4 power connection

You can also check to see if the problem is with the PS4’s power connection. That could be the power cord, power supply, or power outlet. As with all troubleshooting techniques, turn off your PS4 and disconnect all cables.

It is crucial to inspect the cables to make sure they aren’t frayed or damaged. You might find a fault in the wires, which could be why your PS4 doesn’t work correctly or why you see the blue light warning.

That is a sign that you need to repair any damaged cables before plugging them into your PS4 again.

Replace CMOS Battery

The blue PS4 light of death could be fixed by replacing the CMOS battery

A dead CMOS battery could be responsible for the blue PS4 light of death.

The CMOS battery, a small round battery, allows you to store the day, month, and time on your PS4. It will enable you to shut down your PS4 for a long time but still keep the correct date and time when you turn it on again. The CMOS battery supplies the CMOS chip the power it needs to store the PS4’s hardware settings. These settings are used to identify which hardware is present on the system and which device drivers to use. The CMOS battery can become weaker, causing data loss and a malfunctioning PS4. The PS4 blue light death is one of these symptoms.

To test if it works, you can first clear the PS4’s CMOS memory. It won’t work. It’s more about battery than anything else. But you won’t be losing anything if it works.

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Software issues with the 4th generation

Software update for PS4

You can also check if your PS4 has a software problem. Hold down the power button of your PlayStation 4 until it makes two beeps (Read more about PS4 Beeps). After the PS4 has turned off, make sure to put it into safe mode by holding down the power button. Safe mode should take only a few seconds to kick in. Once it has entered safe mode, you can press the PS button on your controller.

You can then restore your PS4’s original settings. Choose “Initialize PS4 (reinstall PS4 system software) option #7. Then, restart it. This option is not recommended. However, any data you don’t save will be lost. If that fails, you can take your PS4 to a professional to have it tested.

Is it possible for it to be overheating?

Some might believe that overheating is the cause of the PS4’s blinking blue death light. That is a false belief that reality does not support. Overheating is the only reason why the PS4’s light turns red. Don’t confuse the blinking blue light that indicates death with overheating. There is no correlation.

It is worth noting that if your device starts to show a red light, you should turn it off immediately to prevent further damage.


Overheating can be a problem on its own. You will need to try other methods or take the issue to a professional (learn more about fixing overheating PS4). You might need to replace your device if a professional is unable to fix it. You should turn off your device immediately if you see the light coming on.

It’s easy to figure it out on your own

The PS4 blue light warning of death is intended to notify users when the PS4 system is experiencing problems. Still, it does not tell you precisely what the problem is. It can be frustrating trying to figure out the cause of the problem.

Suppose the PS4’s blinking blue light of death persists after you try all the troubleshooting methods. In that case, the problem is likely more severe than a bad hard drive or defective cables. You will need to have the PS4 checked by a professional.


As its name suggests, the PS4 blinking blue lights of death is a frightening scenario that we don’t want to come across. PS4 blue light of death is a vexing predicament for those big fans. What causes the blue light of death? How to fix it? I hope the troubleshooting guide analyzed its possible causes and provided you with the best accessible troubleshooting methods.