Scatter 5e & Teleport 5e | Lesser known mass dnd spells

Scatter 5e & Teleport 5e | Lesser-known mass dnd spells
Scatter 5e & Teleport 5e | Lesser-known mass dnd spells

Scatter 5e & Teleport 5e | Lesser-known mass dnd spells

Scatter 5e & Teleport 5e | Lesser-known mass dnd spells

Teleport 5e

This charm instantly transports you and up to eight prepared creatures of your choice which you can see in range, or one object that you can see within range, to a destination you select. Should you target an item, it has to have the ability to fit entirely inside a 10-foot block, and it can’t be held or carried by an unwilling creature.

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 History of Teleport 5e

The spell was credited to the Netherese arcanist Oberon in −959 DR and was initially called Oberon’s teleportation.

scatter 5e mass teleport
scatter 5e mass teleport

Can you mass teleport while restrained 5e?

Somatic, Verbal and Substance (Either via a focus or part pouch) are all 100% nice by RAW whilst controlled. As long as the teleportation capability doesn’t depend on a monster’s movement like Transport via Plants, you are great to teleport away.

Teleport 5e Attributes
level Seven
Casting Time One action
Range Ten Feet
Duration Instantaneous
School Conjuration
Class Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard
Components V


“Associated Object” means that you have an object taken in the desired destination over the previous six months. The term “Permanent Circle” means a permanent Teleportation Circle and you know the sigil sequence of it. Like a publication from a magician’s Library, bed linen by a royal package, or even a chunk of marble by a Lich’s Secret tomb.

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Very Familiar

“Very Familiar” is a location you’ve been very frequently, a place you have carefully researched, or it is a place you can see when you cast the charm. “Viewed After” is a spot you have seen once, maybe using magical. “Description” is an area whose location and look you know through somebody else’s description, perhaps from a map.

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Teleport 5e scatter

False Description

“False Description” is a place that doesn’t exist. Perhaps you attempted to scry an enemy’s Sanctum but instead seen an Illusion, or you are attempting to teleport to a familiar place that no longer exists.

Targets in Teleport 5e

On Target: Either you and your group (or the goal item ) appear in which you would like to go.

Off Target: Either you and your group (or the goal object) seem a random distance from the destination unexpectedly. Distance off goal would be 1d10 x 1d10 per cent of the space that was travelled. By way of instance, if you attempted to Travel 120 miles, then gained off target, then rolled a 5 & 3 on the two d10s, then you’d be off-target by only 15 per cent or 18 miles. If you are teleporting to a Coastal city and wound up 18 miles out at sea, then you could be in trouble.

Scatter 5e
Scatter 5e

Similar Area

Similar Area/Place: You and your group (or the goal object) end up in a different area that’s visually or thematically like the target area. Suppose you’re heading for your house lab, for example. In that case, you might end up in a different magician’s laboratory or in an alchemical resource store that has many of the same tools and implements as your laboratory. Ordinarily, you look in the closest similar location. Still, because the spell has no range limit, you can conceivably wind up anywhere on the aeroplane.


Mishap: The spell’s unpredictable magic effects on a challenging journey. Every teleporting monster (or the target object) takes 3d10 force damage. Along with the DM rerolls on the table to see where you wind up (multiple Mishaps can happen, dealing damage every time).

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Familiarity* Mishap* On Target* Similar Area* Off Target*
*Permanent circle 01-100
*Associated object 01-100
*Very familiar 01-May 25-100 Jun-13 14-24
*Seen casually Jan-33 54-100 34-43 44-53
*Viewed once Jan-43 74-100 44-53 54-73
*Description Jan-43 74-100 44-53 54-73
*False destination Jan-50 51-100

Scatter 5e

What is scatter 5e?

The air usually quivers around five creatures of your choice, which you can see inside the range. An unwilling monster must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw to resist this spell. You teleport each affected target into an unoccupied space which you can see within 120 feet of you. That space has to be on the floor or a floor.

Based on the spell’s title, i.e. Scatter 5e, you would believe that all of the goals would end up throughout the playing field, but each the Scatter spell description:

The air quivers around up to five monsters of your choice that you can see within range. That space must be on the floor or onto a base. It teleports up to five creatures into an unoccupied space. So all five move to one space. Each is for both destination and target. Each target gets teleportation to each target’s unique designated unoccupied space.

What Scatter 5e does not evident in the spellbook

Note it doesn’t say”every affected target” teleports, which might imply that they all happen at once. But instead says”each affected monster” which implies that this occurs creature-by-creature. One problem with this is that each/every distinction is not just a powerful thing to make out any claims. It is a prescriptivist rule of English, and one many people don’t even learn. However, if that is the case, then once a creature is teleported, this distance currently occupied, and thus, another creature cannot also go to that same space.

Each goal in Scatter 5e goes to a unique location.

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Once you teleport the first monster to this place, it’s no more unoccupied and is no more a legitimate target place for your spell. Furthermore, similarly sized animals cannot typically inhabit the same area as one another. That interpretation appears to be bolstered by the title of the 5e spell being”scatter” as opposed to something like”cluster.”

Scatter 5e


School Conjuration
Concentration FALSE
Level Six
Casting Time 1 action
Duration Instantaneous
Range 30 feet
Components V
Ritual FALSE
Mass teleport 5e
Mass teleport 5e

Mass teleport 5e


This spell was identical to the teleport 5e spell, just more potent. It allowed the caster to teleport up to twelve creatures or items instantly between two things. Teleportation between two individual planes is not possible in Mass teleport 5e.


Mass teleport 5e spell requires only a verbal component. But previously it required a somatic component as per the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.

Mass Teleport 5e 3rd edition 2nd edition
School Transmutation Alteration, Dimension
Level ( 7 ) Sorcerer, Wizard Wizard