Tom Ksaver Beast Titan Form Explained

Tom Ksaver Beast Titan Form Explained

Tom Ksaver Beast Titan Form Explained

Ksaver’s Beast Titan form possessed features that resembled a bighorn sheep, being the only one with dark curving horns on its head. They also have long muzzles and a nose that was reminiscent of the animal it modeled after, as well as the appearance of light fur on their neck, head, and the upper part of their body. As with most Titans, they were bipedal.

Who Was The Beast Titan Before Tom Ksaver?

In the following 17 centuries, in which Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz family, left the battles of Eldia and moved into Paradis Island, the Beast Titan was taken over by the people of Marley during the Great Titan War. In 829, Tom Ksaver inherited the Beast Titan to study the Titan’s memory.

Tom Ksaver Beast Titan Form

Grisha Jaeger, as well as Fay Jaeger, accidentally bumped into Xaver when they were on the lookout for an airship. This caused Xaver to shout the two off.

Throughout adulthood, Xaver was fascinated with the love of a Marleyan woman. Being aware that it was not permissible for Eldians and Marleyans to be married and had children, he hid his Eldian armband every time he met her and soon married. After the birth of her son, she was able to find out his Eldian origins and then killed their son and herself out of shame. Xaver found them shortly afterward and was overcome by sorrow. Xaver was later the Warrior as a means of suicide and later acquired one of the Nine Titans, one of them being the Beast Titan. He also worked as a researcher to research the Titan power.

About halfway through his time, Xaver began observing the new group of Warrior candidates who could be the inheritors of his Titan. A few days ago, while traveling to the training facility along with the instructor Theo Magath, Xaver took a special interest in one of the students who was not performing well and was informed that this boy’s name was Zeke Jaeger. While Magath did not like the kid due to his performance, Xaver did not share his negative opinion. Xaver eventually met Zeke in person while playing catch on his own. After a little positive encouragement, he persuaded Zeke to join him, praising the boy for his Ability to pitch. Xaver continued to form bonds with Zeke during their games and even explained why he thought the conflict was absurd compared to the mystery surrounding the Titans.

A few days ago, Xaver discovered Zeke crying inside the alleyway where they played catch. He was shocked to discover that Zeke’s parents were the leaders in the Eldian Restorationists movement. As Marleyan authorities were close to revealing who the leaders were, Xaver suggested that Zeke surrender his parents before their discovery to show his commitment to Marley. Even though Zeke was hesitant, Xaver convinced him by telling him about the turmoil he suffered due to the pressure his parents imposed on him. When Zeke admitted that his parents were part of the Eldian Restorationists, Xaver was along with his parents when Grisha, along with Dina Fritz, was detained by the Public Security Authorities.

Xaver played with Zeke as the child moved into his Warrior program. Then, Xaver revealed to Zeke that he’d found out through his studies about the Founding Titan, in addition to memory alteration, could be capable of altering the physical composition of the Subjects of Ymir, and. Zeke thought that if that was true, the Founding Titan could be utilized to kill all subjects of Ymir and eliminate the Subjects of Ymir within a hundred years. After a short pause, Xaver told Zeke about his son’s death. He continued by saying that he had tried to escape from his sins through the powers of Titans and was amazed by what a better life could have been had he not been born into the world. Finally, Zeke offered Xaver the promise that he’d take the Beast Titan and utilize it to remove the Founder of both Eldia and Marley to be able to free all the world’s inhabitants from the awe that comes with the Titans.

Near the end of his time being the Beast Titan, Xaver took Zeke off the stage and told him what he had not passed to his fellow Marleyans: the discovery of an opportunity to dismantle the war renouncement promise given by Karl Fritz. According to him, for the vow to be broken, an individual from the royal family must cooperate with the heir to the founding Titan to ensure that the plan to euthanize works.

Xaver demanded that Zeke locate an inheritor of the Founding Titan who could recognize their motives and agree to the scheme. At 842, Xaver is chained in an underground shrine and fed to Zeke, the insanity-free Titan model of Zeke.

The Appearance And Personality Of Tom Ksaver

Xaver had dark, short hair and a round face. He wore the traditional attire of the Warrior and an armband of red, indicating the distinction of being an Eldian and an Honorary Marleyan. Xaver was also wearing glasses that Zeke Jaeger later wore when he became an adult. Being a curious person, Xaver was always curious about how the Titans became a reality and told Zeke Jaeger that he joined the Titan Biology Research Society primarily because of his interest. Typically, he was seen smiling on his facial expression; Xaver was an easy-going man with a relaxed attitude. He was also kind and comforted Zeke when the child handed over his parents to the hands of his Marleyan authorities.

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Despite Xaver’s warm nature, however, he was also a victim of self-loathing and the desire to commit suicide to pay for the mistake he was a part of in the demise of his own family. Also, he seemed to be concerned very little about the principles and values of The Warrior Unit by calling it foolish to reduce one’s life span to conquer other nations.

Origins Of The Beast TitanOrigins Of The Beast Titan

The Nine Titans, the Beast of them all, came into the world after the death of the Founder. In the 1700s, after its birth, Beast Titan was a member of the Beast Titan and served in the different clans that fought in the Eldian houses.

In the following time, the 145th Eldian King, Karl Fritz, drifted apart from the saga of his empire and chose to move to Paradis. In the Great Titan War that had been fought before the King quit the empire in 829, the Beast Titan, along with several other Titan shifters, was enslaved to the hands of Marley. In 829, the Beast Titan’s heir was Tom Ksaver.

Who Is The Beast Titan On Attack On Titan?

We follow the story of how Tom Xaver inherited the Beast Titan. In Liberio, a city within Marley, Zeke is born to Grisha Jaegar and Dina Fritz. The parents of Zeke are planning the staging of a coup attempt to take over Marley’s present Marley government and bring Eldians back into charge. Meanwhile, Marley announces the Warrior program. They request Eldian children between five and seven to develop their skills to become Titan Shifter candidates. Families of the children will be awarded the honorary title of Honorary Marleyans and granted freedom within the country for a fee.

Grisha joins Zeke in the program to monitor the other candidates and the high-ranking officials. After he arrives home, he’s taken to his grandparents while his parents attend Eldian Restorationist meetings.

When he spends time at home with his grandparents is informed about the horrific war crimes of Eldians Eldian kingdom in the Great Titan War. When his parents become obsessed with his involvement with the Eldian Restorationist movement, they do not spend much time with their son. This causes the gradual decline of the relationship between them. Zeke does not perform well in his time at the school, which earns him a negative reputation with his fellow students and teachers. However, he can make friends during his tough training regimens. Tom Xaver meets with Zeke frequently as they play catch together. Zeke.

A few days later, Zeke goes home following the event and listens to an assembly of the Restorationists led by his parents. Zeke is shocked and confused. He has seen the ills of the Eldian empire, which, combined with the already difficult relationship with his parents, causes him to commit a shady act. He fears that his entire family and his grandparents could be involved in the aftermath of Marleyan authorities eventually learning of their acts of treason.

He asks Tom’s opinion on what to do. Zeke, who appears worried, is asking Zeke to give up his parents. Tom realizes this is the most secure choice since Zeke will be free from any doubt because he’s the one who has reported the incident to authorities. Zeke is following Tom’s advice while his parents get seized by the army. Following this phase of his journey, he delves deeper into what was in the wrong direction for the people of Eldians and begins to formulate plans that align with his beliefs. This is when he devises the Euthanization strategy, which Tom guides.

At the age of 842, Zeke takes over his Beast Titan from Tom and keeps the glasses of his former friend to keep as a souvenir. Zeke is appointed as the leader of warrior candidates comprising people who have owned Armored Titan, Cart Titan, and Jaw Titan.

Abilities Of The Beast Titan

Zeke’s Beast Titan showed various capabilities that no previous inheritors displayed. He used his titanic powers to do things that no one else could imagine and changed the course of many wars lost for Marley. As I said, Zeke’s bloodline royal transformed him into a prodigy; however, what’s more, remarkable is that some of his abilities had striking similarities to the powers of the founding Titan.

1- Animal Traits

The name suggests Beast Titan. Beast Titan possesses animal-like features in contrast to other Titans, who look human despite their transformation. Through time the bearers from Beast Titan have taken various animal forms, such as animals, birds, monkeys, crocodiles, bulls, elks, rabbits, wolves, dinosaurs, okapis, and goats. Falco remembered the past of a previous Beast Titan who could soar through the air and create the Jaw Titan into a similar bird-like form. (This was made possible by taking in a large volume of Zeke’s spinal fluids when an empty wine bottle struck him)

2- Powerful Throwing

I believe that the traits of animals in Beast Titan’s traits Beast Titan depend a lot on the personality of the person who inherits it, as well as other traits. For instance, Zeke spent his childhood playing catch with Ksaver, and his Titan form resembled the look of an ape who specializes in throwing rocks, just like a professional baseball player. This skill is so efficient and deadly that he killed the entire force from Survey Corps while they were trying to get back Wall Maria.

3- Hardening Ability

Like other titans from the legends as well, like many other titans of legend, the Beast Titan shows a hardening Ability. Though it’s not as efficient as other Titans, such as the War Hammer Titan or the Attack Titan, it is perfectly acceptable when your goal is to withstand a devastating hit. For example, Zeke tried to make his nape harder in the fight against Levi. However, Zeke’s veteran Captain was way too quick to cut Zeke from the Titan’s body before he could get his neck to harden.

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4- Titan Creation

Zeke can turn every Eldian into an utterly mindless giant through his spinal fluid. This amazing Ability makes him stand out from the other titans of legend, and he has used this power to win numerous battles against Marley. All he needed was a shout to create the Titan’s army if enough Eldians surrounded him.

According to Niccolo, the author, it was a well-known Marleyan strategy to take over the entire region by Zeke’s Titan. We witnessed him do this in the Wall Rose invasion, where Zeke used gas to transform all the inhabitants of the Rakago village. It was also seen during the fight in Fort Slava, where he sprinkled titans over the enemies.

5- Titan Control

If the idea of creating Titans sounds bad enough, I’ll remind you that Zeke had total control over the Titans he made. Normally, pure Titans have an inherent instinct to devour every human they come across; however, Zeke could make his Titans attack any person they want to destroy. Of course, a Female Titan could do something similar to Zeke, but her titan control power differed from Zeke’s.


There are many differentiators between Titans. The Beast Titan is one of the Titans with animal traits. It is not the size of a human Titan. It’s also four times taller than the other Titans in the series.

The massive Titan, On its own, stands 60 meters high. It is distinctive in appearance with a variety of distinctive characteristics.

Even with the differentiation in their respective cultures, it is common ground among the Titans. Each has its strength. While the Beast Titan can kill enemies by utilizing its shrewd abilities, The founding Titan can also alter the body of Indians. It can even keep them from suffering unhappy life.

Eren’s Yeager, however, on the contrary, can only be activated in conjunction with royal blood. So, even though Eren’s Yeager can take over other Titans, it can be utilized to the fullest extent when he’s with the King.

Zeke will spy on the highest-ranking officials as a component of The Warrior Program. Zeke will also serve as the commander of warriors. However, Zeke has a dark personal secret of his own. His past is the subject of a web of deceit.

Zeke’s only friend from his younger years was Tom Ksaver. However, he didn’t reveal his to anyone about his identity. Therefore, he discovered his true identity when he came across Reiner or Bertholdt.

On his own, Eren has always been one step above his brother. He is a sociopath, and he’s also the only person who is in charge of the Rumbling. As he puts it, he is the only one with the Ability to initiate it.

“The Attack on Titan is an all-encompassing narrative. It shows viewers that trauma is present in many ways and that a sense of freedom may remain dependent.


The Beast Titan is one of the nine Titans in the Attack on Titan series. The Beast Titan first appeared in the premiere episode of Season Two. There are many abilities the Beast can use to take on its foes.

Beast Titan Beast Titan can throw objects with incredible speed and with precision. It also uses its shouts to call smaller Titans.

Beast Titan Beast Titan can develop its skills through the process of hardening. It also possesses unique capabilities like manipulating the trajectory. These capabilities make it an effective weapon for battle.

In the initial episode in the first episode, The Armored Titan can make its legs and arms harder to make sharp weapons. But they were defeated by Beast Titan.

A different Titan that is utilized for the Attack on Titan series is the War Hammer Titan. It is a strong Titan and has been proven to be very strong and agile.

There’s also the Abnormal Titan, smaller than a normal Titan. The Abnormal Titan can ignore tiny groups of humans. It is also dangerous because it employs emotions to get its prey.

Then, there’s one more Titan, the Jaw Titan. It is the smallest and most efficient of Titans. With its jaws, this Titan can cut through all things.

A variety of other Titans have appeared in manga and anime. Certain Titans appear like animals, and others are made to look like crocodiles, goats, rabbits, and birds. The Titan’s appearance is determined by the person who inherits the Titan its appearance could differ.

There are plenty of Titans in the Anime and Manga series. There are many plenties of Titans to be revealed. Fans will have a long wait to look forward to.


Zeke is an Eldian whose parents are part of the Restorationist movement. They wish to overthrow Marley’s government. Marley government. However, they’re preoccupied with the movement’s goals rather than the son they want to raise. This creates a conflict within their family.

Tom Xaver meets with Zeke regularly. He also gets to know Eren by studying Bertolt as well as Reiner. Although Zeke has not earned an enviable reputation among instructors, he has made acquaintances during his intense training.

Zeke can also make a hardened crystal that can stand up to Levi’s attacks. This is one of the reasons Zeke’s Titan can save the day in a fight.

Zeke’s Titan is a formidable beast capable of causing massive destruction over large distances. It can pitch projectiles at high speed.

Tom Ksaver had an influential part in the development of Zeke as an animal. This led to him being the one who gave Zeke the Beast Titan to Zeke.

Zeke was also adept at throwing an object with ease. Tom Ksaver played catch with Zeke as a child. He was a very loving father who was devoted to his son.

Zeke and Tom have become best friends. Alongside the fact that he is Titan, Zeke keeps Tom’s glasses as a souvenir. While Tom Xaver has told him that his parents aren’t fond of Zeke, he’s not the only person who has an affection for Zeke.

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Beast Titan Beast Titan is a very remarkable thing. Although it isn’t activated immediately, it can throw projectiles at extremely fast speeds. In most cases, this capability will help in combat.

Beast Titan Beast Titan also demonstrates many other capabilities. For instance, it can use covert gas to expand the area.

Memories Of The Future

One of the most famous Titans that anime has is the Beast Titan. The Beast Titan transforms its host into the form of a Pure Titan with a roar. It also summons smaller Titans with a shout.

The Beast Titan was once owned by the Titan scientist known as Tom Ksaver. However, Tom Ksaver’s Beast Titan was never fully known to anyone. Instead, the Beast Titan was inherited by his father.

Today, Zeke Yeager is the Beast Titan’s new owner. In this version, the Titan is an ape with a wolf-like appearance that can be moved and operate in darkness with just moonlight.

In addition to being among the strong Titans around the globe, Beast Titan is also one of the most powerful Titans in the world. Beast Titan is unique in that it can manipulate the actions of its previous users. In addition, it can also alter the size and structure of its subject.

Following the Great Titan War, the Beast Titan was kept on the mainland. Its height is 15 meters. But, it is believed to fight for freedom through generations. In contrast to other Titans and other Titans, it stands up against King Karl Fritz’s promise to abstain from the war.

Attack Titan Attack Titan is another popular titan in the world of anime. It is among the strong Titans in the anime series. Unfortunately, the Titan was not released for a few generations despite its power. As a result, only a handful of people from the Fritz family could access the device.

This Attack on Titan episode is the most intense and thrilling one, alongside presenting how the events of the past are presented in a precise and clear manner as well as an important step in answering many questions regarding the future.

It is important to note the Beast Titan’s shape is distinctive. It’s a blend of human and animal characteristics.

Battle Of Trost

Beast Titan Beast Titan is the most powerful of the nine Titans in the Attack on Titan universe. The Beast Titan first appeared in the first chapter of The 9th manga volume.

The Beast Titan is a larger Titan that has ape-like features. Zeke Jaeger, a Marleyan warrior, manages this version of the Titan. In the Paradis Island Operation, the Beast Titan remained in Marley and fought off enemies.

Although it isn’t huge, Beast Titan can also control other Titans regardless of their size. This is due to its Ability to control the subjects of Ymir. But, it’s not always successful.

Zeke Jaeger has inherited the strength from the Beast Titan from Tom Ksaver as his mentor. Zeke Jaeger is currently a member of the Marley Warrior Corps. In the past, the Jaeger family was treated as a genuine Marleyan family.

Zeke has also been a descendant from the bloodline of the royal bloodline. As a result, his parents have a harsh attitude toward him. However, Zeke has a strong determination to make Marley a powerful nation.

He was a former Cadet and planned to utilize his talents to eliminate the Titans. However, Eren Yeager realized that he was the power of the Founding Titan in the year 850. After that, Yeager began using the power granted to the Titan to seek a method to stop the cycle of vengeance.

Zeke’s Beast Titan can stop Titans from slumbering and stops them from eating human beings. It is also able to use moonlight to create basic commands.

As the story progresses and the characters are revealed, Zeke has the power to control many transformed Eldians. But, unfortunately, some have defied his instructions.

The Subjects of Ymir can also control the beast Titan; however, it also has the power to control them.


Who is Tom Ksaver in Attack on Titan?

Tom Ksaver is a Marleyan who holds the power of the Beast Titan, which allows him to control and transform into a giant, ape-like creature with exceptional intelligence and physical abilities.

What does Tom Ksaver’s Beast Titan form look like?

Tom Ksaver’s Beast Titan form resembles a giant, muscular ape with brown fur and a prominent forehead. It has long, muscular arms that end in sharp claws, and a powerful jaw that can bite through metal and stone.

What are the special abilities of Tom Ksaver’s Beast Titan form?

Tom Ksaver’s Beast Titan form has several special abilities, including the ability to throw objects with incredible accuracy and force, the ability to create and control Titans through its spinal fluid, and the ability to communicate telepathically with other Titans.

What is Tom Ksaver’s role in the story of Attack on Titan?

Tom Ksaver plays a significant role in the later seasons of Attack on Titan as a key antagonist and the primary antagonist of the Marley arc. He is instrumental in launching Marley’s attack on Paradis Island and is revealed to have a complicated past with some of the main characters.

How is Tom Ksaver’s Beast Titan form different from other Titans?

Tom Ksaver’s Beast Titan form is unique among Titans because of its exceptional intelligence, which allows it to communicate and strategize with other Titans. It also has a distinct appearance and set of abilities that make it different from other Titans.

What is the significance of Tom Ksaver’s character and the Beast Titan form in Attack on Titan?

Tom Ksaver’s character and the Beast Titan form play a significant role in the themes of the series, particularly in exploring the nature of power, imperialism, and the cycle of violence. The Beast Titan form, in particular, represents the destructive potential of unchecked power and the dehumanization that can occur when people are reduced to mere tools of war.