What are the basic amenities inside a conjugal visit room?

What are the basic amenities inside a conjugal visit room?

What are the basic amenities inside a conjugal visit room? | What will you get?

Conjugal visits are the meeting of a spouse with the inmate in prison. Some basic amenities are essential inside a conjugal visit room. These facilities are the presence of bed and bed linens, condoms, soap, towels, lubricants, etc. Privacy is the most crucial factor that should be kept in mind of the prison administration.

What are conjugal visits?

Conjugal visits are the visits of a partner to the prison to meet with his inmate partner. The purpose of these visits is to spend time with the partner in a private room. They come to jail for s*xual activity. These visits are allowed by law to maintain a bond between the relationship of husband and wife.

Basic amenities inside a conjugal visit room

Some fundamental amenities are present in conjugal visit rooms.

Bed and bed linens

Bed and bed linens are the basic amenities of the conjugal rooms. These facilities are necessary for conjugal visits. Bed lines are defined as cloth items used to cover mattresses, pillows, etc. Sometimes, bed linens include various things such as the cover of cushions, pillow, mattress, blanket, quilt, etc. These clothes are removable and washable and cover the bed items. 

There is a somehow difference and somehow similarity between bedsheets and bed linens. The difference between bed linens and bedsheets is bed linens are mainly made up of linen fabric which is very flexible and soft. In contrast, bed sheets are made up of a variety of stuff. The specialty of only one material is not necessary for the bedsheets. The similarity between them is that both are used for covering the mattress. The purpose of both bedsheets and bed linens is the same.

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Condoms are also the basic amenities of conjugal rooms. They must be available inside the matrimonial rooms to facilitate the couples for s*x. Condoms are essential for conjugal visits. The composition of condoms varies from type to type. Primarily,  the fundamental components of condoms are latex rubber and synthetic rubber. Condoms are available in a variety of forms.

Types of condom

There are two types of condoms.

  • Male condoms
  • Female condoms

Male condoms

During s*xual intercourse, the male partner uses male condoms. He wears a condom on the p*nis to protect the entry of s*men from his body to his partner’s body. He uses it when his body is ready for s*xual intercourse. The purpose of using a condom is to control childbirth, prevent pregnancy, and from s*xually transmitted diseases such as aids, etc.

Female condoms

Like male condoms, female condoms are also available. Female use it when she wants to have intercourse with their partner to prevent pregnancy and s*xually transmitted diseases. Suppose your partner is not healthy. He is the victim of some s*xually transmitted diseases. These diseases quickly enter into the partner during s*xual activity. The condoms help both partners to enjoy s*xual pleasure without risk of any harmful infection.

The reviews of people about the use of condoms are excellent and extraordinary. The condoms give the user the best and most effective result to prevent pregnancy and child growth. The successful ratio of condoms in controlling the birth rate is almost 98%. Sometimes despite the use of condoms, women get pregnant. 

This ratio of failure is less. There are several reasons for this failure to stop pregnancy. Sometimes, the condom is not used correctly, and no space is left for s*men. It may be the condom is damaged and not fit for usage.


Lubricants are also another basic amenity inside a conjugal room. Lubricant is a gel-like material that is used during s*xual intercourse. Primarily the male partner uses it on its p*nis to reduce friction and irritation during s*x. The lubricant wet the area and facilitate both partners during s*x. It also reduces the pain and trouble of the female partner. 

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Soap and towel

It is the basic amenities inside the conjugal room. There is a need to take a shower after lovemaking with both spouses. For taking shower soap and towel is requisite. 

Purpose of the conjugal visits

Maintain the close relationship between family and spouse

Conjugal visits play a remarkable role in maintaining a close relationship of the inmate with family and his spouse. It is beneficial for their family because good bondage is necessary for leading a successful life. Suppose the connection of any person is excellent and extraordinary with their family. The conjugal visits also have a significant impact on society. They fill the gap between partners and strengthen their relations.

Reduce violence and misconduct of inmate

Conjugal visits give pleasure to the prisoner. It is beneficial to reduce violence in the environment of the prison. The reason is that conjugal visits are helpful to lessen the stress of the inmate, and he becomes civilized. He avoids violence, bloodshed, and misconduct. The inmate is in a happy mood, and it also decreases the misbehavior of the incarcerated with his fellows.

Satisfy s*xual desire

The purpose of the conjugal visits is straightforward. Suppose the married male partner is in

lock-up. He has committed some serious crimes and is now in the authority’s custody. Conjugal visits are meeting of the partners in private rooms for s*xual purposes. They come in place of confinement for the fulfillment of s*xual desire.

Extend family number

If the partner is in jail, his family suffers in all aspects of life. The most common and unavoidable suffering is family planning and family attention. Conjugal visits play a significant role in eliminating suffering and deficiency. They help to extend their family and enhance their bond with their partner.

For pleasure and peace

The legal s*xual activity provides both pleasure and peace to partners. Suppose a male partner is in prison; he is deprived of s*xual pleasure and calm. Conjugal visits provide an opportunity for partners to get rid of tensions and stress by making s*xual relationships. After s*xual activity, partners become relaxed and feel better in stressed circumstances.

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Final words

From the above discussion, we can safely conclude that conjugal visits in prison are beneficial to reduce crime ratio, violence, and misbehavior of inmates with his fellow prisoners. Some basic amenities must be present inside a conjugal room, such as bed and bed linens, availability of condoms, lubricants, soaps, and towels. These items are necessary to fulfill the requirements of the inmates in prison.