What does 100x mean in crypto? How to find 100x coins?

What does 100x mean in crypto? How to find 100x coins?

What does 100x mean in crypto? How to find 100x coins? 

In this article we will explain what 100x means in crypto and how you can easily find 100x coins.

What does 100x mean in crypto? How to find 100x coins? 

A cryptocurrency, or cryptocurrency, or crypto is a digital currency designed to work as a medium of exchange via a computer network. It could not rely on any central authority, such as a government or bank, to uphold or maintain it.

Many cryptocurrencies are going to DE-concentrated networks based on blockchain technology. That technology is a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. A defining or explaining features of cryptocurrencies are 

  1.  they aren’t generally not issued by any central authority
  2. making them theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.

When you see the phrase 100X, what comes to your mind first?

 Many people think it would mean “100 times,” as it multiplies the number 100 with something else like that. However, that is much closer, but not fully what it means; alternatively, it is not defined.

 Calculation of 100x 1 100X = 0.0000002006 USD.

Crypto that could give you a 100x returns

If you want to have 100X kind of returns, you should invest in Altcoins. Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin are some examples of Past Altcoins giving you a better return than Bitcoin.

An Altcoins is an abbreviation of Alternative Currencies other than Bitcoin. They have high growth and returns as compared to Bitcoin. If you want to have 100X kinds of returns, you can Invest in Altcoins. Ethereum, Cardano, or Litecoin are a few examples of Past Altcoins which give you a better return than Bitcoin.

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The new Altcoins we will unveil here will be expected to yield 100X returns by 2025. We have in the past recommended Ethereum, Doge-coin, Cardano, and Polka-dot, which went up in price & not compatible with the 100X returns we seek. Hence, not recommending them and coming up with new Altcoins. 

Bear-to-Bull Cycles

 There would be up to a 90% crash in the price; this would get restored in the next bull run to give easy 10X returns. You can get another 

10X = Total 100X returns with the growth story of the coins. It would help you to achieve Financial Freedom by 2025. Financial Freedom by AltCoins To generate $2000 monthly passive income, Just put $2000 in these coins! Detailed income-generating strategies exist inside, along with the 10 Altcoins.

When people say “100x” in cryptocurrency, they touch on a return on investment that a token or coin could provide. For example, if you buy Bitcoin at $1 when the price rose to $100, you can say it did a “100x”, and this is the best example. 100X gain for bitcoin could mean a 1.7 million dollar BTC, which can be 3X the market cap of gold!

Investing in crypto

Bitcoin has concluded more than 1000x over the past decade. Alt-coins; that’s where the real money exists.

AltCoins means “alternative currencies.” As some coins are currently so tiny in terms of their market capitalization, they are much of a speculative bet than Bitcoin. Investing in these cryptocurrencies would be risky, and these vast exchanges could not be associated with them. 

But there’s much more to it. At one point, Ethereum was a small market capitalization, But when it was below $1, would you have been wrong if you invested in it? No, because now we see the purpose of Ethereum with its smart contract technology; enabling ICO’s and the sales of NFT’s.

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 So if you want to make these extravagant gains in cryptocurrency, you have to venture out and take more risk. The more barriers to entry/buy the cryptocurrency, the better it could be because when they come to Finance or, Coin-base, they will suddenly gain popularity and pump in price. 

So ideally, you could be aiming to get into these Altcoins before they have gone “mainstream”. This article will cover several ways and tools to gain access to these smaller Altcoins. 

One tool is Devi Station, whether the code for each asset has been audited, which lists various coins, protocols, and tracks.

The Cryptocurrency strategist stresses that if a protocol has been audited, it doesn’t guarantee that it’s safe to trade. At the time of writing, the top coin on Devi Station was Venus (XVS), a decentralized, stable coin lending protocol. 

Beneath Venus was the decentralized exchange Pancake Swap (CAKE), similar to Uni-swap but lists BSC tokens.

Coin Bureau notes that many projects on Devi Station have already received a lot of attention and going through substantial bull rallies, meaning that the chance to ride a 100x rally probably has already been passed. Because of this, he also pointed traders toward the Yield Farm section of Batsman.

To find the 100xs, your best bet is to check the Yield Farm section of Batsman, which is a shameless copy of Ether-scan for the Finance Smart Chain.

While there are only 25 projects listed on Devi Station, there are nearly a hundred notes on Batsman. Coin Bureau notes the high-risk is for the nature of the Devi (decentralized) market and says it’s up to traders to do their own research. 

Although some of these projects had been labeled as possible carpet traits, there was no way to know if a competitor project made this designation.

That means it could be going to be on you to figure out whether These protocols sold pounding (cultivated with centralized and decentralized finances) are carpets or not.

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Once you’ve identified a CeDeFi token that looks promising, the very next step is to buy it. Most of the time, the CeDeFi token you’re looking for would only be available on Pancake Swap and possibly some centralized exchanges that you should stay away from at all costs.

If the CeDeFi you’re looking at was previously listed on a reputable exchange like Binance, it likely already has its most extreme gains behind it.


You can find 100x coins by using tools like Devi station.We do recommend you to do some research on your own to get the best results