What Does ^^ & ETA Mean in Chat?

What Does ^^ & ETA Mean in Chat?

What Does ^^ & ETA Mean in Chat?

How Do ETAs Work? What does ETA imply in slang? This acronym is frequently used in messaging and chat, as well as on Facebook and other websites. Estimated Time of Arrival is referred to as ETA.

1)”” means smiley faces

Alternative to Western symbol “:)” is an animated smiley face which you can type into Chat using the Symbol.

Thus, you can use it whenever you wish to convey that you’re content or anytime you’d typically use smiley faces.

Ask your acquaintances if they comprehend the meaning of your words since they may not know about the Symbol.

2.) The Symbol is two happy eyes

It is possible to see as an emoticon indicating joy or smiling.

In certain Asian cultures, it refers to a pair of eyes that are smiling instead of smiling lips because the eyes are believed to be more significant in various parts of the world.

Experts in body language would agree.

Per experts’ advice, it is possible to distinguish a genuine smile from a fake by looking for tiny wrinkle lines (called “crows feet”) in the area of the eyes.

The Symbol indicates pleasant emotions such as joy or happiness.

3.) To consent to the comments of another

It is also possible to use* to express your appreciation in a comment or message directly before.

For instance, if you only sent, it could be understood as “same” or “I agree with what you said.”

Additionally, the number of up-arrows correlates directly with the level of enthusiasm.

If there are six or five carets, it usually means that the person who sent the message is more than the sender who only sent one.

4.) To respond to a post, just below your post

If you are sending by replying, it could be that you’re directly responding to the message above (or directly before).

You can use 1 cup arrow or 2 up arrows and five upward arrows ^^^^^.

You type in the comment box if you respond to a post directly above your own. Then, the person you’re responding to will likely realize that you’re responding to them.

5) To reference the Chat or comment a second time

It is also possible to use”” to reference an earlier comment.

It’s similar to “Please pay attention to” or “on that same note.

This means the author asks you to be attentive to the previous message.

6) It shows that you’re enthusiastic 

This is a way to let people know you’re enthusiastic about something or believe your opinion is fantastic.

Let’s take an example. You log onto the internet to communicate with your buddies.

If you were to tell someone that you’re thrilled to have $100 in your account, you could be able to say, “I have just transferred $100 to my account! ^^.”

Real-life Examples of How to Use ^^

“I believe in you !^^”

Many people you interact with through Facebook and other popular social media platforms employ this Emoticon to signal that they agree.

Although you may need to convey your enthusiasm over something someone has said, You can express this by using the words, “I agree! ^^”, You could as well type “I agree :).”

“I’m happy ^^”

An event that you’re experiencing could make you feel pretty satisfied.

If you’d like to inform someone how happy you are, you can use the word”.

“I’ll watch it now ^^”

This is yet another way to make use of double carets.

If you’ve waited long enough for a video or any other content to be uploaded, you can express yourself using symbols.

Essentially, you’re saying, “I’ll see it when it’s available.” ^^.”

“That’s true! ^^^^^^^^^”

If you look at the above ^^^^^^^^, it’s apparent that you’ve made a valid argument.

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All those little details mean total acceptance.

“I’m speechless! ^^^^”

If you feel unable to come up with a way to express your thoughts regarding what someone has spoken about, you can use emoticons. ^^^^.

It’s faster than typing out a whole sentence.

“I can’t wait ^^”

If you’re enthusiastic about something you’re eagerly anticipating; It’s possible to express your excitement by saying, “I can’t wait to see you ^^”

For instance, if you’ve set up a date with someone you’ve never met.

“Pay attention to ^^”

There is a good illustration of this usage in a Facebook comment or an excellent answer to a query online.

“Thank you! ^^”

If you have seen someone do an act of kindness to you, you might like to express your gratitude to them.

If you do, then utilize.

It is also possible to enter “Thx,” which would be the same word with the same meaning.

“I believe you’re right! ^^”

Sometimes you’d like to celebrate someone else’s opinion, and you are complete with them.

Instead of simply putting, you may wish to highlight your connection to the post by using words.

If you think you require a little more excitement, you can do your feelings by using three or more of your carpets.

“I’m so excited ^^”

You can use the word to express your emotions if you’re ecstatic.

“I’ve already said that! ^^”

The idea is that they’re trying to bring back the fact that they had spoken about the same subject earlier.

Usually, they will direct you to something you heard earlier in the conversation or chain of messages.

“Cool ^^”

If you find something you like, utilize this Symbol to tell people that you think it’s cool.

For instance, “Wow, that’s cool!” ^^,” or “I enjoy it ^^.”

“Thank you for the present! ^^”

If you’ve received a present, You might want to thank the recipient “thank you.”

You can add to your thank you note to give it a more textured tone.

“You’re adorable! ^^”

If you see someone adorable, you might like to express your appreciation with an acknowledgment.

Using it to make a flirty connection with your lover is also possible.

“Good job! ^^”

If you’re pleased with an accomplishment, you may felicitate them by sending them a.

There are many reasons to make use of this Symbol. It could be a significant mark on a test, an accomplished project, success in your performance, or the start of a new career.

“Good luck! ^^”

If you wish to wish someone you wish them luck to them, you can use the word”. 

You could also write “good luck!” but it is possible that you would like to express your emotions more elegantly. So, you could include your “smiling eyes” of ^”” in your text.

Who Uses the ^^ Emoticon?

The emoticons users are generally highly familiar with the internet, teens, and young adults.

The Symbol is used in writing quick replies to various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, many young people are using “retro” emojis to connect with their peers.

Adults who were born before the advent of emojis that are modern could also utilize the Symbol.

As I stated earlier, Asian people from countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and so on can also use this type of Emoticon.

In these countries, you will observe them using emoticons frequently to convey their feelings with smiley eyes.

When To Use ^^ in Chat?

Use these emoticons when you chat with your family and friends because they look more personal and friendly.

You can use it in chat rooms, social media posts, and comments. You can also use it when messaging persons you’ve met.

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Be sure to inform everyone of what you are referring to; that way, there’s no mistaken interpretation.

When Not To Use ^^?

It’s not appropriate to use the smiling eyes emoticons anywhere that is official, such as the university, school in your workplace, business communications, or official documents.

It’s not appropriate because the majority of people view emojis as not professional.

It is best to use them in a lighthearted conversation with someone you are familiar with.

It is not recommended to make use of emoticons in any form of professional communication because they could be misinterpreted; this puts you and your work at risk.

How To Type the ^^ Symbol?

There are several ways to type the Symbol based on your device.

On the other hand, a US keyboard.

On a US laptop or desktop computer, type in the Symbol by pressing the shift key as you press the “6” button on your keyboard.

Just repeat the process two times to achieve double carets.

For either an iPhone or tablet

To type on an Apple tablet or smartphone, The process requires several additional steps.

Click on the number (123), navigate to (#+=), the next page, and tap the Symbol twice.

This should be enough.

On an Android tablet or smartphone

Making a caret with an Android tablet or smartphone is precisely similar.

Understanding what “” means is essential since you’ll find it everywhere, from your group chats with your colleagues to social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

What is? In Chat?

Here Is What ^^ Means in Chat:

The Symbol is an emoticon popular among people that can be used to convey the joy or acceptance of an earlier message. It can also be used to replace the western Symbol. It is rooted in Asia, where people usually prefer smiling eyes instead of smiling faces.

It can be used in numerous scenarios; below, you’ll find six explanations, including real-life examples.

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The Symbol: What does”” mean in Chat?

Image created by the author via Canva. Is the meaning of in Chat?

The Confusion Around the ^^ Symbol

The Symbol is an emoticon that is often confusing and can make people question what it is and what it means.

It can be challenging to comprehend how to use this Symbol. For example, if you notice people around you using it, you might ask whether they’re smiling with their flirting or humorous. But, on the other hand, you could interpret it to mean something else as you originally intended.

Many people believe that the Emoticon’s meaning is similar to a smiley face. They’re right to consider that both symbols represent smiling faces.

However, there are many more possibilities for this tiny person, so keep reading If you’re interested in learning more about how to utilize it in different situations.

What Is the ^^ Sign Called?

You may not be aware that the Symbol you frequently see in chats is known as”a “caret.”

The caret isn’t just used in chat rooms or texting.

It is available in programming languages for computers and everyday conversations. You can also use it to create an alternative to Ctrl.

In specific languages, people use it to identify vowels within their phonetic alphabet. You’ll find these in math problems that require different functions, such as exponential functions.

In a way, you can consider that two carets constitute a double.


When people use ETA in Chat, they are telling others an estimated arrival time. However, ETA can also have other meanings. Therefore, it should be used within its appropriate context. For example, ETA sometimes says that a flight will arrive at its destination at a particular time. The same principle applies to the use of ETA in email. Read on to learn more. Below are some examples of when to use ETA in Chat.

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What Does ^^ & ETA Mean in Chat?

ETA stands for “Estimated Time of Arrival” and is a helpful acronym that tells people the estimated arrival time. You can also use this acronym in text updates and meeting places. If you do not want other people to know your exact arrival time, you can use an edited version of this abbreviation. To find out more, visit Internet Slang. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn about chat slang.

ETA stands for “Estimated Time of Arrival” or “Evening Time of Arrival.” You might notice that ETA has several meanings. Here are the complete forms of ETA:


How to avoid typing mm-hmm in Chat? Unless you’re trying to flirt, avoiding using ‘hmm’ in Chat is probably the best way to avoid offending someone. The textual content is very similar to the phrase “I don’t know,” meaning you’re unsure if you’re talking about the same topic. This sentence may indicate agreement and could also be a way to coax a response.

Hmming is a classic sign of boredom. While it may seem silly initially, it will make the other person seem silly and dumb. Another common way to respond to a dumb hmm is by sending a related meme. First, the other person will feel obliged to respond. But then, they’ll think twice before responding. You can also use the mm-hmm in Chat to coax a different response.

The complete form of mm-hmm doesn’t have a definition, but it’s mentioned in other categories. It’s a Probabilistic model used in machine learning. It is commonly used in online chats. However, it would help if you were careful not to overuse this signal in Chat. You should use it only if necessary to convey a clear message. It’s not an excellent way to show your ignorance or annoyance.

The word ‘hmm’ has various meanings. It can indicate that you are thinking about a response or if you disagree with what your opponent is saying. It’s neutral and can be purposefully ambiguous to keep the other person guessing. The word can also indicate that you have nothing to say in response to the question. Sometimes, “hmm” may also be used to avoid answering a question.

The hmm-hmm text message can have two results: either the person receiving the message will be irritated, or the person will be confused. When used in a text message, the ‘hmm’ response is considered rude when the other person cannot reply with a direct answer. In many instances, however, this phrase can be an effective solution to avoiding rude text messages.

However, when used in Chat,’ mm-hmm’ is rarely polite to the other person. People expect a pleasant texting experience and don’t want to waste anyone’s time. The hmm-hmm in Chat can also signify that a person is not interested in the conversation. In such a case, a witty response is much better than a clumsy response.

“Hmm” is also an acceptable response to ‘hmm.’ It may not sound witty, but a witty response shows that you understand the word ‘hmm.’ Moreover, it might get the person’s attention and keep the conversation going. There are many situations where ‘hmm’ is a good response to’mm,’ but sometimes the ‘hmm’ is the wrong response.

When used in text messages,’ mhm’ expresses agreement or acknowledgment. While the original mm-hmm was first used in 1934, its use in Chat is much more recent. MHM first appeared in the Urban Dictionary in 2004. However, it is unclear when this term became prevalent on the internet. A family guy clip illustrates the mhmm’s diverse uses. The phrase also conveys a positive response, but not as enthusiastically as a “yes.”