What does IG mean in Texting, WhatsApp and Twitter?

What does IG mean in Texting, WhatsApp and Twitter?

What does IG mean in Texting, WhatsApp and Twitter?

What Does the Term “IG” Mean?

You’ve undoubtedly encountered the abbreviation “IG” before if you’ve used Snapchat, Whatsapp and Twitter or been texting the average English-speaking young person. Fortunately, this article will answer the question, “What does IG mean?”

What Does the Abbreviation “IG” Stand For?

The acronym “IG” in texting on Whatsapp and Twitter means either “I guess” or “Instagram,” depending on the context, according to Urban Dictionary. In-text messages or chat on Whatsapp or Twitter, IG commonly signifies “I guess” (either to show agreement or ironic certainty through doubt and reluctance; frequently followed by eye-rolling), but “IG” usually refers to Instagram, the company owned by Meta (previously known as Facebook).

That’s right, all that buildup for a simple word; nevertheless, given the nature of acronyms in modern times, they’re frequently employed in casual digital text discussions to express meaning swiftly.

When Did The Abbreviation “IG” Become Popular?

We’ll look at the history of the abbreviations used in society now that we’ve established what the acronym IG stands for. Around 2015, the abbreviation “IG” began to gain popularity among those who used it on Whatsapp and Twitter. It’s no surprise, either, because the decade of the 2010s was the decade of digital familiarity, in which society had recovered from the shock of the internet’s first emergence in the early 2000s and was now seeking methods to engage with the internet more informally and efficiently.

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As a result, throughout these years, many people with prominent digital lives began to casually utilize a variety of acronyms to connect across the internet more quickly. As time passed, the abbreviation “IG” began to catch the general public’s attention. Its use increased by more than 127 percent in less than a year, from the end of 2015 to the end of 2016.

The IG Phrase is gaining popularity. Google Trends is the source of this information.

Other Definitions of the Abbreviation “IG”

Let’s look at some of the other alternative interpretations for the acronym “IG” now that we’ve established the fundamental facts about its usage and its history and origin. The most common alternative for the abbreviation “IG” is to refer to the popular social networking platform Instagram. That’s right, anything from casual to professional.

Almost as long as “IG” has been used to refer to the phrase “I guess,” it has also been used as a shorthand reference to the social media platform; the main difference is that when referring to the platform (I.E. “IG”), people usually capitalize the letters in the acronym, rather than keeping them lowercase.

Many people use the abbreviation “IG” to refer to the company, and it has a history of being used in reasonably professional contexts, such as when business owners and social media influencers are negotiating.

When Should You Use “IG” As An Acronym?

The most acceptable times to use the abbreviation “IG” in the middle of a text discussion are when you find yourself stating “I guess” for any reason. It’s preferable to keep the conversation realistic and casual to prevent the wrong professional image.

A Few Sentences That Demonstrate the Use of “IG”

Now that we’ve covered practically everything there is to know about the IG definition. We’ll show you a couple of sentences where it’s used correctly for reference before wrapping up.

  • “She’ll attend the college of her choice, but she might be contemplating other alternatives, IG”
  • “IG, it doesn’t matter which one we eat today because they both contain the same number of calories.”
  • “Since you insisted on an answer, the only answer I can come up with is IG not.”
  • “I’m sorry if you didn’t get my last WhatsApp message, but we’re going clubbing tonight.”
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Other Uses of the IG Abbreviation

Aside from “I guess” and Instagram, the abbreviation/acronym IG can have various meanings. Here are a few examples:

  • Immunoglobulin (IgG) is a type of protein that (IgG, IgA, or IgM)
  • General Inspector (or general inspectorate)
  • group of people with a common interest
  • In the game (in online gaming circles on Discord)
  • Instructions for installation/implementation
  • Igloo
  • Greyhound from Italy
  • Ignore
  • a non-profit organization

The Origins of Acronyms and Why We Use Them

Humans have used “Acronyms” for as long as civilized society has existed, perhaps even longer. These are compact, efficient terms or names derived from the first letters of a lengthier word or phrase, frequently using individual initials as the letters for the acronym itself; for example, NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Acronyms can also be made up of the syllables that make up their composing phrases/words, such as Benelux, which is a collective term for Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Acronyms are generally pronounced as words by those who use them; good instances of this manner of pronunciation include NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) (United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization).

In other circumstances, acronyms will be pronounced like the individual letters that make them up; notable examples of this include the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and ATM (Automated Teller Machine) (Automated Teller Machine). Even yet, some pronunciations combine the two techniques, as in “JPEG” and “IUPAC,” for example.

Since the dawn of time, acronyms have been seen as a more efficient manner of expressing a message while using less linguistic real estate. This is especially true if the message needs to be presented on behalf of a professional organization or institution, such as a political party or institution. That said, we aren’t here to talk about any old acronyms; we aren’t even talking about professional acronyms. We’re here to talk about and investigate one abbreviation: the acronym “IG,” which is frequently used in modern text chats.

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Other Popular Abbreviations 

A few much popular abbreviations and their full-forms are listed below:


It means “I guess”.


IHS refers to “I Hope So” while answering a question on chats on Whatsapp and Twitter.


DTM means “Dead To Me.” it is very common on Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc.


LG refers to a little girl while chatting.