What does Minato’s kunai say in Naruto?

What does Minato's kunai say in Naruto?

What does Minato’s teleportation kunai say?

Naruto fans wonder about what Minato’s teleportation kunai might have said, and they came across no clues. Let us dive into the real meaning of those Japanese words. The first is Shinobi, and the other one represents love. So we can say it says ‘Sword of Shinobi’s Love.”


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So what does Minato’s teleportation Kunai mean?

忍愛之剣 (にんあいのけん 又は しのびあいのけん)

Minato refined the technique developed by 2nd Hokage Tobirama. The script on his Kunai aids him to utilize his modified version of flying Raijin much better and more efficient. It makes Minato one of the most deadly Ninja in the 3rd war. His mere presence can incite the fear of his enemies.

These are the kanji on the surface, and when you use google translate, it is translated as Shinobu Aino Sword. Minato is the only one to use this type of Kunai. It’s a custom-made one. The handling of this Kunai can be slightly more complicated. Many fans are interested to discover what’s written on the Kunai. Only to determine the meaning was “Shinobi.” A ninja or Shinobi is a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. A shinobi is helpful in espionage, deception, and surprise attacks.

Ren Ai Zhi Jian (ninainoken You ha shinobiainoken): 忍愛之剣 (にんあいのけん 又は しのびあいのけん)

We conclude it as Sword of Shinobi’s Love. The person who sketched the image didn’t pay focus on the characters. 

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Can Minato throw the Kunai and then teleport to it from the air, then keep throwing it and teleporting upwards and up until it reaches space?

The Flying Raijin can allow the user to “instantly” transport to wherever the seal is placed. However, he could not make it into space as he would not breathe once the air got too thin, or he’d be frozen to death if he could get it to a sufficient height. I’m not sure there’s a practical reason to do it, however. It’s not like he could breathe in space or as is high in the atmosphere.


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If he kept two marked Kunai in his pocket, you could throw one, teleport there, take it, throw another one, and repeat the procedure. But, in reality, when he had to travel quickly, the chances are he would have made a note of it before the time.

What is the reason why Minato possess a custom-designed Kunai instead of the normal Kunai?

The main reason for this is to allow him to put the flying thunder God(teleportation) marks on them. That was his method to implement it in combat. He spreads them out across the battlefield and then uses them as a marker for teleportation.

Then during the battle, He can also teleport to any of these marks. That is how the tiger proved quicker over the Fourth Raikage. He set up his Kunai before the attack, and when the raikage came charging the Kunai, he teleported to one of his Kunai. Also, he used the same Kunai to transport the Tailed beast bomb sent to Kurama. Kurama in the Kyuubi attack in the year naruto became a reality.

Another great illustration is when Minato wrestles against Obito (Masked Man) just before the earlier incident. Minato throws his Kunai at Obito. When it’s just above the back of Obito, Minato teleports and hits Obito using the Rasengan. However, that doesn’t mean that he cannot mark his marks other ways. Still, to answer the question, he uses the Kunai to keep teleportation markers.

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One of the main motives is the design, which can be very beneficial. Minato is the fastest Ninja, even walking on his feet. If his weapon’s blade has more surface area, it will be much easier for him to strike. Another advantage is this design could break even swords. Let me demonstrate how.

Here, it has many of them. Even Minato’s Kunai has 2. If a sword is stuck in the Kunai, if it is bent, it can snap due to tension caused by it. The other reason could be that it is easy to put markings on the sword since Minato‘s mark is enormous. Even Tobirama employed the technique and was the one who invented it; however, his mark was smaller than the Senju symbol. That is why Minato was a fan of the three-pronged Kunai.