What episode does Ichigo get his final form in Manga?

Ichigo final form episode in Manga

Ichigo final form episode in Manga: 309

The Final Getsuga Tenshō! is the 309th episode of the Bleach anime. Ichigo Kurosaki in that episode, uses the Final Getsuga Tenshō against Sōsuke Aizen.

Ichigo in the final form in the manga and in the anime, there seems to be a difference in each panel. However, in early stages of this episode and its color version, we see that they all follow a certain line.

This is because Kubo’s original intention was to always draw Ichigo using his Bankai throughout all these stages of evolution. In fact, after drawing chapter 460, he went back to the previous chapters and corrected some drawings where Ichigo lacked his mask covering his whole face or long hair. 

In addition to that, Kubo used an image from another character again just like what happened with Zangetsu for this new transformation: it came from Byakuya’s Senbonzakura.

To make this comparison easier to follow, we decided to do it in steps (there are actually 8 steps and not 6 like the anime).

Now that you’ve seen both versions, tell us what you think about them by leaving a comment! Here’s our opinion: The anime version has Ichigo with long hair and he is using his Bankai ability to cover his sword with cloth so we can clearly see Zangetsu under it. However, in the manga version he has short hair and isn’t using any of these abilities plus we can see Zangetsu fully which makes us question whether he is using his Bankai or not.

In Bleach, why did Ichigo became stronger than Aizen with his Final Getsuga Tenshou form?

Ichigo was already extremely formidable. He managed to keep up with Ulquiorra, who could fight evenly with Yammy, who fought on par with Ichigo in his released form. Ichigo’s hollow mask is also especially resistant against powerful attacks, as seen when he only sustained a scar against the Cero Oscuras fired by Ulquiorra. Furthermore, his spiritual power is very high even for a Vaizard or Arrancar (only other 2 races that are stated to have high level Reiryoku), which allowed him to defeat Shawlong Koufang while still in human form by releasing his Bankai. After becoming an Arrancar via Aizen’s Hogyoku, ichigo went through a dramatic power up. When ichigo fought uryu he was able to stand toe-to-toe with uryu for a short period of time and uryu himself stated that ichigo had enough spiritual pressure to rival an Espada for a brief moment (though ichi would’ve lost as uryu still hasn’t recuperated from his fight with Grimmjow and also ichigo wasn’t strong enough yet).

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Then we come to the end of Hueco Mundo arc where Aizen managed to absorb ichgio’s hollow powers making him much stronger than before as now Aizen’s Zanpakuto can nullify his Bankai as well as his hollow mask (it’s more of ichigo’s fault here for giving ichgio hollow powers to Aizen).

Then when Ichigo fought against Ulquiorra he was able to use a very powerful Getsuga Tenshō that crippled Ulquiorra, even though it failed to kill him. In contrast, his full powered Sōsuke Aizen could only negate the attack with his sword. However, since his Bankai had been destroyed earlier in the fight by Ulquiorra and he hadn’t used a kido spell in a long time prior to using the Getsuga Tenshō because he was relying on physically smashing through Ulquior’s hierro with brute force, ichigo was debilitated and thus Aizen could focus on nullifying his attacks.

However Ichigo surprised everyone by using a very powerful Getsuga Tenshō that he fired at point-blank range to the centre of Aizen’s chest. Not only did it rupture Aizen’s defensive spell, but also it badly wounded him despite having negated much of its power with Kyoka Suigetsu (Aizen even commented that Ichigo has grown far stronger since their last battle). This proves how much Ichigo had changed in strength and power from when he fought against Ulquiorra to when he fought against Aizen, showing how much his powers have grown in such a short period of time.

Then after this Ichigo’s power spikes even further when he obtains his new power-up called Bankai. Despite not having mastered it (he mastered the second stage of it later on), ichigo was still able to use its incredible powers to beat back Aizen in his hollow mask state, nearly forcing him out of the physical world thanks to his sheer energy alone. However, Aizen still remained unfazed by Ichigo’s final Getsuga Tenshō attack which had finally knocked him out of Kyoka Suigetsu’s complete hypnosis and proceeded to literally slice through seireitei using tesseract dimension warping capabilities .

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Why did Ichigo use the final getsuga?

Why ichigo used  the final getsuga?  If Ichigo is to  destroy Kisuke and his friends, why not use the final getsuga /boruto episode 16 spoilers/  from the very beginning?, as you will see now as we analyze everything that has happened until now.

Actually, this question arises from those who read only the manga and do not pay attention to screenings of anime episodes. In fact, there are some differences in these publications and we will try to explain it all here: The reason why Ichigo has saved and stored energy and power (spiritual power) for a long time was revealed by Tite Kubo himself: if he had appeared with all his power in front of Ichigo , Kisuke Urahara would not be able to fight with 90%. And this is exactly what happened, since he asked for Ichigo’s help at the last minute.