What is the difference between carbon steel and stainless steel?

What is the difference between carbon steel and stainless steel?

What is the difference between carbon steel and stainless steel?

 In carbon steel and stainless steel, there is one basic word “steel” so, steel is the entire class that includes alloys with different compositions. Alloys are substances that are composed of different kinds of metals that are found on the Earth. But, here might possible you’re curious about what is the basic difference between carbon steel and stainless steel.We will also discuss investment casting.

So, if your belongs are not from an engineer or any technical field then we will differentiate carbon steel and stainless steel in easy words for you. The common difference between carbon steel and stainless steel comes from the composition of alloy that is present in it.

Otherwise, all the composition in both kinds of steel and stainless steel is the same. The alloy content present in carbon steel is less than the stainless steel which is under 10.5. In contrast, in stainless steel, the alloy content ( a combination of different metals) typically reaches 10.5 or more.

Carbon steel

The percentage of carbon present in carbon steel is a negligible amount about 2 percent but the basic difference comes based on their alloy content. Carbon is the hard form of metal in some cases so even with the presence of very less amount carbon the tightness is present in it. When we talk about steel our basic reference is towards the high carbon steel that includes the instruments we use in daily life. Their value to bear the force is more but they can be easily bent and break when comes under pressure.

But, the use of low carbon steel is very helpful for us. Their cost of production is very low, no one can easily break it, when you apply stress to low carbon they will bend from their original position. We use mostly in daily life products that come in more touch such as steel plates and automobiles bodies.

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Stainless steel

Before defining stainless steel one thing is obvious, it contains a large amount and the key factor is chromium. Although the amount of carbon and iron is also present in stainless steel. But the chromium present in the stainless steel makes a reaction with air oxygen but this reaction is not vigorous. As a result of chromium reaction with oxygen a thin layer forms on the equipment which protects the instrument from further rusting. And the prevention of rusting in the chromium occurs only due to the Chromium.

What should we use in daily life carbon steel or stainless steel?

Carbon steel and stainless steel both are different from each other in context to the constituents present in them. But no one type of steel is above the other one the only thing that matters is the purpose of your use. But here, we can describe some features that will help you to make a choice the materials that contain carbon steel, can damage through rust, wear under pressure, and look shiny(not a good feature).

But, in contrast, stainless steel is preserved from the rusting process, it has no brittle properties, and, its ability to bear the stress is limited.