What Is The Meaning Of Renew Lease Wi-Fi On An iPhone?

What Is The Meaning Of Renew Lease Wi-Fi On An iPhone?

What Is The Meaning Of Renew Lease Wi-Fi On An iPhone? | What does it actually mean?

Are you facing some problems in connecting to a wireless network? There can be many causes related to it. The most common cause is your router’s expired or invalid IP address. Renewing the leased Wi-Fi may solve this issue immediately.

After connecting your mobile device to a Wi-Fi network, the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) assigns you a temporary IP address for the dial-in-session. It is called your “Lease .” The online IP address changes for your new session automatically. Renewing the Lease describes changing the IP address on your mobile device manually. Renewing and releasing your IP address is very helpful to solve the following issues:

  • Any website blocks the current IP address.
  • General problems related to internet connections.
  • Breakage of internet connections due to router reconfiguration.

When your Wi-Fi is not working, you may check the wireless router but restarting the router does not always work. Sometimes the issue is not with the connection of the router. But it may be due to settings on your device. Then “Renew Wi-Fi Lease” could work. When you find out that your device is not connecting to the internet properly, you can renew your Wi-Fi lease. This action will help you solve the wireless connection issue.

What Does Renewing The Lease Wi-Fi Mean On The iPhone?

All devices connected to the internet have a way to transfer the data from one device to the other. This path of transferring data has a unique and specific address on the internet and the network so that there is no difference. IP addresses are the addresses of your devices on the internet that are just a group of networks of different networks. When your iPhone device gets connected to a Wi-Fi router, the Wi-Fi router will assign your device an IP address upon confirmation that the Wi-Fi password is correct. Your iPhone uses this IP address to communicate with the router and identify your iPhone. It performs the function of a bridge between the internet and the iPhone.

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IN MOST CASES, the IP addresses can have an expiry date or a lease time (DHCP) Lease Time. Generally, it is around 4 hours for home routers. So when you are connected to the router until the next day, the IP address will assign to your device. This address can change if you disconnect and another computer or device comes along. The address will be assigned to that device too. Suppose your device is connected to the Wi-Fi for a long time, and the lease period for that IP address will finish. In that case, you can get the “Renew Wi-Fi lease” prompt on your iPhone or other devices as well.

How To Fix The Issues Related To Renew Wi-Fi Lease?

You can fix this issue, utterly dependent on the device you are using. Below are the steps that apply to all iPhones or iPad users.

Tap “Renew Lease”

You can request an IP address or a new Lease from the iPhone itself.

  • Open the setting and go for the Wi-Fi option.
  • Search the Wi-Fi network you want to renew the Lease for and tap on the “i” button next to it.
  • You have to connect to that network assume that you already are.
  • Scroll and click on ‘”Renew Lease.”
  • After a few seconds, your internet should start working again.

If this will not work, you can forget the network and reconnect again.

Forgetting Wi-Fi And Reconnecting

Keep that in mind that you will need the password again to connect when you forget the Wi-Fi network. If you do not know how to do it, try other ways like restarting your iPhone and checking the Wi-Fi Lease to see the Wi-Fi lease has been renewed.

  • Click on the settings of your iPhone and go to the Wi-Fi connections.
  • Tap on your Wi-Fi name from the list of Wi-Fi networks.
  • You will see the option “Forget this Network.”
  • In the end, click on “Forget” to make sure the connection is from the device.
  • Then connect your device to Wi-Fi again, and this time you should not receive the renewal Wi-Fi lease error.
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Reset The Setting Of Your Network

It is another thing you can do to reset the network settings from your device completely.

  • Go to device settings and open “General’.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on “Reset.”
  • Click on “Reset Network Settings” and confirm any confirmation requests.
  • Then your iPhone will restart.
  • When the restart is complete, the renewal Wi-Fi lease error should be removed when connecting to your Wi-Fi.

Steps To Follow If You Can’t Renew The Lease On iPhone

Suppose they do not renew the Lease on your iPhone, or you can not properly connect to the internet. In that case, you could try to fix the issue with a phone or iPad troubleshooter software. It is accessible on a wide range of versions of the iPhone and gives professional solutions to various system problems. You can follow these steps to solve your Wi-Fi connection issues. Follow all the steps mentioned earlier.


Install AnyFix on your computer. Connect your iPhone device to the computer through a USB cable.


Launch AnyFix on your computer and tap “System Repair .” Select 50+ iPhone problems and tap “Start Now” when you see the interface.


Go for the “Standard Repair .” After processing, click “Download” to download firmware to fix your iPhone. Once the downloading is completed, tap on the “Fix Now” icon.


When you follow the above steps, AnyFix will automatically fix your device. When finished, you will see the confirmation page.


Sometimes you face trouble with the Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone. To resolve this issue, you have to renew your Lease with the network. When your mobile is not connecting to the internet, you may need to renew your Wi-Fi lease. This article covers detailed information about solving this problem.