Where & How to buy Eclipse Crypto? Moving BNB To Trust Wallet From Binance

Where & How to buy Eclipse Crypto? Moving BNB To Trust Wallet From Binance

How & Where to buy Eclipse Crypto?

Eclipse crypto is a digital currency that invests your money with safe, secured, and online platforms. It is used for Investing and trading. Eclipse coins will be a good investment in 2021. In April 2021, the eclipse token was listed in the cryptocurrency exchange. Eclipse token is not a coin; it is a token in reality. Its price is down nowadays, but it’s going 99% faster with time. It is a new coin, so it is risky to invest in it. Eclipse tokens will cross 1 cent in 2025. If an investor invests in this currency with a lower investment, eclipse crypto may make the investor richer. There is also a possibility that investors could lose all the money.

What Is Eclipse Cryptocurrency?

Eclipse cryptocurrency is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Initially, eclipse cryptocurrency started as a meme token. It gains so much support from its users. In the BSC cryptocurrency market, Eclipse has gained so much popularity. They develop several new agreements for people who hold those coins. Eclipse is a utility token—Eclipse cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain. Eclipse-built platforms use eclipse tokens. This type of crypto is traded in online markets, and online markets charge a few fees to trade this currency. Through this cryptocurrency, you can invest and exchange your real money in digital cryptocurrencies with the help of Eclipse Cryptocurrency.

How Does It Work?

This payment system works on online platforms. This online currency is acceptable in most online payments in different countries. This crypto has gained popularity all over the world. Meanwhile, you can transfer your money to tokens to easily exchange them from one person to another with Eclipse tokens. This currency trades with a digital wallet; if you don’t have a digital wallet, you must create a wallet to hold your coins.

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Where Can I Buy Eclipse Cryptocurrency?

By downloading Trust Wallet onto your device, it enables the DApp browser. After this, using PancakeSwap, you can swap BNB. Here discuss the step by step procedure to buy Eclipse token:

1.   Download Trust Wallet

Firstly, you will go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search Trust Wallet. Now, download this app on your phone. You will provide a recovery phrase by the app while creating your wallet. Store this recovery phrase carefully. At the end of this process, there is a verification process of your recovery phase.

2.   Smart Chain Address

Thus, copy your Smart Chain Address after the wallet creation process in Trust Wallet. Various types of cryptocurrencies will appear on the screen of your device.

Four icons SEND, RECEIVE, COPY, and MORE appear on your Smart Chain Wallet. Copy the Smart Chain Address to your device’s clipboard by pressing the COPY icon. Always store that address in a safe place.

3.   Buy BNB on Binance

Eclipse cryptocurrency can only be bought using BNB. From the Binance app, you can buy them.

On BNB, you will charge only 0.1%. On the other hand, Trust Wallet will charge up to 5% in fees. First, download the Binance app from the google play store or the App Store. Create a new account and tap on the button that says “Buy .” Make a payment comparable to 0.1 BNB.

Moving BNB To Trust Wallet From Binance

Now you have Trust Wallet and Binance with a smart chain address. You already bought 0.1 BNB in your Binance Wallet. Next, you transfer the BNB from Binance to Trust Wallet.

Now tap the “Withdraw” icon in the Binance Wallet. The “Withdraw BNB” page appears on your screen. You will see a lot of fields, including ADDRESS, NETWORK, and AMOUNT, on this page. Now put the Smart chain address and paste it into the “Withdraw BNB” page. Your Network field must be set to “BEP20(BSC)”. Finally, mention the amount you wish to withdraw. Your BNB will transfer to your smart chain wallet by tapping the WITHDRAW icon.

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This entire process requires up to half an hour.

1.   Copying Eclipse Address

Our final objective is to buy Eclipse cryptocurrency, so we need Eclipse addresses. It will allow you to transfer it to Trust Wallet then PancakeSwap it. Search CoinMarketCap.com and locate “Eclipse.” Scroll down to the “Contracts” tab. Here, you will see the duplicate icon; your Eclipse contract address will be copied by tapping on it.

2.   Addition Of Eclipse To Your Trust Wallet

When you copy the Eclipse token’s contract address, it is easier to import it to Trust Wallet.

Go to your Trust Wallet. Tapping on the “Settings” icon will take you to the “Manage” page. Onto the search bar on the “Manage” page, paste the Eclipse contract address. Tapping the button “ON” will make Eclipse appear in your Trust Wallet.

3.   Activation Of Trust Wallet DApp Browser

Open a browser like Firefox or Chrome. Enter “trust://browser_enable” in your browser. Tap “Go” and open the related page. It enables the DApp browser.

4.   Swapping The BNB For Eclipse

Our final aim is to buy the Eclipse cryptocurrency. BNB is already in your Trust Wallet. If you want to swap BNB for Eclipse, you can use the PancakeSwap. Let’s discuss the basic steps:

Go into the” Browser.” Scroll to the “Popular” header. Click on PancakeSwap (opens PancakeSwap). Click on the “Connect” button. A list of wallets appears; click on the Trust Wallet to connect it to PancakeSwap. Now your Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap are connected, you can start exchanging tokens.

5.   Buy Eclipse Token

At the bottom of the navigation bar, tap on the V1 (old) button. Click on the check box that appears and tap on “Continue to V1 Anyway”. Furthermore, PancakeSwap V2 does not assist Eclipse Token, so you should switch to PancakeSwap V1. After selecting your desired currency, paste the Eclipse contract address in the related field. The Eclipse will transfer to the PancakeSwap. It requires the right key for BNB to be swapped for Eclipse. The balance of the Eclipse token appears on your Trust Wallet if you follow these steps accurately.

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This article will help buy Eclipse cryptocurrency using Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap. However, Eclipse cryptocurrency has gained popularity due to the tremendous rewards offering features. From May 2021, the team recorded more than 180,000 Eclipse estimate holders. Before buying this currency, make sure that you have a Digital wallet number. It will be difficult to store your investment if you don’t have a Digital Wallet number.