Which Episode and how did Hange Zoe die? Attack on Titan LGBT

Which Episode and how did Hange Zoe die? Attack on Titan LGBT

How did Hange Zoe ( LGBT Character) die in Attack on Titan? Chapter 132

After marching across the ocean for a few chapters, Eren’s Titan armies has finally reached the shore of Marleyan and are tearing through its population. Chapter #131 brought us to the ground to show, in unbearable proximity, how dire the current fate of its citizens, Eldian and Marleyan alike. Unfortunately, this is also true for those who are fighting to stop Eren.

Marleyan Volunteers, Titan shifters and the last Survey Corps have teamed up to stop the rumbling. Their efforts have so far brought them a ship and fuel, as well as a flying boat. However, they lost Keith Shadis and Theo Magath, who sacrificed their lives to ensure the group could continue. In Chapter #132, Hange Zoe makes a brave sacrifice in an act that will be remembered as Attack on Titan’s most tragic death since Erwin Smith, Hange’s predecessor.

The group stops at Odiha to replenish supplies and repair equipment. They have to make this risky decision if they are going to fly the boat. They don’t realize the danger that is coming: Eren is already following them. After flattening Marley’s central city, the Wall Titans descend from nearby mountains with sudden violent tremors. Floch Forster, a traitor who clung to the boat after leaving Paradis, emerges and blows holes in the fuel tank of their flying boat.

The group must now work tirelessly to complete more extensive repairs before being trampled underfoot. According to one engineer, it will take them an hour to complete the job. The soldiers know this is too close for comfort. They might be able to get the time they need by taking out a few Wall Titans. Hange is aware of this and, keeping Erwin’s suicide charge at the Beast Titan in his mind, knows exactly what must be done as the Commander.

Hange was introduced as a “mad scientist” in the first series. His peculiar love for the Titans’ secrets was matched only with a fierce devotion towards protecting and serving Paradisians, even if it meant turning against its government. Hange’s eccentric personality and unwavering devotion have continued to the manga’s darkest chapters. Hange would go to hell and back with Captain Levi, even if he were not so caring. Outside of Attack on Titan’s world, fans have applauded Hajime Isayama for leaving Hange’s gender identity up for interpretation, providing some much-needed gender non-conforming/non-binary representation in a genre that largely ignores it. This aspect of Hange doesn’t define Hange. Hange can be Hange.

Hange’s exit from the story is a heartbreaker for all of these reasons. Even Levi understands his friend’s motives and is moved enough by the Corps’ cheesy mantra to end his story: “Devote Your Heart.” Isayama saves us from the pain of watching Hange’s last moments on this plane. That is rare mercy. Hange can’t handle the steam from the Wall Titans after he has cut down as many as possible. Hange, in reality, is crushed by their massive feet. However, Erwin and countless other fallen comrades help Hange up.

Hange can relax knowing that his sacrifice was not in vain when he sees the flying boat in the air. It will be a devastating blow to the morale of the rest of the group, and Armin will feel it along with the additional weight of responsibility that it takes to lead the group.

Gender | Is Hange Zoe a boy or girl?

Hange Zoe’s gender status remains ambiguous. The author instructed English translators to use gender-neutral pronouns whenever possible. They are sometimes referred to in volume 5 as “she” in the early editions. However, this was before the publisher received the pronoun instructions. Romi Park, Hange’s voice actor, mentioned that she was instructed to keep Hange’s gender ambiguity while voicing them.

Isayama claims that the song by Shinsei kamattechan was a character song for Hange. The music, which includes lyrics like “I’m Boku” and “atashi” too,” and “As for myself who could never be both a man and a woman”, is about gender nonconformity, possibly non-binary. Noko, the lead singer of this band, is also non-binary/gender.


Hange is generally perceived as a female character because of their feminine appearance and the lack of explicit reference to non-binary. Others see them as nonbinary and consider it disrespectful to view Hange as a female. Many fans believe that anime Hange is biologically female, but manga Hange can be interpreted as any gender. Hange is used with all pronouns, so any way to view Hange’s gender will be correct if the reader believes it.

Who was Hange Zoe, anyway?

Hange Zoe, the 14th commander in the Survey Corps, was named by Erwin Smith shortly before his death. Hange was previously a Squad Leader in Charge of the Fourth Squad. He had the responsibility of conducting research and inventing new Titans. Hange was promoted to Commander and was responsible for expedition planning, managing the regiment, recruitment, and all other duties previously held by Erwin. Armin Arlert succeeded them after their deaths.


Hange was a light-coloured person with long, dark brown eyes. They also had shoulder-length hair. Hange’s left eye was severely damaged when caught in the explosion that Bertolt Hoover was transforming. They wore a small, black patch on their left eye. Their hair was always messy and oily because they were constantly on the go. Hange wore square-shaped, thick-rimmed glasses with bands around their heads to prevent them from falling off during combat. They wore oval-shaped glasses when not in combat, but they kept the bands on their heads.

Hange would sometimes be seen raising their glasses to their forehead, which was often done to show anger or seriousness. Hange often wore the standard Survey Corps uniform, with a white button-up shirt underneath. Hange wore the standard green Survey Corps cloak when on business or missions. Hange also wore a bolo tie at all times, just like other military commanders. Hange wore a white button-up shirt and black pants when they were not in uniform. Sometimes, Hange would also wear a black coat if they were in a hurry.


Hange was a free-thinking, energetic researcher who seemed to have a unique way of conducting their work. They were also very objective and observant. Hange says that their hearts were filled with hate when they joined the Survey Corps. They kicked a 3 meter Titan’s head and were stunned at its extraordinary lightness. Hange let go of all the anger and insecurity he held on to and took a fresh approach to Titan research. Hange showed compassion for Titan test subjects and even cried when Bean was put in extreme pain. He also had a meltdown when the Titans died.

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Hange became more severe as the threat from the enemy grew. Hange began to lose their lightheartedness but remained calm and severe. They still showed great compassion for others, even the suffering and death. Hange tried to console Mikasa by explaining their pain at the loss of their comrades, hugging her in grief and then he went on to console Mikasa. Hange, despite being a brave soldier, confided to Moblit Berner that they felt terror at Titan things. However, their curiosity about Titans and concern for Hange’s loved ones seemed to be more critical. Hange began to show signs of anger, stress and exhaustion as their Commander positions increased.

Hange was a genius who used their brains to invent weapons and tactical plans for humanity. Hange was a great leader and was considerate of his comrades. He could quickly solve complex problems to create plans that their team members could follow. They could also use Hange’s genius in any way they wanted.

Hange’s energy was only half their personality. They also had a darker side to their personalities that they kept hidden. Djel Sannes was shown a psychotic side by Hange, who gave a demented smile and told him how much pain he would cause for what he did to Minister Nick, Hange’s friend. Hange laughed and joked with Sannes while he was being tortured at Hange and Levi Ackerman. Hange’s strongest emotion was anger. They were frequently seen changing from calm and collected to angry and threatening. This extreme personality change was rarely seen as they quickly calmed themselves down and were only observed in urgent situations. Hange often put their glasses on top of the head to show this change, and it is easy to see their cheerful nature returning once they have put them down.


Ilse’s Notebook

Hange and Levi discover the body of a fallen Survey Corps soldier while on an expedition outside Wall Rose. Hange examines the armband of the soldier and says it belonged to the 34th Expedition. It was given to her by Ilse Langnar, who had died one year earlier.

Battle of Trost District

Hange is among Survey Corps members as they leave Trost District for another expedition to explore the world beyond the Walls. He also lays the foundations for their eventual return visit to Shiganshina District to retake Wall Maria. Hange jokes with the crowd about Captain Levi’s admiration and that they would be disappointed if he were a dirty freak.

The Female Titan arc

Mike Zacharias and Hange are responsible for taking Eren to the Military leaders’ court hearing. Hange, along with the rest of the Survey Corps, is present as Levi beats Eren. He also checks on Eren’s condition after the tribunal ends. Eren’s tooth that was lost grew back.

Hange later explains to Eren and the Special Operations Squad that Hange is responsible for experimenting with captured Titans Sonny & Bean. He begins to prepare Eren for past experiments. Still, because of his enthusiasm to learn, he ends up talking until the morning. Hange was about talking about the strange precedent concerning Ilse Langnar when Bean and Sonny interrupted him. Hange, rushing to the scene, cries at Sonny and Bean’s death.

Hange continues to work on Eren’s experiments. Hange becomes a little disappointed when Eren can’t transform into a Titan at will. Hange was a little disappointed to see Eren’s Titan hand. Still, it did break the tension between Eren & the Special Operations Squad. Hange runs excitedly to Eren and touches Eren’s Titan arm. Hange then burns his own hands on the exposed muscle. Hange discovers a teaspoon held by Eren’s Titan hand. He concludes that Eren has Titan powers only when he has a clear goal in mind. For example, he was defending his friends against a cannon. Hange also suggested that the switch could have had a good purpose and be connected to Titan’s nature.

A Female Titan attacks the Survey Corps during the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls and decimates their ranks. Hange mockingly explains that the Special Target Restraining Weapon is designed to make the Female Titan’s wounds heal faster so it will remain immobile.

The Female Titan makes a loud, shrieking sound that causes many Titans to rush the area and attack it. Erwin commands all the squads to attack the Titans and protect the Female Titan as they devour her. Hange fights tirelessly with his comrades but to no avail. Realizing all is lost, the Commander orders his soldiers to withdraw and return to Karenes District.

Hange had some questions for Erwin as they left the forest. Hange Zoe asks him why he told Levi to resupply them and separate from them. Hange asks Erwin if they witnessed the Female Titan’s operator being eaten with the Titan. Hange is horrified to discover that their enemy is still breathing.

After Annie Leonhart is revealed to be the Female Titan, Hange’s team is assigned to capture Annie Leonhart in Stohess District. Hange stops Keiji’s attempts to open the crystal Annie was encased in to prevent Annie from being taken, hostage. Hange orders that the crystal containing Annie is removed to ensure safety and concerns about the future of Survey Corps following the failure of a mission. Hange notices Mikasa still on the Wall and is shocked to discover a Titan in the hole. Hange wonders if there are Titans throughout the Walls. Minister Nick approaches Hange and asks him to stop the sun from reaching the Titan’s face to keep it awake.

Hange then tries to ask the Minister about what he has seen. He states approximately that they don’t need to know and threatens to demand damages to his church. Hange is furious at Nick’s attitude and grabs him by the arm, threatening to hold Nick over the Wall.

Hange concludes that Wall modifications have been so anti-Christian because of the knowledge they have about the Wall. Hange asserts that Survey Corps members sacrifice their lives to hope that it will be meaningful one day. They have the right to see what the Wall looks like and to understand why.

Nick, however, refuses to divulge anything. He clearly shows that his secret desires are to die, but Hange decides not to kill him and throws Nick back on the Wall.

Clash of the Titans arc

Hange, Eren, Mikasa and Armin are seen riding in a carriage along with Nick, Levi, Armin, Levi, Nick, and twenty hours after Titans were sighted in Wall Rose. Armin asks Hange why Nick is there. Hange replies that Nick and the Church of the Walls keep secrets about the Titans inside the Wall. Eren attacks him with his rage. Hange says that Nick is considering speaking and will assess the impact of the current situation on the people. Hange then explains that Nick is likely keeping silent because he has a more excellent motive than saving humanity. He reveals that Levi is holding Nick under gunpoint and that he will keep an eye on Nick.

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Levi asks Hange why he is playing with the rock. Hange replies that it is a piece of hardened flesh that Annie lost while trapped in Stohess. It has not evaporated. Armin is stunned when Hange tells him this. Hange also states that it is identical to Wall material. The two men then speculate that the Wall is made of Titan flesh. Armin suggests they could make it to Wall Maria at night and have Eren fill the hole with his Titan body if he can harden it.

After seeing the devastation caused by the Wall Rose breach, Nick tells Hange about Historia. She also informs Hange about Titans within the Walls. After being caught up in a dispute with her relative, she assumed a pseudonym and told the corps more if she wished. Armin, Mikasa and Eren are shocked to learn Krista Lenz’s fake name and rush off to find her. Hange claims that he doesn’t know all of the recruits to the 104th Training Corps, and Mikasa refers to Historia as the girl who is always with Ymir. That shocks Hange, Levi greatly. Levi was speaking with Ilse Langnar about Ymir.

Hange and his squad arrive to rescue and evacuate the wounded soldiers after Utgard Castle is destroyed. Hange is shocked when Ymir can control the Titans’ power and is concerned about her wounds from fighting the Titans.

Hange brings the surviving soldiers to the Walls. He reviews the situation regarding Ymir’s wounds. He then speaks to Historia Reiss about her humanity and value after discovering that her name isn’t Krista Lenz. Hange orders Hannes to stay in Trost until he arrives with Garrison’s vanguard until there is a breach. Eren is shocked when Reiner Braun tells Eren that he and Bertolt are the Armored Titans and Colossus. Eren then has a flashback to Hange telling them about two possible identities for the Armored Titan and Colossus. Hange says that Reiner Braun and Bertolt are from the same region as Annie and were located on the right side of the Expedition when Annie was The Female Titan. Armin recalls that Reiner took Eren’s location and wrote it down on Annie’s hand. Everyone dismissed them as being associated with her. Hange states that they don’t know they are suspects.

Hange orders soldiers to fight the Colossus from the Wall while Eren transforms and fights the Armored Titans on the ground. Hange dodges an attempt to attack the Colossus half-transformed, but it emits a tremendous burst of heat steam. Hange tells his soldiers to wait until it stops. Hange takes the first squad of soldiers down the Wall and directs them to attack the Armored Titan.

Hange is part of a team that supports Eren against the Armored Titan. He jumps on Eren’s shoulder and then strategizes with him. Hange breaks Reiner’s legs. Hange recalls the history of armor and how knights had to be able to move. She can accurately deduct that the seemingly invulnerable Armored Titan has unprotected areas at the joints to allow freedom of movement. Mikasa and Eren can bring him down, but after Eren screams, the Colossus Titan falls from the Wall onto Eren.

It was revealed that the Colossus Titan vanished when it fell off of the Wall and that Reiner & Bertolt kidnapped Ymir & Eren. The fall of the Colossus Titan caused heat waves and wind pressure to those who were at the Wall’s lower end. Hange is severely injured and unable to move at the moment. It has been five hours since Eren’s capture. Erwin arrives along with reinforcements and some of the Military Police Brigade. Hange crawls over to the soldier, grabs their ankle and asks for a map. Hange, still lying on his stomach, explains to the soldier that the enemy probably fled to a nearby Titan Forest. He also said that they were likely exhausted from fighting and needed to be protected from other Titans. Hange says they will reach them at nightfall.

Royal Government

Hange recovers fully and takes over the Ragako investigation for the next two weeks. Hange discovers that Titans were once human beings who had been transformed by unknown means into mindless beings. Although shaken by the revelation, Hange manages to finish the investigation and present their findings to Erwin and Dot Pixis. Hange believes that there is nothing unusual about the Titan’s nape. That is because previous experiments did not reveal anything. He also thinks that the Titan form absorbs any human pilot. The only way to kill a Titan is by complete decapitation.

Hange hears from Moblit shortly after that Nick had been killed. Hange immediately suspects the victims and goes to the scene to question the two Military Police officers. Hange observes Nick’s body and notices telltale signs of torture. One officer also has wounds that indicate he was involved in the beating. Hange pretends to believe that Nick was killed during a robbery and expresses his desire to find the perpetrators and take revenge on Nick. Hange and his squad immediately relay the news about Nick’s death to Squad Levi.

Hange later performs experiments on Eren’s Titan. Hange and Mikasa attempt to rescue him from Titan but discover that his body has bonded to Titan. Hange asks Moblit Berner to draw it while Mikasa cuts Eren off and declares that the experiment is over. Hange gives Eren the details of his experiment after he regains consciousness. Initially, Eren was able to control his Titan and respond to commands. But soon, Eren became confused and began to write on the ground, “my father…to you”, a message that intrigues Hange. Hange expressed optimism that they would gather helpful information about Eren’s limitations and versatility despite these failures.

The Survey Corps starts to plot against the monarchy, and they discover the secrets they will kill for. Levi assists Hange when the Survey Corps take Sannes. They take turns torturing Sannes before he is released to fetch Ralph. They make him read a script from Sannes’ front door and force him to use a knife to do so. He believes he was betrayed and is now considered a lunatic. Hange learns the secret of the Reiss family, the true rulers of humanity.

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Hange makes fun of Sannes after he confesses and reveals the truth about Ralph’s betrayal. Sannes is shaken but warns Hange that someone will be taking his place. He also wishes Hange good luck. Hange, visibly shaken, leaves the dungeon, enters a room and violently kicks over a table. Eren meets Hange and shares with him a recollection of Bertolt’s and Ymir’s conversations. That shocks Hange so much that they race off to Erwin.

Hange, out of breath after arriving at headquarters, warns Erwin that their plans might be destroyed. Hange’s notes led him to believe that Titans can absorb power from their victims. That allowed Ymir, an ordinary Titan, to become a Titan with the power to devour one. Hange believes Reiner likely intended to throw Titans at soldiers to make Eren fall, creating a new coordinate holder. Hange also believes that Reiner threw Titans at the soldiers hoping that A Titan would eat Eren to pass on the Coordinate.

His superiors inform Erwin that he has been charged with organizing a crime. Hange and Moblit are ordered to leave immediately, and Hange is named acting Commander of Survey Corps. Hange later discovers Flegel is being pursued and takes him to safety. Hange discovers the truth about Flegel’s dad and attempts to convince him to fight in his father’s place. Hange smiles at him when he says they lost.

Hange enters Berg Newspapers’ office to ask for help. She tells the staff that she knows that the newspaper is fiction and will break their hands so they can’t write. They then realize that they are in fear trying to protect their families. She requests that the men run a one-day report on her.

Flegel is held captive by the MPs. Hange and Moblit quickly come to Flegel’s aid and dispatch the soldiers. They also reveal that Trost’s abandoned buildings are filled with citizens who heard the police confess to framing Survey Corps. Hange confronts Roy and Peraure, who had been watching the situation. Peaure offers to help, but Roy remains apprehensive and fears for his family.

Hange and Marlowe Freudenberg, Hitch Dreyse, later locate Levi and his team after attacking the Military Police headquarters. Levi tried to get information from a captured MP. Hange informs them that false charges against Survey Corps were dropped and that their actions are legitimate self-defence. Hange continues to inform them that Commander-in-Chief Darius Zackly has taken control of the royal capital and the administrative district, and there has been no counter-rebellion. The squad celebrates their new freedom. Hange recalls Peaure convincing Roy that he should print the correct article. Levi informs Hange that he doesn’t know where Eren or Historia are. However, Hange knows where they are and promises to end the battle there.

Hange and Moblit get Berg Newspapers to tell the truth about Military Police and Survey Corps. They then go to a stable to meet Marlowe, Hitch and other people. Villagers greet them as they give them details about the Reiss family. Hange learns this and sends Moblit to Erwin to relay the news. Then, he meets up with Levi and his team. Hange explained that Eren might be eaten to get his Titan shifting powers. Hange then went on to explain a report Erwin commissioned about the Reiss family. Hange says that Eren and Historia may be with them if they are there. He also explains that Survey Corps soldiers disguised themselves as farmers to gather information on the family. Most of it led back to an incident five years ago in which Rod Reiss had an unwed child with a servant.

Marlowe, Hitch and Levi ask a local for more information. Levi says that Kenny is their greatest threat. Hange mentions that Kenny may have an opening if he used anti-personnel vertical manoeuvring equipment for the first time in battle the day before.

Hange, Levi and his team arrive at the Reiss Chapel to find the secret doorway to the caves below. Marlowe and Hitch guard the outside. The Survey Corps arrives at the Reiss Chapel to find the hidden doorway to the cave. While the interior MPs wait inside, they open it and load several gas canisters tied to barrels. The two then charge forward behind Sasha Blouse, who uses flaming arrows to create smoke clouds and Armin lights flares to hide them. Hange is hit in the shoulder with a hook by Kenny’s subordinates. He is then thrown against a wall and sent to the ground. Levi orders Armin, the squad’s head, to take care of Hange while the rest move on.

Squad Levi flees from the Reiss caves. Following a Titan Rod, Hange can be seen lying in one of the wagons, still injured. Hange says that they now know that only Reiss bloodline members can exercise its true power. If any Reiss member gets the power, they will be controlled and not allow humanity to free itself. Hange questions Historia about her willingness to accept the fact that Rod Reiss will be killed.

The Garrison members arrive in Orvud District and learn that the Survey Corps does not want to evacuate it. Hange explained that the Titan is attracted to large populations, so they want them to stay in Orvud to direct where the Titan goes.

Erwin orders Hange and Moblit to bring gunpowder and ropes to Rod if the Garrison fails to destroy Rod’s Titan. The Garrison then attempts to kill Rod using the Wall’s cannons. Rod’s Titan climbs onto the Wall, kneels before it, and Eren transforms, grabs the gunpowder Hange had brought and uses it to sever Rod’s head.

Hange is busy testing Eren’s Titan-hardening ability two months after Historia’s coronation. This preparation for their journey towards Wall Maria takes place in the second month. Trost District: A soldier lures a Titan to Hange’s invention, the Executioner From Hell. Its creator watches. Hange and Moblit celebrate the invention’s success as it kills a Titan. Hange claims that these can be run all day without needing to use cannons or soldiers fighting Titans. Hange tells reporters that they can mass-produce these and place them in every Wall City. Eren, however, stops when Levi hands Eren a handkerchief to treat a nosebleed. Hange then apologizes to Eren for not being able to do more with Eren’s body.

Hange later attends a Military meeting led by Darius Zackly. The officials then question Hange about the contents of the bottle in the Reiss Chapel. Hange claims to have learned that it is made of spinal fluid through Eren and Historia. However, he also says it evaporates quickly, so it is difficult to research. Hange claims that this stuff is beyond their abilities and asks what the Reiss family did to create it.

Eren recalls Hange telling him at dinner that Ymir was a Titan who wandered about outside the Walls. That is based on their conversation with Reiner, Bertolt. Hange Zoe then contemplates a theory for a while and says that they must talk to the Commander.