Why Did Anko Get So Fat?

Why Did Anko Get So Fat?

Why Did Anko Get So Fat?

A character from the Naruto anime and manga series is named Anko Mitarashi. Anko’s weight gain is depicted in the series, and this has generated debate among fans.

Her diet is the cause, therefore. Anko ate a lot while she was a ninja, but she had to maintain her fitness for her missions to prevent the enemy from using her weight against her in combat.

There are a few theories, but the series never states clearly why Anko gained weight. According to one theory, Anko put on weight as a result of her depression following the passing of her mentor, Orochimaru. Another hypothesis is that she put on weight because she adored the sweet Japanese snack known as dango.

Why Did Anko Mitarashi Get So Fat In Boruto?: Naruto Next Generations

First, we need to understand how Anko lived before gaining weight. From when she was a kid, she was physically practicing as a Genin (a novice Ninja) under the tutelage and guidance of the legendary Orochimaru (the villain of Naruto).

Anko was a naturally talented combatant, and, due to her talent, Orochimaru paid greater attention to her by teaching his techniques as well as other special Jutsus. But, he was not an exemplary teacher because he employed Anko as an experiment subject to determine ten subjects with The Cursed Seal of Heaven (which confers the seal with astonishing yet sinister powers).

The twisted experiments of Orochimaru resulted in the death of all his subjects apart from Anko and made Anko distrustful of her master. However, Orochimaru didn’t want to kill her, so he altered her memory to create the impression that she was weak and unable to activate the seal.

We can conclude from this evidence that Anko had a difficult history as a genin, which could have caused her addiction to sweets. Instead, she carried this addiction until she reached adulthood.

Despite her love for sugary treats (especially Dango, which we will discuss in the future), Anko still managed to be fit for most of her career as a shinobi. This is because the lifestyle of a shinobi is comprised of military missions which require both physical and mental ability. In actuality, Anko has done 647 of these. She was even a part of her participation in the Fourth Shinobi World War (the principal battle in Naruto: Shippuden). It was a part of the physical demands of being Shinobi. Because she was always physically active and eating various calories, the numerous calories she ate from her consumption of sweets burned along with them. In the end, as long as there’s a balance between burning calories and calories consumed, neither weight reduction nor gain is not likely to occur.

But what happens when imbalances are created? That’s exactly what occurred to Anko; in her case, the side that absorbed the calories consumed turned out to be”the “heavier” side. Following the conflict, Anko became an instructor at Konoha’s Academy. The job of an instructor can be not as demanding and is not as demanding as the Shinobi. Due to that, Anko finally got some retirement from her previous life. Of course, she might have been able to retire from combat, but she certainly didn’t stop eating sweets throughout the day.

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The incidents in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations took place after ten years of the conflict. That means that for the next ten years, Anko didn’t do anything but consume sweets every day while slowly avoiding exercise. So it’s not surprising that she lost her shinobi figure following all this and was subsequently overweight.

How old is anko in boruto?

Although Anko Mitarashi’s age in the Boruto series isn’t stated explicitly, it can be inferred from her age in the first season of Naruto.

Anko is introduced in the early episodes of the Naruto series as a member of the Chunin Exams proctoring team. She was in her late twenties or early thirties at the time.

Anko should be in her late thirties or early forties during the events of Boruto, assuming that some time has passed between the original Naruto series and the Boruto series. Her age has not been formally confirmed in the Boruto series, so this is just a guess.

Did She Shed Weight Afterward?

In the most recent chapters in the manga and the episodes in the anime, Anko retains her overweight body.

However, as both the manga and the anime are ongoing franchises, there is a chance that Anko could regain her shinobi body in the future story arc, should the creator (Ukyo Kodachi) chooses to go that route.

What Was The Fate Of Anko After The Conclusion Of The Show?

In the final scene of Naruto: Shippuden, Anko tries to prevent Kabuto Yakushi (an antagonistic partner from Orochimaru) from giving power to Orochimaru through Summoning: impure World Reincarnation (a ritual for resurrection).

But her attempt was defeated by Kabuto and was later used as a source of power through the use of the chakra (a substance that acts as vital fuel for Jutsus) taken out of the Cursed Seal of Heaven she received from Orochimaru as a genin. Then, Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha arrived and were able to take on Kabuto.

Sasuke, who was determined to face off against Orochimaru, was able to revive him using his Evil Releasing Method. This method, however, caused Anko’s cursed seal to vanish completely, and she was unconscious throughout the process.

It is possible to conclude that with the elimination of the cursed seal and the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Anko chose to turn her new page as her experiences in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ended up unfolding.

After the war, ten years later, Anko became an instructor at Konoha, and as we know, she gained weight due to her Dango addiction. She was assigned as an instructor for Boruto Uzumaki (Naruto’s son) and other beginners.

The majority of events of Boruto have shown Anko as a dedicated and loving instructor who wants to see her students develop into expert Shinobi the same way as she did (minus the cursed seal, of course!).

Anko can retain some of her fighting skills as she was shown to have utilized these skills in fighting novices in their training. But, it was evident that Anko was not quite as formidable as she was before the incident, as novices were able to beat her during their final exams.

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In addition, Anko is obese in the manga and the anime, so it is entirely dependent on the writer whether he would like to slim down Anko in future episodes.

Traumatic History As Genin

For a woman thought of as a genin overweight isn’t a great appearance. Even though she’s a ninja instructor, she’s not overweight. Anko was a huge fan of sweets daily, possibly due to her traumatizing past.

The life of a ninja is packed with physical exercise, and it’s not a surprise that her body isn’t always performing at its top. It’s good to know that she’s not alone in this area. The Chunin test is a strenuous test lasting four days that requires an enormous amount of calories as well as kunai, which she’s likely to not be capable of digesting fully.

Exercising more would have been beneficial; however, it’s a shame that she couldn’t adhere to a strict diet.

It’s not easy to decide whether being a ninja for most of her life was not a good choice or an incident she went through. However, she made very interesting characters, specifically as a student. Some of her most memorable scenes came when she was fighting and training.

In the anime in the anime series, it was the second that stood out because her adversary Kabuto Yakushi used her for his ends. However, the most impressive thing was her power to stop Kabuto Yakushi from taking over the world. After the day, the man didn’t have her, but it was true that he had Sasuke Uchiha by his side.

There’s no definitive answer to whether Anko Mitarashi was a “ninja” according to the conventional sense. However, she was an entity to reckon with. Although her sexy ninja skills were not enough to help her survive during the Fourth Shinobi World War, her commitment to her pupils was.

Following her time as Ninja, she became an instructor for the Konoha Academy and eventually started the family. So, in addition, was the privilege of getting married to the most impressive Ninja Boruto. With both waiting at her side and a ninja-like husband, it’s no wonder she’s becoming overweight. She hopes to have her shinobi body back in the next story episode.

Relationship Connection Orochimaru and Anko Mitarashi

The similarities are numerous between Anko Mitarashi and Naruto. Both are intelligent, stylish, and artistic and feel obligated to their fellow citizens.

Anko was a student of ninjas from Orochimaru. As a teenager, she was determined to become a ninja, just like her teacher. However, unlike Naruto, Anko didn’t get many occasions to showcase her skills.

Anko’s motive was to end Orochimaru. She believes it is her responsibility to prosecute him. Since the Jutsu trained her to do so, she could not kill him and was a bit embarrassed about the incident. While there, she learned more about her history and decided to follow an ethical path.

Orochimaru’s story is based on Japanese mythology. He was once a Ninja from Konohagakure. His principal character in the anime is the main villain. He’s also been featured in various video games. It’s because he’s an important character with many years of storyline with Naruto.

At first, Anko admired Orochimaru. In his time in the Second Great Ninja War, Orochimaru and the Legendary Sannin were among the top Ninjas. This is why they were considered to be the most feared ninjas.

But when she discovers his motives, and resents her teacher. Anko was one of 10 test subjects of Ochimaru’s Cursed Seal of Heaven. Afterward, she refused to make use of the seal.

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Under Orochimaru’s supervision, she learned various techniques and prohibited Ninjutsu. One of these was The Twin Snakes Mutual Death Technique, a murder-suicide method. Another was the art of face-stealing, which was a ninja technique.

Orochimaru’s primary goal in his life is to attain immortality. But, he has put aside his pursuit of immortality by unorthodox methods. Instead, he’s looking to recover the human body more ethically.

But, despite the love and respect that he’s earned, he still has a hatred towards Anko. This is why he is still in search of Anko.

Anko is a very popular side character. She was a professor for the class. Her name was the strongest female Shinobi.

Did Anko love Orochimaru?

In the Naruto series, Anko Mitarashi is shown to have a complex relationship with Orochimaru the former mentor of her. Although there are indications that Anko was attracted to Orochimaru but their relationship has been described as unclear and is not clearly established.

Here are a few reasons why it’s not known whether Anko was a fan of Orochimaru:

1. The loyalty of Anko to Orochimaru

Anko was a fiercely loyal supporter of Orochimaru, even when she discovered his true motives and criminal actions. This loyalty could be due to a strong sense of love and affection for him or due to the trauma she experienced during her time of training under him. It is important to remember that loyalty doesn’t necessarily translate into romantic love.

2. Orochimaru’s manipulation

Orochimaru is famous for his manipulative behavior and it’s possible that he benefited from Anko’s admiration of him in order to advance his own agendas. He even marked Anko with his curse marks and made him a master of her body. This could have affected the way she felt about him however it’s not certain whether she was romantically in love with him.

3. Anko’s complex emotions

Anko’s feelings toward Orochimaru are complicated and not easy to understand. She has expressed anger and resentment towards the man for his actions however, she also mourned his passing and seemed to have an affection for him. It is possible that her feelings for him were more complex than love or hate.


Who is Anko in Naruto?

Anko Mitarashi is a character in the Naruto anime and manga series. She was a former student of Orochimaru and later became a Jonin-level ninja.

Did Anko get fat in the Naruto series?

Yes, Anko gained a significant amount of weight in the later part of the Naruto series, particularly in Naruto Shippuden.

What caused Anko to gain weight?

It is not explicitly stated what caused Anko to gain weight in the series, but it is assumed that it was due to her depression and lack of physical activity after the events of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Was Anko always overweight in the Naruto series?

No, Anko was not always overweight in the Naruto series. In fact, she was portrayed as a fit and agile ninja in her younger years.

How did fans react to Anko’s weight gain?

Fans had mixed reactions to Anko’s weight gain, with some finding it humorous and others feeling that it was unnecessary and disrespectful to the character.

Did Anko ever lose weight in the Naruto series?

No, Anko never lost weight in the Naruto series, and her weight gain was not addressed or resolved before the end of the series.