Why does a hamster need 450 square inch cage? | 5 best cages for Syrian Hamster

Why does a hamster need 450 square inch cage | 5 best cages for Syrian Hamster

Why does a hamster need 450 square inch cage | 5 best cages for Syrian Hamster

Many pet owners often wonder the best way to choose the right cage for their furry friend. There are many factors to consider when looking for a cage, such as size and features. This article will explore the reasons why a hamster needs a 450 square inch cage and what the 5 best cages for Syrian Hamsters are.


Syrian hamsters are considered the most popular pet hamster in the world. Syrian hamsters are known for their ability to be tamed by humans. They are easily handled, rarely bite, and are not noisier than other breeds of hamsters. Syrian Hamsters require a cage that is at least 450 square inches.


A hamster is a burrowing rodent that has a short tail. The physical appearance of hamsters is so beautiful, and some people keep hamsters in their houses as pets. We will tell you about the five best cages for a Syrian hamster.


Why should you choose a 450 square inch cage for a hamster?

The Syrian Hamster has a size of 6 to 7 inches. The cage should be according to the size of the Hamster, and it should have a space so the Hamster can do all of his activities in the cage without any trouble. 

The size of the cage also depends on the number of hamsters you keep in the cage. If you do not choose a cage with enough space, the Hamster can suffer several problems.

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Suppose you keep many hamsters in a cage that does not have enough space, then the hamsters will suffer from ventilation problems. Experts and experienced pet keepers advise that 450 square inches are the ideal cage for hamsters. 

It would help if you looked for a larger cage for the Hamster so you can easily clean the cage and hamsters can get food freely. There will be no chance of suffocation in the large space, and Hamsters will develop no breathing problems in the hamsters.

Studies show that when they keep hamsters in a small space, they notice the signs of stress in the hamsters. The 450 square inch cage is ideal for hamster breeding. They will face no issue while breeding in this size of the cage. This size provides hamster space to run, sit and do fun activities.

You should avoid picking the plastic cages for the Hamster. The plastic cage is not good for the Syrian Hamster.

If you want to choose a plastic cage, you should choose large wheels because their built-in wheels and tubes are very small. If a Syrian hamster uses the tubes, he will get stuck. Hamsters keep running and doing activities all the time. That is why you should use the cage 450 square inches.

Five best cages for Syrian Hamster 

Below we list the five best cages for the Syrian Hamster.

Prevue Pet Products 528 cage 

As you know, the Syrian hamsters are larger species and require large space. That’s why this precious pet cage is good for them. This cage has two built indoors from which hamsters can go out and in. These cages are made up of high-quality material.

It provides the required security to Syrian hamsters. You can keep two hamsters in this cage. This cage is easy to set up and assemble for any user. This cage has enough space, so the Hamster can easily run in this space.

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Key features

  • This cage provides easy hamster ventilation.
  •   It is made up of wire mesh.

 Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

Ferplast is one of the leading brands in manufacturing pet supplies and their Ferplast Hamster cages are new products. The cage comes with all the essentials for keeping your hamster comfortable such as exercise wheels, bedding and floors that have extra space.

The food dish and water bottle also come with the accessories.The sides are made with the wire mesh so the hamster can explore the surroundings.

Key features

  • This cage is made up of wire mesh material.
  • This cage offers a lot of accessories and a kind of luxury hamster cage because it comes with wheels, food late, home, ramp, and shelves.

Metro Cage for Hamsters

Metro cages are great for the Syrian hamsters because they provide them with the freedom to move around in the enclosure. Hamsters can safely move in the cage .

The cage design provides the hamster a good level of ventilation.  These cages offer various accessories for the Hamster usage. Hamsters can run in the cage safely; there is no harmful thing used in the designing of the cage. 

Key features

  • It has a lot of space for hamster entertainment.
  • It comes with different hamster accessories.

MidWest Arcade 

The Midwest Homes Critterville Arcade Cage is a superb choice because it has plenty of floor area and vertical space, including a wheel, multiple ramps, and a refuge.

This cage is reasonably priced for the number of functions and extras it offers and being properly ventilated and simple to clean.

 Key features

  • This midwest cage provides vertical space.
  • The quality material of the cage is wire mesh, and the ventilation is good.

Habitrail Cristal 

The Habitrail Cristal Syrian hamster cage is designed for Syrian hamsters. It is an enclosed, transparent habitat that provides everything your Syrian hamster needs to live a happy and healthy life.

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The Habitrail Cristal Syrian hamster cage contains two levels, one of which is deep enough to provide sleeping space for your pet. This Habitrail Cristal Syrian hamster cage also features a wheel, food dish, water bottle, and exercise wheel.

Key features 

  • It has huge front doors so users can easily clean it.
  • This cage is easy to set up.

Final words 

Choosing a cage for pets is a tricky or responsible thing. When you look for the hamster cage, you should know all things about your Hamster that things in the cage can cause trouble to him. You should do research before choosing the cage, it can be risky for your Hamster’s health. Choose the cage which provides your hamster good ventilation.