Worst homeowners insurance companies in Florida in 2022

Worst homeowners insurance companies in Florida in 2022

Worst homeowners insurance companies in Florida in 2022

We all have heard of the best homeowners insurance and why you should invest in them. This article will discuss some of the worst homeowners insurance companies in 2022.

What is Homeowners insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance covers losses and damage to your property in the event of an unexpected event, such as a fire or burglary. Your lender will ensure that your property is insured when you have a mortgage. That is why most lenders require proof of homeowner’s insurance.

Florida homeowners insurance usually does not cover damage from earthquakes or floods, but this coverage may be addable.

Worst Homeowners Insurance companies in 2022

The insurance companies listed below are some of the worst-rated insurance companies in Florida in 2022. The ratings are evaluated from the reviews and after-sales service of the companies.

Service Plus

Service Plus has been the worst insurance company to exist in 2022. Customers have posted to stay away from these companies as they never make claims for more than six months. 

It is better not to get insurance from service plus and keep your savings for this company. 


Despite consistently receiving low customer satisfaction ratings, Farmers Insurance generates millions of dollars in profits each year. Moreover, the insurance company continued still be acing in its financial growth.

However, consumer Reports and JD Powers & Associates rank it as one of the country’s worst auto and home insurance companies.

The company uses different strategies to limit payments to users. It even provides incentives to its employees who meet their low payment targets. 

According to sources, adjusters are trained to prioritize profits over policyholder interests and rights. As a result, if adjusters successfully reduce payments by convincing the customers to accept lowball offers, they may be eligible for pay raises, bonuses, and other benefits.

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The American Association for Justice (AAJ) named Conseco, an Indiana-based long-term care insurer, one of America’s ten worst insurance firms for denial and delay of long-term care claim payments. One of the Conseco customer reviews we have is as follows:

“Three members of our family had a life insurance policy on our father.” Payment has already been delayed for two months due to delaying tactics. Avoid these guys at all costs. [They] will give you the long-term run-around for as long as they can before charging you a dime!”

Liberty Mutual

The NAIC rating for Liberty Mutual is 2.22, indicating that it has received more complaints from its customers than the average vehicle and home insurance provider. Many Liberty Mutual customer complaints center on poor service, unexpected rate increases, and slow claims processing.

According to sources, Liberty Mutual began abandoning and rejecting renewal requests from clients in high-risk areas, such as those prone to hurricanes or floods.


Anthem, previously known as WellPoint, is a health and homeowner insurance company that claims to cover a wide range of insurance categories through its Blue Cross and Blue Shield policies. 

Despite repeated government reprimands and fines in recent years for canceling coverage or withholding payment on covered claims, Anthem frequently fails to provide such coverage.

According to reports, the company has demanded that doctors submit personal information about policyholders’ pre-existing diseases to cancel their coverage.


According to experts, AIG is the world’s largest insurance company, and CEO Brian Duperreault earned over $19 million in 2019. Moreover, its profits continue to rise, thanks to its policy of paying out on as few claims as possible.

Due to billions in corporate fraud, including price hikes after major disasters and a $68 million pending payout to its ex-CEO, AIG is now known as the worst home insurance company.

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When it comes to the worst companies in 2022, Allstate has a name in the Top 10 worst insurance companies in Florida in 2022. Allstate has also been chastised for using ambiguous policy language, leading policyholders to believe they have comprehensive coverage when denied claims.

Experts believe the company’s goal is to collect payments from customers who believe they have full coverage but have little or no choice when disaster strikes. All of this has earned Allstate a slew of bad press in the insurance industry.


Formerly known as Global Life, this recently renamed insurance company primarily serves Alabama, Texas, and other southern states. After 100 years in various incarnations, the corporation employs some rather unpleasant methods.

The company targets low-income Americans, provides coverage to non-English-speaking Americans and sells fraudulent Medicare and homeowner insurance to senior citizens.


Progressive used to be a friendly, helpful, and customer-focused insurance company. But in recent court cases, on the other hand, paint a very different picture.

In recent years, Progressive has faced numerous high-stakes bad faith insurance claims brought by policyholders and claimants. While some of these insurance cases have been resolved, others are still pending.

Progressive is accused of failing to act effectively in some of these cases to settle claims involving severe injuries to children caused by Progressive policyholders. One such case finally settled for $22 million. 

While another pending case demands $50 million for Progressive’s bad faith claim handling.


This article discussed the worst homeowners insurance in Florida in 2022. We explained each point about the company, which is good or bad according to its reports and customer reviews, as we have collected and researched the data ourselves about each detail of the above home insurance companies in 2022. 

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