Yelena AoT gender, death and reason for obsession with zeke

Yelena AoT gender, death and reason for obsession with zeke

Yelena AoT gender, death and reason for obsession with zeke

Are you also a fan of Yelena Aot? Here we will tell you more about the character of Yelena Aot. Yelena  Aot is a famous Anime movie character. You can find this character in Attack of Titans. Attack of Titans is a popular anime movie . with a beautifully unique story that successfully gains people’s love. In the series Yelena looks so close to zeke we will explore here why Yelena admires zeke.

Yelena Aot is a villain character in this anime movie. The audience still loves this character and wants to know more about her. Yelena was obsessed with Zeke. This article will tell you about Yelena Aot gender, death, and obsession with Zeke. You will get to know about every small detail of Yelena in this post.

Who is Yelena Aot?

Yelena Aot is the most loved villain anime character in the long Attack of Titans series. In this series, her character was the character of the Marley team leader under Zeke. In the series, when the  Marleyans mission becomes unsuccessful very badly, she visits Paradis Island.

She is the one who rumbles the attackers to see if history can change dramatically. Yelena’s personality is very catchy for the audience. She is cold-hearted, and the strategies of Yelena work every time. Marley was the Yelena homeland, but she shared her servings with Zeke because he inspired her by saving her life.

Yelena AoT gender

Yelena is a female with a physically tall appearance. Yelena has short blonde hair. Yelena character in the anime is Asexual. Yelena’s eyes are black with huge extensive eyelashes. She is a woman with a muscular personality. Yelena always wears a Military uniform. Some people think that she is a trans woman because of the beard scene in the movie. 

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But she is Asexual means not interested in anyone. Yelena is a tough and strong woman character. She has a military base background. That’s why it was not easy to break into the movie. There are a lot of discussions on the Yelena gender. Audiences are confused about whether she is trans. Some fans of the Attack of Titans predict that she is transgender but it is not clear till.

Yelena Aot death

Do fans wonder if Yelena Aot dies in the final season of Attack of Titans? The fact is Yelena is alive, she did not die in the Attack of Titan, But they remain successful in arresting her and giving her a death sentence. In the final season of Attack of titans, Yelena is sentenced to death by Floch. She is the villain who gets the audience’s sympathy on another level. The last seasons show the radical power shift. Yelena gets caught with Annie, Falco, and Gabie in the boat. 

The boat explodes, and the Falco move to another boat. Others fly with the fly wings when boats explode. But some critics say that Yelena is still alive and escaped through the water. When the sink starts sinking due to the explosion, Yelena and the Hizuru ambassador take help of lifeboats for escape, and Yelena is somewhere in the Hizuru. Still, there are chances of Yelena’s death in the series because she is self-centered and betrayed by the Eldians. She even betrayed Marley.

Yelena wields a great deal of power and isn’t afraid to use it, but she gets a nasty awakening when Eren successfully triggers the Rumbling and loses her beacon, Zeke. Because of her knowledge of Zeke’s intention to euthanize the Eldians, Yelena is captured and sentenced to death by Floch. Floch and Jean are about to execute Yelena and Onyankopon when the Cart Titan saves them, joining the ragged survivor rebellion gang. 

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Yelena Aot obsession with Zeke 

Yelena has a unique bond with Zeke, especially after Zeke saved her life. She openly admitted her obsession with Zeke. She thinks that Zeke is the one who will solve all of the war problems. Overall, Yelena is a character with a lot of attitudes that do not have any emotions for anyone, but when Zeke saves Yelena life, then the table turns. Yelena starts admiring Zeke. 

Yelena thinks that  Zeke will join the forces. She thinks that Zeke is the one who will help the eldia problems by turning them infertile. She is obsessed with Zeke because she and Zeke have the same dreams. They dream of saving the world in their ways. The only reason for Yelena’s obsession with the Zeke character is that he saved her life; that’s why she serves him and his trust in Zeke.

Yelena is a devoted Zeke Yeager supporter who admires and respects him much. She is generally cool and collected, and her temperament remained unaffected even when Jean Kirstein shouted at her for not finishing her job. Despite this, she is willing to accept responsibility and apologize if she fails to complete her assignment. Yelena appears to have a laid-back disposition, with dry, comedic undertones to many of her behaviours.

Many have claimed that Yelena’s zealotry is a little insane; if any of her colleagues are suspected of working against their goals or insulting people they are eventually trying to save, Yelena will step out and kill anyone without delay.As part of her storey, Yelena invented a fictitious backstory, stating that Marley attacked and destroyed her homeland. She was compelled to join the Marley army, where she found like-minded warriors and formed the Anti-Marleyan Avengers to oppose Marley.

Final Words

Attack of Titans is a long series with a large number of episodes. Yelena is a character of this series that grabs attention on another level. Fans are asking more and more questions to understand the character of Yelena. In this post, we have discussed Yelena death, gender, and what kind of bond Yelena has with the Yelena Aot. There are many confusions about the  Yelena character which we clear in this post only for you.

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