Hisoka vs chrollo who won in Manga?

Hisoka vs chrollo who won in Manga?

Hisoka vs chrollo who won in Manga?

Who does not know about the anime series Hunter X Hunter? Everyone is looking for who will win the battle, Hisoka or Chrollo. Manga chapter 351, the maker’s name Battle of death, shows a deadly fight between Hisoka and Chrollo. Here we will tell you who the winner is between Hisoka and Chrollo.

The series follows Gon, a young boy who decides to follow in his missing dad’s footsteps and become a Hunter, an elite expert who tracks down villains, uncovers rare living creatures and buried treasures, and surveys undiscovered territories. Hisoka is a helping hand to Gon. In this chapter of Manga, Hisoka and Chrollo energetic fight brings suspense. If you are anime lover then you should definitely read this post.

Who is Hisoka?

Hisoka is an anime character with red hair and a star tattoo on his face in the popular anime series Hunter X Hunter. This Hisoka character plays the role of magician and grim reaper in the series. He is one of the central antagonists of the series. He is the powerful opponent of the chrollo. He has abilities to fight with the chrollo. Hisoka also has some weaknesses. He is not so calm. He becomes overconfident in his abilities in a minute. 

To become a Hunter, Gon must perform a series of difficult tests. During the test, Gon meets various other would-be Hunters, one of whom is Hisoka Morow, a student examinee and one of the primary antagonists. Hisoka help Gon in the achieving difficult missions.

Hisoka is a self-serving, amoral character who enjoys nothing more than shedding blood and, as a result, has a hefty death count. Hisoka doesn’t fight just anyone, either; he prefers to fight powerful enemies he believes are worthy of facing him. Fans are more supporting Hisoka rather than Chrollo.

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Hisoka special powers

Hisoka loves to fight. He fought for enjoyment, and he guided Gon in many ways. Hisoka also has a special type of Nen ability known as Transmutation in the series. He can change the kind of properties of his aura. Hisoka aura has the characteristics of bubble and gum.

Who is Chrollo?

Chrollo is the leader of the phantom troupe. The phantom troupe has a lot of members, but chrollo has unique powers, and his rank was seventh in the whole group. He has a plus sign on his head. Chrollo is a young anime character. Chrollo’s eyes are grey, and his hair color is black. He also wears earrings that have unique shapes. 

You will always see chrollo in the long purple coat, and this coat has white strips on the collar and wrist of the purple coat. The character of chrollo in this anime series is calm and intelligent. Chorllo has all the leadership qualities. He can easily control the members of the phantom group even though they are aggressive.

Chrollo makes strategies masterfully, and his strategies always work. Chorllo has full confidence in his fighting abilities, and it is difficult for Hisoka to fight with him. Chrollo also loves antique books. In the phantom fight, the group was behind the chrollo and was giving help to him secretly, but if chrollo plays fairly, then Hisoka will win.

Chrollo special powers

Every member of the phantom group has special powers. The chrollo anime character is a specialist. He holds the power of the conjured book, which has the name of skill hunter. By using this skill hunter power, he steals other opponents’ Nen abilities. Once Chrollo steals the opponents’ abilities, they will be no longer able to use them. Chrollo keeps the steal abilities in the book and can use them when he wants them or according to need.

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Hisoka vs Chrollo

Throughout the series, Hisoka waits patiently to confront Chrollo Lucilfer, the formidable commander of the Shadow Troupe; they also create an odd bond on Hunter X Hunter. Hisoka even moved to enter the Phantom Troupe to battle Chrollo. Still, his ambitions were thwarted when he discovered that Chrollo could not employ Nen (the Hunter X Hunter power system that grants fighters their specific skills) and therefore was no more a worthy adversary. On the other hand, Hisoka finally gets to face the leader after he discovers a way to restore Chrollo’s powers.

The lengthy series conflict between Hisoka and Chrollo begins in Hunter X Hunter chapter 351 with the adversaries committing to a fight to the death. With the consequences so high, Hisoka and Chrollo employ all their resources to beat each other. Still, Chrollo quickly gains the upper hand by duplicating audience members and using them as robots to strike Hisoka. 

When Chrollo ordered his army of clones to rush Hisoka and self-destruct, their epic Hunter vs Hunter combat concluded. You will see Hisoka murdered in the subsequent explosion, leaving Chrollo victorious.

Chrollo killed Hisoka. Hisoka quickly recovered and promised to murder every member of the Phantom Troupe, maybe weakening Chrollo and defeating him in a rematch. Hisoka has so far kept his word by killing Phantom Troupe members Kortopi and Shalnark, but also because the Hunter X Hunter manga is currently on vacation, fans may have to wait a while to watch how Hisoka’s vengeful intentions play out.

Hisoka will come back with more powers and fight with the chrollo again. Chrollo promises to demonstrate three more talents, claiming that Hisoka will break the record for the number of powers required to murder someone. It’s not mean that Hisoka will never come back, he will come back with more powers and more abilities because he always wants to fight no matter what. Fighting is Hisoka’s passion as you all watch in the series.

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Final words

Chapter 351 of the Hunter X Hunter is a fight between Hisoka and chrollo. Both Hisoka and Chrollo are very powerful enemies. Audiences wonder who will win in the deadly fight between Hisoka and Chrollo. Above, we have told you who has won in this deadly fight. Please read the post as mentioned above to finish the suspense.